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What is Wrong With This World?Category: (general)
Saturday, 2 June 2012
08:03:47 PM (GMT)
So in one week three horrific attacks/murders occured. The first was the Miami
zombie where some guy ate another guys face and then got shot and killed by the cops.
The second is a guy in Maryland killed his roommate and he then proceeded to eat the
brain and heart. The third happened in Montreal a guy killed another guy and cut him
up, he sent some of the body parts to political parties and he put the torso in a
suitcase which he just left in someones yard. Oh ya he also filmed the whole murder
and mutilation and he put it online.

This brings me to my question what is wrong with this world?

‹Obsydian.› says:   2 June 2012   916789  
Its a freaking zombie apocalypse!

Oh and a guy in florida ate 80 something percent of a hobo's face. It
took the person/thing 3 shots through the chest and 4 shots through
the head to die. The cops say the person was high i say the person was
a zombie.
Peter_Piper says:   2 June 2012   797561  
Supposedly he was high on bath salts. They're made in china and are
sort of like cocaine except 15 times more powerful and they're legal.
They sell them in gas stations. 
‹Obsydian.› says:   2 June 2012   817934  
Yeah but i still believe it wasjust an escuse to cover up for a
Peter_Piper says:   2 June 2012   240494  
It would be pretty epic.
Time to go stock up on guns and food. 
‹Obsydian.› says:   2 June 2012   933493  
Lol i dont have to. If there is a zombie apocalypse im going to kill
myself before they can get to me. Evil but true. 
Peter_Piper says:   2 June 2012   701448  
I would move to a small shack on a mountain in the Yukon. 
‹Obsydian.› says:   2 June 2012   746367  
I guess that would work...but still. You never absolutly know what
might happen. 
Daddys_doll says:   2 June 2012   323011  
Drugs. That's the problem.
Daddys_doll says:   2 June 2012   828420  
High my ass, the cannibal in Miami was high on a drug called bath
>What do you experience when you take bath salts?
Agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, suicidality.
>The clinical presentation is similar to mephedrone [a chemical found
in other designer drugs], with agitation, psychosis, and stimulatory

Agitation, hallucinations, and psychosis are enough to hinder one's
capability of thinking straight and committing such crimes. 
‹Obsydian.› says :   2 June 2012   713708  
I know but that has been the joke in my school. So what if we are a
little obsessive with zombies. 


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