Murder at St. Ann catholic school for girls - The Mikko
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Murder at St. Ann catholic school for girls - The Mikko
Category: Stories
Wednesday, 9 January 2013
04:00:44 PM (GMT)
. “I would like to see the wounds you gotten from that raccoon.” The detective
said to Nicholas. Nicholas places his left hand on the bandages. “I just bandaged
it.” He said to the detective. Detective Marten looked at him, “I wasn’t
asking.” The other two officers stood on either side of Nicholas waiting for him to
show them his wounds. Nicholas slowly took off the bandages. As the last bit of
bandage came off Nicholas right arm, they could see it wasn’t a raccoon that made
the scrapes on his arm. “That doesn’t look like an animal that attacked you. More
of finger nails marks. Did you want to change your story?” Detective Marten said as
he looked at Nicholas. Nicholas looked at the detective, “I didn’t kill that
girl. I was in the girl’s locker room cleaning up.”  Detective Marten took a
breath, “We are going to take you down town for questioning. You best get your
story right.” The other two officers handcuffed Nicholas and took him through the
school where some of the nuns saw him. A few of the girls were up and they watched
from the windows off all the officers and then they saw Nicholas being placed in the
car. Detective Marten looked around Nicholas’s little house. As he looked in one of
the cabinet he found, a blind fold and bondage materials. “Collect these for
evidences. They poked around Nicholas things and found a pair of panties under his
bed.  “Looks like we got our man,” the officer said to detective Marten.
“Things are never that simple, If it was I would be out of a job.” He said to the
young officer. Detective Marten’s phone rang, “Hello.” On the other end was
Courtney. “I think I found where the assault might have happened,” She said to
him over the phone. “Where are you at?” he asked. “There is a room just under
the bell tower,” She said to him. Detective Marten started walking out of
Nicholas’s home, “wrap thing up here.” He said to the young officer. Detective
Marten walked over to the bell tower and looked up at the towering building. He open
the door and walked inside and head over to the other end where Detective Caspian,
stood at the door way. “What did you find Courtney?” Marten asked her. She walked
back into the room with her partner. “We found the victim’s other shoe and blood
and some kind of other liquids,” Courtney said to him. “That doesn’t look like
semen,” detective Marten said to her. “We are getting some samples and will give
you the results in a few hours.” One of the crime lab officers said as she was
taking samples. “Detectives I found something.” One of the officers said to them.
They walked over toward the officer and he pointed behind the boxes. On the floor
were a few torn packages or condoms and a towel with blood stains on it. “Package
that up as well,” detective Marten said. “I got the list of girls that the victim
knew and her school records as well.” Courtney said to Jonathan. “Let’s go back
to the station. He got a suspect to question.” Jonathan said to Courtney. They left
St. Ann and headed back to the office were they got ready to question Nicholas. In a
small room with a large glass window on one side and the other was a blank gray wall,
Nicholas sat at the table looking around. The door open up and Detective Marten
walked in with a file in his hands.  Placing the file on the table, detective Marten
placed his hands on his hips. “Terrible thing what happen to that young girl.”
Nicholas looked up at him and not saying anything. “So want to tell me what really
happened to her?” Jonathan said as he walked around the table and sat on the edge
of it. “I don’t know what happen to her. I didn’t see her at all.” Nicholas
said to him. “Well from what we gather it seem like you might have raped and killed
her.” Detective Marten implied to Nicholas. Nicholas’ eyes shot at dangerous look
at Jonathan. “I’m no rapist.” Nicholas said in a firm calm voice. Jonathan got
up and walked around behind Nicholas and then back in front of him. “You’re
telling me with all those young girls there. You were never tempted to do something
to any of them? It would be pretty easy to get arouse to have some young flesh press
against you.” Detective Marten said to Nicholas. Nicholas’ eyes narrowed at the
detective, “you are just trying to provoke me, and that won’t work with me.”
Nicholas said to him. “That’s right you, you have a law degree and no prior
arrest records or even a traffic ticket.” Jonathan said as he flip through the
file. “So tell me this hot shot lawyer. Why do you work at an all girl’s school
for with a impressive college degree?” Detective Marten said to Nicholas. “Unless
you have proof that I actually committed the crime. You can’t really hold me. And
before you waste your time or mines, I like to call my lawyer.” Nicholas said to
him. By doing this the questioning stop and they had to put Nicholas in a cell until
his lawyer showed up. “Once we get the evidences back from the lab, I’ll see you
again real soon.” Detective Marten said to Nicholas. With a snide remark, “You
just do that, and you’ll see I had nothing to do what that.”

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