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Uh... Happy cannibal trigger warning ^^ ~~~Category: OCs
Thursday, 16 May 2013
03:38:23 PM (GMT)
The air smelt damp, musky... From experience, the unsettling sensation of being
underground hit Flynt, and his eyes opened.  A dull ache pierced his head as he
looked up at the dim, bare lightbulb, and he flinched away.  Where the hell am
I?  He was edgy, his military training desperate to kick in but unable to, since
his hands were bound tightly to the arms of the chair, his feet tied likewise to the
A shrill sound echoed throughout the room, cutting Flynt's thoughts off briskly
before settling into the steady sound of breathing over a microphone.  He froze, his
own chest rising and falling much more quickly than the speakers.
"Marine Flynt Phillips.  You are a hostage."  The voice was female, and foreign,
though over the bad quality of the speakers, he couldn't distinguish it's origin. 
"You will comply with our questions.  The consequences of not doing so, I am sure,
will be obvious soon enough, since you will make at least an attempt at bravery-
stupid- before realising how futile it is."
"Who are you?  How'd you get me?"  Flynt asked, thankfully managing to take control
of his voice and force himself to sound unperturbed by the woman's threats.
"You were child's play to find, and your boyfriend and his sisters couldn't fight for
long to save you.  You were drugged- easy to take."
"You... What happened to Robyn?  And the girls, what did you do to them?!"
The voice laughed carefully, "I didn't do anything.  My employees, however,
only bloodied them.  They're alive, if more than a little worse for wear."
Flynt sighed slightly with relief, "Then do what you like to me."
Another laugh, "Stupid man.  There's a camera over there.  I can see you."  She
paused just long enough for Flynt to feel uncomfortable, "So can they.  We're also
trying to get answers from them.  Your torture, Marine Phillips, is also theirs."
Flynt's eyes scanned the wall in front of him until they settled on a small circle in
the brickwork. Fuck.
"Let's get started, shall we?  Dani?  Erin, move in."

