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Story I'm working onCategory: (general)
Monday, 10 September 2012
07:00:04 PM (GMT)
It takes place in Avalon where King Arthur ruled but its after King Arthur's era.
Basically, these demons find these ruins of Avalon and create their kingdom from the
ruins. So what happens is after the building of their new kingdom, war begins so the
king goes to the shaman to ask her for help and guidance. She tells him that there is
going to be a hero soon who will save them from this dark time. When she mentions the
hero is a female, the king laughs and says women are only made for making him a son
so he doesn't listen to what the shaman said. About 4 years later a child is born. It
is the child of a farmer and a soldier. At first, people thought the combination of
parents was strange but didn't look much into it. It wasn't until the age 6, that the
child Naomi started to act strangely. So strange that the king called forth the
mother and child(father died on the battlefield) to his palace. He tested the child
with the shaman as an observer. It was a simple test that Naomi passed with flying
colors. She was able to hold a sword correctly despite never being taught and able to
swing with perfect accuracy. What caught the kings attention was the fact that this 6
year old girl had an intent to kill when she attacked. She has killer instincts. He
took the child from the mother and sent the mother away. The mother was dragged away
kicking and screaming. For 10 years the king had taken care of Naomi as his own but
nobody knows that she's his daughter besides the servants. Very few soldiers even
know that she's his daughter. The reason being is that everyone knew that their king
thought women were only a creation from God to make men sons so their sons can either
take the throne if their royalty or fight in war. Or both. Since he stopped trying
for a son everybody thought he had a son and never announced it for whatever reason.
So far the only characters I've introduced in my story are Dimitri, the king, and
Naomi. Dimitri plays as Naomi's father cause they still want to keep her being the
kings daughter secret. He's also in charge of her training. Oh and the two of them
have a secret relationship that I'm going to reveal soon.

branches says:   10 September 2012   266335  
Naomi is a pretty serious Mary-Sue even at this stage. I'd do
something about that if I were you.
Demonic_Rayne12 says :   11 September 2012   444544  
Not really. I just posted partial of the prologue. That was all by
memory since I didn't have my notebook with me. Naomi hates the king
because her last memory was of the king taking her from her mother.
It's vague but she remembers it. She only stays so she can take the
throne once the king dies and live at the palace with her birth
mother. She also loves to fight. She would love to kill but her
teacher Dimitri holds her back. Dimitri is her teacher, fake father,
and her secret lover(nobody knows their dating. Not the king, not her
friends, nobody). He's also 25. Btw, Naomi is also a werewolf and
hides that from the king but Dimitri knows and sneaks her out of the
palace every full moon and keeps an eye on her. He makes sure she
doesn't kill her by bringing her to a nearby forest. But, I haven't
go† †o that part yet. I've only finished the prologue and working
on the first chapter. The only times I work on it though is when I'm
at school.


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