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Saturday, 20 July 2013
09:48:01 PM (GMT)
Name: runningxfromxlions (Alyssa)
Age: 15
Birthplace: Tenessee.c:
Nationality: British.

Orientation: Pan-sexual. *pan-five* 
Lucky Number: 666 


Color: The combination of black and red.
Cereal: I don't eat a lot.
Food: Uh...
Drink (non alcohol): Water.
Drink (alcohol): Tbh whatever my brother buys .-.
TV Show: Ink Master
Movie: Suicide Room
TV Commercial: The funny ones ^.^
Love Song: Any SWS song
Dance Song: Any Knife Party song
Listen To When I'm Angry Song: Let The Bodies Hit The Floor, or My Teen Angst Has A
Body Count.

Top Favorite Song: Stay by Mayday Parade

Disney Movie: Peter Pan
Comedy Movie: Uh...idk?
Action Movie: Ah. I'm not sure.
Romantic Movie: Ew, romance?
Snack: Pocky.
Breakfast: I don't eat breakfast.
Lunch: I don't eat lunch. 
Dinner: I don't eat dinner.
Pet: Kitty cat! 
Fruit: Pomegranate.
Unrealistic animal: DRAGONS, HOO-HA! (wow i should stop hoo-ha-ing lul)
Soda: Mountain Dew?
Website: YouTube, Facebook, TUMBLR.
Disney Princess: Ariel.
Super Hero: BATMAN!


How old were u when u had ur 1st boyfriend/girlfriend?  11
How old were u when u had ur 1st  kiss on da lips? 11
How old were u when u had ur 1st tongue kiss? 11
Wat was the longest u've been in a relationship? 1 year
Wat was the shortest u've been in a relationship? 3 weeks
Wat's the farthest u've ever gone with a guy/girl?  Uh, touching?. 


Are u confident with ur body? No.

Wats da sexiest part of ur body? Idk. 
Wats da ugliest part of ur body? everything
If u can change 2 things about ur body wat would it be?  I'd want a little longer
hair, and to be thinner...


Craziest thing u've ever done? Uh...made out with a ginger girl in a church in front
of a homo-phobe preacher.
Funniest thing u've ever said? Skrillex anal beads, dr-dr-dr-drop the soap.

Stupidest thing u've ever done?  Self harm.

Stupidest thing u've ever said? Don't break your ice-cream (inside joke)
Smartest thing u've ever done? Stopped talking to people irl
Smartest thing u've evr said? Nothing?

Cheated? No.
If so how many times? none
Stole Something? yes
If so wat did u steal? I dont remember... 
Lied? Yeah.
Wats the most recent thing u lied about? I told someone I ate before I came, but I
Cried in public? YEP.
If so wher did u cry? School 
Cried urself to sleep? Yea.
Cried about something stupid?  I'm a girl, so duh.
If so wat stupid thing did u cry about? Ah, usually self-hate things.
Wanted to die? or Cut urself? Yeah.
Try to make urself throw up? All the time.
Try to not eat at all for a day? I havent ate in months.
Went to a psycologist? Yeah, I have regular appointments bc schizoprenia.
Cursed at ur parents? loads of times
Hit ur parents? Yea.
Got sexually harrased? Skipping this question.
If so how did dat person sexually harrassed u? ...
Ever dated a teacher? No.
Ever went to jail? No
Ever got drunk? Yea
Ever used  drugs? Yea
If so wat drug(s)? Acid, and weed.
Ever got caught stealing something? No.
Went out with a chubby guy? YEAH I LOVE CHUBBY GUYS AWWWEEE
Went out with a muscular guy? No, I don't like muscular guys.
Went out with an ugly guy? I don't think anyone is 'ugly'
Done something slutty? Yeah .-.
Is so wat did u do? Ah, things in a churc closet #666


wow u wasted ur time reading this good job

Tazer says:   22 July 2013   456014  
runningxfromxlions sings :   22 July 2013   319094  

Actually, Alyssa is just my middle name, but everyone calls me that so
My first name is Raven.


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