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(Americans sure are funny)
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Stuff needed to be explained in another diary entry .Category: (general)
Saturday, 4 August 2012
04:27:44 AM (GMT)
1.You want a taste of this big dick right here?
Even though Americans are so funny they do get a bit rude at times. So since I have
some spare time before the concert, I have been going to clubs. SO one night this big
black dude is sitting on the front of his car talking and like every other sentence
he ended it with," Naw mean," or whatever. So I'm walking out at like 11:00 and he's
like," It's too late for a fine shawty like you to be out dis late." SO I responded,"
oh my friend is still inside she'll be out in a minute." Then he's like," Well you
can wait with me in my car. I got the air on."
Me: No I'm fine.
Him: C'mon shawty. You a fine little Chinese thang and you'n see too many o' dem
round here. You can sit in der an let teach you some of dese negro spirituals an you
can sing me one o' dem cute Chinese songs.
Me: Excuse me but I'm not Chinese. I'm Korean. 
Him: oh little korean bitch got a attitude. 
Me: Bitch? oh how rude. 
Him:You better get yo ass in dis car for I shoot yo ass.
Then my friend finally comes out.
Him: Oh dis yo lil friend?
Me: No shit Sherlock.
Him: Bitch lose the tude 
Me: Whatever
SO I'm walking to the car and he's like," do yo little asian ass want a taste of dis
dick right here. Bitch you'll gag" 
And my friend starts laughing

2.What the hell kinda food is that?

So I'm a table with my friend and her boyfriend and another guy and this black lady
at another table is like 
"Baby what the hell kinda food is dat on yo plate? No you need something else you
already too skinny."
Then she gets up and walks over to the bar and get fried chicken and beans and crab
meat and some rolls.
Then she says," Dat should at least get you more of an ass. Cuz you don't got nothing
back dere." She actually sat there and watched me eat it.
And that night I actually had to take another bath. Why am I complaining? Because the
stuff we eat in Korea is more herbal and organic so I only like take a bath twice a

3.Where the hell did you come from?
I sitting in my car and my friend insisted that we have the music blasting. I was
listening to my Korean music CD and Big Bang's Fantastic Baby was on. And so this
dude comes up and is, I guess, hitting on me.
So he stops talking and hears the foreign language and looks at me and says," Where
the hell you from?" I laughed while rolling up the window
Fantastic baby is the song you hear playing now.

4.Who the hell is he?
I was watching music core on my Ipad and some dude walked up behind me and asked,"
WHo is the hell is he?" He was talking about Chungi from Teen Top

5.Where the hell did you come from?Y'all Chinese people is good spies
Following the incident with the big black lady, We went to play laser tag. And I'm
hiding behind this rock like thing and this dude walks slowly around the corner and I
shoot him and his guns says,"sorry no more ammo, You're out. and he turns around and
is like," Oh shit where the hell you come from?" and I'm like," Oh I was hiding
here." Then he said," Y'all chinese is good spies."

6.Tell them haters to fuck off.
Okay so I was coming from church with this lady who lived across the hall from
me(church experience shall in another diary entry or in a picture description most
likely a diary entry)
So I'm riding back to the hotel with her and she's like
"You're a pretty girl. Got a boyfriend?"
Me: No Ma'am 
Her: Well I'd like you to meet my son He'll be coming to the hotel tomorrow I'll send
him over there. ( The date we had will be in another diary entry)
Me: Oh sure.
Her: Being so pretty you must have a lot of haters.
Me: I guess
Her: Well you tell them haters to fuck off.
Me: Okay.

7.Damn girl you can play some basketball.Look at them legs.

So my friend wanted to go to the gym and I didn't want to stay in the room alone so I
got dressed and went down and was watching Dream High 2 on my Ipad.
So my friend is like,"Come play with me" So I put my Ipad up and started playing with
her and this dude yells,"MMMMMM, Look at them legs." So I shoot the ball into the
goal and He's like damn girl you can play some basketball.

That's it hopefully I have even funnier stories by the end of the week.

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