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The Abyss PrologueCategory: Story
Sunday, 25 August 2013
05:50:42 PM (GMT)
“Lord Evander… princess Amaranth has awakened.” Evander looked over at the
angel who went by Orion. “What do you mean she’s awakened?” Orion frowned and
told him “yes, my lord. She has awakened earlier than expected. This girl might be
different.” Evander growled and yelled “I don’t give a shit if she’s
different. Find out as much information on this girl as you can. Don’t let me
down.” Orion bowed and left the room.

A few days went by and Orion walked into the room. “I got the information you
desired. Her name is Victoria and she goes to this school in Boston, Massachusetts.
It’s in America, sir.”  Evander turned to look at him, stunned. “All the way in
America?” He asked. Orion nodded and replied “yes. She seems to be different than
the other girls. How should we go with dealing with her?” Evander smirked and
grabbed a photograph of a beautiful women with long blond hair and hazel eyes. Her
eyes drew him in every time he looked at them. They were what made him fall in love
with her when he first laid eyes on her. He gripped as sadness overwhelmed him. He
had never loved someone more than he had loved her. He dropped it in the trash.
“This time… I will kill her. I’m not holding back anymore. I will take her soul
even if it means my death.” Orion was stunned that Evander was saying this. He had
always talked about destroying Amaranth’s spirit but he never seemed so determined
to do it. The other girls he seemed to only play with. This Victoria… she was
different somehow. He didn’t know what it was about her. He slipped a photograph
out of his pocket and looked at the girl in it. Her soft black hair and her hazel
eyes seemed to mimic Amaranth’s. Despite having different hair color, their
resemblance was uncanny. She was so beautiful. He shook his thoughts away and said to
himself “no, she’s the enemy. I can’t think thoughts like that.” Evander
looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “You OK?” He asked. Orion nodded and smiled.
He asked him “we going to America?” Evander laughed a bit and said “of course.
Let me just make a phone call.” He walked out of the room, leaving Orion watching
him curiously. Soon, Evander walked back out and Orion smiled. “Everything is in
place. Come on… let’s go to America.” Orion smiled, happily. He was like a
little child who was easy to please. They left for the airport after packing all
their things

	After six and a half hours, they finally got to Boston. It was so different from
England. “Are you sure we should come out of hiding for her. She might not even be
the reincarnation of Amaranth. My research can always be wrong.” Evander looked at
him and grinned. “I’m sure its her. The resemblance is uncanny.” Orion looked
at him curiously but then said “that means nothing. The other reincarnations looked
nothing like Amaranth.” Evander laughed at Orion’s cluelessness. “You really
don’t get it do you. She’s different from the other reincarnations. She may be
the only person who can help us destroy Amaranth once and for all.” He saw a girl
run over to them and he smiled. He kissed the girl lightly. “We won’t falter this
time. We will definitely kill her.” The girl looked at them curiously but then
smirked. “I have done what you asked me, lord Evander.” She bowed to him and he
pet her gently. “That’s my good pet.” Orion looked at the two of them, trying
to figure out the connection. When it came to him, he shouted “your Evander’s
girlfriend!!??” Evander sighed and ran a hand through his hair. She looked down,
blushing. “I-It’s a little more complicated than that.” Evander looked at her
before saying “I’m very sorry. This is my other pet. He’s my pet angel, Orion.
He may seem useless but he can be very useful.” She giggled. They left the airport
and she told them “my car is right here.” They got in her car. Evander fell
asleep rather quickly as soon as he was in the car. Orion looked at him and smiled
gently. “He looks so peaceful when he’s asleep but he stresses so much when
he’s awake. Especially since he found out about the awakening of Amaranth.” The
women looked back at the two of them a little. She sighed and said “he mustn’t
stress over it too much. We will kill her before she even realizes what’s
happening.” Orion chuckled evilly but then realized something. “My brother… I
completely forgot he has been living here in America for a while instead of living in
the angel realm. If he found out I was working for Evander, I would fall for sure.”
The women let out a cold laugh and ask “what’s so bad about falling? You are
helping demons after all. I’m surprised they haven’t found out about your
betrayal yet.” Orion looked out the window and didn’t answer for a few moments.
He then replied “if I fall, I cannot get information from the angels as easily
anymore. I am the strongest angel and the most trusted. They give me information
about Amaranth. Without them, were finished.” The women sighed and drove up to a
house. “I’ll be right back. Wait here. Don’t get out.” She went inside
leaving Orion with a sleeping Evander. Orion looked out the window. He then noticed
that Evander was looking out the window. He was awake, surprisingly. “Evander? You
OK?” He looked at where Evander was looking and saw a beautiful young girl no older
than sixteen years of age in one of the second floor windows. “Don’t even think
about it,” Orion snapped at him. “Were here to kill the reincarnation of Amaranth
and destroy her soul. Don’t go fooling around with human girls. For all we know
that could be her daughter.” Evander looked down. His usual lonely face was
apparent but it wasn’t like Orion could do anything about it. The women came
outside and got in the car. “Sorry. My niece has to go to school soon so I have to
get her ready. She’s your target but be careful. She’s not as innocent as she may
look.” Evander seemed stunned that the girl he saw was their target. He looked even
more down. Orion sighed and said “you don’t have time to fall in love, Evander.
Especially when the girl is your enemy.” Evander looked at him and hissed, angrily.
“Don’t underestimate me, Orion. Don’t you think I know that?” Orion looked
out his window without another word. The two of them didn’t speak to each other for
the rest of the drive to their new apartment.
	After a little while, they finally got their apartment. The women asked “you know
what to do Evander, right?” Evander nodded and grinned at her. “Don’t worry so
much.” He got out of the car and went to the driver’s side. He leaned into the
car and lightly kissed the women. “See you soon, my love.” The two boys looked at
each other before chuckling mischievously. Evander said “I won’t allow Amaranth
to live much longer. She will be ours soon enough.” The women smirked and said
“this apartment has an abandoned cellar. You can keep prisoners down there. No one
goes in there and if you want to be careful, you can make sure no one goes down there
by blocking the entrance so only you two can get there. There’s also an underground
secret tunnel that you can access through the well. Just be careful. There’s no
water at the bottom of the well.” Evander and Orion both laughed and said in unison
“you underestimate us.” She smirked as the two walk away from her car. Orion went
to find the well while Evander checked the surroundings. It was definitely a near
abandoned apartment considering it was in the middle of nowhere. Evander went over to
Orion who was standing by a well. Evander jumped down the well like it was nothing.
Before he hit the ground, he grabbed onto a stone which slammed him into the wall. He
yelled “Orion, come down here. It’s not that bad. It’s just a bit mucky.”
Before he knew it, Orion was on the rock across from him. The two of them began
climbing down. Orion slipped off one rock as he was climbing down. Evander shouted
“Orion!” He heard him hit the ground hard. He climbed down the well swiftly. When
he was close enough to the bottom, he jumped down. He landed beside Orion who was
brushing himself off. “Being an angel has its benefits,” was all he said. Evander
only laughed. They started walking through the tunnel.
	They finally got to an empty, dark, abandoned cellar after walking through the
somewhat lit tunnel. Evander looked around and told Orion “go get a torch.” Orion
hurried off back in the tunnel to go get a torch. He came back with one. Evander
smirked as he wandered the cellar. “Its perfect for what we will be planning.” He
heard struggling and went into a corner of the room. He saw their first prisoner
whose face was shadowed out. They were tied up tightly and duct tape was tightly
across their mouth. He stroked their cheek and said “she thinks of everything. And
he’s so cute as well.” The two looked at each other and started to laugh.
Last edited: 21 September 2013

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