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Saturday, 28 April 2012
12:12:16 PM (GMT)
Here are my characters I am going to use for my new club I'm making. Part A Name: Age: Gender: Height: Eyes: Hair: Part B Partner(s): Status ( Dead or Alive ): Relatives: Alias: Contractor ( If a chain ) : Personality: Part C History: Abilities; Relationships: Picture: Other: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part A Name: Alice Age: 13(Physical) 110(actual) Gender: Female Height: 150 cm (4'11ft) Eyes:Purple Hair: Brown Part B Partner: Oz Vessalius Gilbert Nightray Status: Alive Relatives: Will of the Abyss (Twin Sister) Lacie Baskerville (Mother) Revis (Father) Oswald Baskerville (Uncle) Alias: Black Rabbit Contractor: Oz Vessalius Personality: Alice's goal is to find her lost memories, which play a major role in the story. She is hotheaded, loud spoken and says what she thinks without regard to the consequences. Due to her short temper, when talking she is energetically aggressive with people she knows, a special mention goes to her usual verbal attacks on Gilbert. Despite this, she also has a soft side, especially when Oz is involved. She hates when Oz leaves her alone, but to hide it she usually mentions that he is her manservant and shouldn't leave her alone, or just hits him and says "Shut up". Through the series it is implied that she has started developing feelings for Oz, although it is unknown if these develop from her previous connection to Jack or not. It has been revealed that Alice was actually a human that was killed 100 years ago during the Tragedy of Sabrie. She has a huge appetite and loves meat especially. She often argues with Gilbert and calls him "Seaweed Head"; in retaliation, Gilbert calls her "Stupid Rabbit". Part C History; As a human: Alice was conceived by Lacie and born in the Abyss as a human 100 years ago along with her twin sister The Will of the Abyss. She was locked up in a tower by Glen (Oswald) and excluded from the rest of the world because Glen felt it was his responsibility to take care of her. One day Jack Vessalius returned to the tower on the Baskervilles grounds with Revis and met Alice. The two of them became friends and Jack would often visit Alice to play with her. One day, Jack brought Gilbert and Vincent with him to meet Alice, though it didn't go over well as Alice immediately made fun of Vincent's red eye for bringing misfortune, this caused Gil to get mad at Alice and then pull her hair. This made Vincent hate Alice, not because of what she said about his eye, Alice 100 years ago with Cheshire. but because she upset Gil, and made Jack regret his choice. One day, he delivered Alice her cat with the eyes cut out, making Jack worry. During Jack's many visits, he would notice something off about Alice. Seemingly, every other day she'd switch personalities, being light and happy one day, the Will, and dark and sinister the next. This also troubled Jack. Then one day, Glen took Gilbert from Jack because 100 years had passed since he inhabited a new body, and so he needed a new one. Jack couldn't change Glen's mind, and initially made Glen recall Lacie, making him threaten Jack if he did not leave. Alice had heard from Jack that Gil was taken by Glen and was going to be killed and reinhabited by Glen; she told Vincent of this one day while he was frantically searching for his older brother. Vincent managed to stop the Ceremony before Glen could transfer Raven into Gil's body and before Gil could be killed, meaning that Glen's 100 year old body would die. Soon after The Tragedy of Sablier broke out for reasons still unclear. Alice was murdered during the Tragedy of Sablier, but no one knows who killed her, although it is hinted that Vincent Nightray was the culprit. But after she was killed as a human she and the Will of the Abyss broke their connection with the human-world when they used Alice's body to switch souls every day. The other Alice, known as B-Rabbit, came to the Abyss but not to The Will of the Abyss, the Core. Instead, she came to the lower level where chains and illegal contractors came. After a while in the Abyss, as you know people turn into chains and Alice turned into B-Rabbit or rather, merged with B-Rabbit as B-Rabbit existed 100 years prior as a seperate being. As a chain Alice apparently had numerous Contractors throughout the next century, but sooner or later she slaughtered them and returned to the Abyss, it is unknown why she did so. However, in the first episodes in the anime, it is revealed that Alice has never contracted anyone before meeting Oz, therefore it is possible that Oz is her first contractor and that her and B-Rabbit existed as two seperate beings before the Tragedy of Sablier. Alice was in the Abyss when she heard the melody of the Pocket Watch after Oz Vessalius opens it and feels as though someone is calling out to her. Abilities; Chains: When in her battle form, she can shoot chains from behind her. Enhanced Strength: Despite her size, she is actually very strong. Transformation: She can transform into her human form and her Chain form, a humanoid black rabbit. Relationships: Oz Oz is the contractor of Alice. He is also the only person Alice calls by his name, Alice appears to have a soft side for Oz in contrast to her usual personality to everyone else, and dislikes it when he leaves her alone. In the Manga she appears to be developing romantic feelings for Oz and in the anime series it is heavily implied as well, as a common occurrence of her jealousy when Oz is with other girls (even his own sister) and when she dislikes him leaving her alone is often shown. Gilbert Alice always calls Gil "seaweed head." She is always arguing with Gil, usually over Oz. It appears that 100 years ago, she knows Gil and his brother Vincent from Jack. She was the one who made him do the "face" again due to her calling his brother the child of misfortune. 