Flynt sat upright as he heard two sets of footsteps behind him.  One was slow,
deliberate, and paused just out of view to his right.  The other set, though still
behind him, were irregular, like... like a child.  A child around Lynette's age. 
They stopped for a moment, then landed together.  A jump?  And again, and again. 
Quicker now, and closer.  There was a scrape of metal against concrete, and more
jumps, sounding like sandaled feet-
"ALLO HANS!"  A grinning face poked around the side of Flynt's chair, perfectly
blonde pigtails bouncing in ringlets as she giggled.
"No, stupid... His name's Flynt.  Are you completely deaf?"
"No, he's a prisoner.  Just get to work, kiddo..."
Flynt held eye contact with the girl, though focused for the moment on the other one.
 It was dull, monotonous, but female.  Lifeless, too, and terrifying almost because
of it.  The little girl, Dani at a guess, bounced up and down a few times, drawing
his attention back to her.
"GO GO ERIN GO!" She giggled, tugging a meat cleaver along the ground next to her as
she skipped around in Flynt's view.
"Fine... weirdo...  Question one.  What is your full name?"
Flynt raised an eyebrow, "Seriously?"
"It's just to ease you into things.  Don't concern yourself.  They get harder."
He frowned against, watching Dani swing the cleaver, "Flynt Daniel Phillips."
"Bravo.  You get to keep your head."  Erin sighed, bored already as she flicked the
saftey of the pistol next to her thigh. "Question two.  Robyn Fournier is your
boyfriend, yes?"
"What are the names of his parents?"
Flynt frowned, "I... I don't know.  They're French, I've never met them..."  He
swallowed as the metal caught the light.
"Oh you're good.  Trick question."
He let out a small breath.
"Question three- Careful, they're getting harder- Where is Salem Whelan?"
"...What?  What's this got to do with him?!"
"We need his services.  Tell me where he is."
"I don't know!  We hardly ever talk!"
"Hm... Shame.  Dani?"
The little girl beamed at her friend before dropping the cleaver with a loud clang. 
How could she even lift that?! She skipped forwards a few paces, tugging at
her perfectly white dress with impatience, "Dani foods time now eat?  Yummy?"  Her
voice was quieter, and more sing-song now, and she clambered up onto Flynt's lap,
grinning at him, "Numnum"  She mumbled to herself, pushing the collar of his t-shirt
down and poking at the flesh of his shoulder, "NUMMY!" She shrieked with laughed,
digging her nails into his skin and drawing them down slowly, making Flynt clench his
teeth against the pain.  What the hell-?  Dani wiped his shoulder, watching
the blood trickle down towards her elbow with glee, poking her tongue out and licking
at the delicate red trails before they could run out of reach.
"Shall we try again, Flynt?" Erin asked, her voice silkily cold, "Who does
Whelan talk to, if he doesn't talk to you?"
"I don't know!  I have nothing to do with him!  I don't have the need to remember his
friends' names..."
Dani laughed softly again, shuffling on his lap before leaning forwards and digging
her teeth into the flesh around her punctures.  Flynt screamed and tried to jerk away
as Dani pulled back hard, ripping a mouthful of meat away and chewing happily.
"You'd better not have salmonella, Flynt.  I don't want Dani getting sick."
"Erin he lots bleeds LOOKIE!" She pointed, wiping it roughly and licking the blood
from her hands.
Erin smiled blankly, stepping into view to have a look at the bite, "So he does. 
Another question, then... If you know little about Whelan... There are two employees
at your Robyn's bakery.  Name them."
"Uh... Jack... Jack and Lyre?  I don't know surnames..."
Without even a prompt, Dani grinned a bloody smile before tearing away another chunk
of Flynt's shoulder, causing him to shout again, "Num num!"  She giggled around her
mouthful, wiping her chin with her dress to mop up the blood.  "Erin knife has? 
Pweese?"  She looked angelically to Erin, who pulled her knife out of her belt, "YAY
FANK OO ERIN FWEND"  She scrambled and grabbed at the knife, changing her grip and
plunging it into Flynt's skin just below his collarbone.  She knew what she was
doing, of course, she didn't want to kill him.  Yet.  Dani drew the knife in a vague
circle before dropping it to the ground and clawing at the skin until a decent-sized
piece detached.  She smiled to herself, taking a bite as if it were an apple as she
listened with delight to his rasping breaths.
"Okay, sorry Dani, we're going to have to step this up.  I'm getting bored."  Erin
said, walking around in front of Flynt and pointing her pistol at his thigh, "I will
shoot, and Dani will retrieve my bullet.  Lyre.  Describe her mood."
"Fuck... Uh... Absent?  Quiet?"  He scrambled for words, hardly caring for accuracy,
"Finally getting the hang of our game, aren't you?"  She shrugged, "But it doesn't
really pay to be honest."  She squeezed the trigger without flinching at Flynt's
scream and Dani's high-pitched laughter as she delved into his thigh to dig out the
bullet.  "You see, Flynt, we're probably not going to kill you.  You might die, but
we won't kill you.  But your family's watching.  The honesty and the bravery's for
them."  She smiled, shooting at his calf muscle as well.
"Another question.  Have you noticed whether Lyre is on any medication at the
"NO, NO I HAVEN'T NOTICED!"  He shouted, jerking against his constraints as Dani gave
one final rip and presented him with a bloody bullet.
"Don't want other Erin fwend.  Dani HANS EAT NUM!"  She squealed, clapping her hands
and dropping the bullet carelessly.
"Ugh, can't you just take a kidney or something for the moment?  I have a few more
Dani pouted, shuffling off Flynt's lap and wiping her hands despondantly on her dress
before picking up the knife again, "Kay..."
"Right.  Where is Lyre living right now?  And we know you know, so don't bother-"
"I don't..."
"My God, Flynt, you're dull..."
Without a word, Dani dug the knife into his abdomen, aiming for the kidney as she was
told to.  She frowned, puzzled, and twisted the knife in search for the organ,
"Bo~ored Erin!"
"Where is she living?"
Erin rolled her eyes, picking up Dani's cleaver and holding it out to her, "Fine, get
The little girl grinned, letting go of the knife (still hilt-deep in Flynt's stomach)
in favour of the meat cleaver.  With a jolt of abject horror, he realised why his arm
was bound twice...  Once just below the elbow, once around the wrist.  "FUCK, OH GOD
"HANS ERIN FWEND HAPPY SUNSHINE JA!"  She laughed hysterically, and even Erin turned
away slightly as she swung the cleaver around her head with inhuman strength before
bringing it down with a dull thunk and a scream from the hand's previous

"Erin, ERIN LOOKIE JA!  Hans!"  Dani skipped alongside, holding both Erin's hand and
the newly severed one.

‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   16 May 2013   504556  
‹defineMANIAC› says:   16 May 2013   842378  
IKR!  It's contagious! :D 
‹*Misguided Ghost*› says:   16 May 2013   734883  
This made me giggle because that girl is just too cute ;-; Will you
write more?
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   16 May 2013   879985  
That girl, Dani, is my OC, so thanks! ;w; 
‹*Misguided Ghost*› says:   16 May 2013   708935  
Awwwwh I loved it she's so adorable ;-; 
‹defineMANIAC› says :   16 May 2013   156485  
Ha!  Thanks!


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