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Aaron's Birthday fic!Category: OCs
Tuesday, 4 December 2012
06:45:20 PM (GMT)
Four o'clock, the room dark with the early hours of the morning, a shadowy figure
crept through the door, struggling with a box twice the figure's size.
A light, tinkling laugh echoed throughout the room and the box was placed on the
floor to allow the small girl to dart across the room, her jet black hair catching in
the thin stream of moonlight peeking through the curtains.  There was another giggle,
and she leapt onto the bundle of duvet that was her elder brother.
Kari sang the words with surprising musicality for a five year old girl, but the
desired effect took hold, and her brother had awoken, only to push her off the bed,
where she landed with a thump on the floor.
"Aaron!  That's mean!"  She pouted up at the grin that was protruding from between
the duvet.  A hand extended, and she took it so that Aaron could pull her back onto
his bed, kissing her elbow where she'd hit it.
"Uh-huh~  Happy birthday!"
"You're insane... Mum'll kill you!  What time is it?"
"Four...  I can say I had a nightmare or something... I don't mind!  It's your
"Shush, Kari!"
She beamed up at her brother, wriggling out of his hug and shuffling off the bed to
pull up the large box.
"Blimey, how'd you get that through the door?!"
"I had to measure it..."
"Can I open it now?"  Aaron asked with bright eyes, helping her shift the parcel onto
the foot of his bed, everything still illuminated by the moonlight for fear of their
mother discovering them.  Kari nodded in answer, moving around the box to sit next to
him again, "I saved all the money in my piggy-sheep box!"  She said proudly, having
still not decided whether the creature was in fact a pig or sheep, or any other
animal for that matter.
Aaron gave her a quick peck on the top of her head before tearing into the wrapping
paper and the brown box which was revealed.  After a moment of fishing around in the
styrofoam beads, Aaron's fingers brushed against something hard, and he peered
inside, trying to steal a glance.
"Shushie, Aaron!"
"OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH!"  He laughed, drawing his little sister into a
bone-crushing hug.
"And I made some bits of it, and Salem helped, so it's both of our present. But
mainly me.  A'cause I wuv you more..."  She giggled again, hugging him back, "But
don't tell him~"

After the traditional birthday lunch of beans and cheese on toast, the two children
went running outside (rucksack donned and full to the brim with birthday gifts) to
meet Salem.
"Alright?"  He asked, running forwards and meeting them, or Kari, in a close hug,
planting an unnoticed kiss on her forehead, "Did you give it to him?"
"Yup!  Can we play with it now?!"
Aaron grinned, "Yeah!  Salem and me cou-"
"Salem and I..."
"Shaddup, Kari... We could both play knights today, right?"  He asked (although his
question was directed mainly at Salem, since he'd be the one to answer).
"Guess so... But just today!  It's my job!"
The three children sat in a small circle around the rucksack, watching eagerly as
Aaron tipped out a wooden set of armour consisting of a rough sandwich board
(coloured in expertly by Kari) acting as a breast and back plate, a pair of tall dark
brown leather boots (the product of Kari and Salem's combined pocket money) and a
metal helmet that the two of them had decorated with Mr Whelan's help.
Aaron put on the armour, and grinned as Salem withdrew a slender parcel, "Happy
birthday, SIR Aaron!"
The boy laughed, making short work of the paper and jabbing at the air with the
wooden sword, "You're the bestest best friends ever!"

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