100 years later, it appears that Gil and Alice met again though they don't remember each other. They appear to be on much better Will of The Abyss Alice and The Will of the Abyss are twin sisters, and Alice said that she could communicate with her while she was in Abyss. They appear to not be on good terms with each other, but they do have some things in common. However, revealed, The Will of the Abyss wished for Break to help save Alice; seeing that perhaps The Will of the Abyss truly does care for Alice. Sharon Rainsworth Sharon and Alice's relationship has not been greatly executed throughout the series, however the two seen to get along well. Sharon thinks of Alice as a little sister. Although Alice seemed reluctant to let Sharon treat her this way, she seems to be fine with it now. She often gives Alice romance advice for her and Oz. Alice and Sharon both care about each other, as shown when Sharon got depressed about how Break didn't tell her about Sablier, Alice tried to cheer her up by biting her cheeks. Overall, the two seem to be good friends. Xerxes Break Alice frequently shows her dislike toward Break calling him a 'Clown' in the anime and a 'Clowny Bastard' in the manga. Break is quite interested in Alice's past, due to the fact that she lived one hundred years ago. However, other than that, he seems to not care what happens to her and only teases her whenever he talks to her. Break does not trust Alice at all and is ready to kill her if necessary, although he does defend her when Gilbert Nightray asks to kill her, saying "Not yet", but this also shows that he is considering killing her in the future. In a few clips of the anime, Alice is shown hissing at Break. Lacie Baskerville Lacie is an anagram of Alice. It is confirmed that Alice is the daughter of Lacie Baskerville and Revis. Lacie and Alice share many similar traits such as their dark hair. While Lacie has red eyes, Alice has a red color scheme. Also, while Lacie appears to be interested in Jack, Alice seems to be romantically interested in Oz who is also a Vessalius. Revis Revis was Alice's father by Lacie, and Alice was the product of his experiment. Revis and Alice, talking about 'Os' Added by DSM144 Alice seemed to get along well with Revis, although Revis never told her that she was his daughter. Alice was open with Revis immediatly after leaving the Abyss. Revis watched Alice bite the black rabbit doll she emerged from the Abyss with, and didn't think anything of it when she told him that the rabbit was still awake, Revis and Oswald welcomed her with open arms to the Baskerville Dukedom. Later when Alice was drawing her black rabbit, Revis noticed she'd written the name 'Os' on it, and so he asked if that was the rabbit's name. Alice confirmed this and Revis pieced together that she'd named the rabbit after Oswald. This being the case, Revis corrected Alice, changing 'Os' to 'Oz', and Alice was ecstatic. This seemed to be the only time the two had together before Revis' 'death'. Oswald Baskerville Oswald and Alice seemed to get along more often than Oswald did with the Will despite the fact that they would get into arguments about her language. When he came to bring her food she smiled happily at him and told him that she purposely switched places with the Will of the Abyss so she could see him as the Will did not like him. Alice also named her stuffed rabbit after him as she called it 'Os' at first until Revis corrected the spelling to being 'Oz'. Picture: Other: Her quotes are; ■"Nobody touches my PROPERTY! And Oz is my manservant; therefore, he is my property!" ■"Shut up, Seaweed Head." ■"I'm scared that I'm not human. I'm scared that I'm different from other chains... I fear the things I don't know. I fear the things I already knew... and at every moment... I always... more than anyone... fear myself the most!" ■"I'm in a contract with you. You are my manservant, and as a manservant, what were you thinking, leaving me behind!?" ■"What is jealousy? Can you eat it? Is it sweet?" ■"In the book Sharon showed me, there was a man who became more energetic after his cheeks were bitten!!" ■"If I can remember who you are... Then I can know who I am... Just who am I?" ■(To Rufus) "But I will seek for it... the reason why I exist. In order to continue being who I am now! If fear clings on to me, then I will bring the fear with me! Snatch whatever I want! Beat up whoever's in my way!! This is who I am now--- The Blood-Stained Black Rabbit, Alice!!! Permanently mark this up in your so-called knowledge!! You disgusting looking meatball!!!" ■(to Oswald/Glen) " Yes, she hates you so I took the oppertunity to switch places with her! " ■(to Oswald/Glen) " You set a bad example. If you want me to speak more Elegantly, you should watch your own mouth! " ■"Oz! You're a special person to me. You're a very good friend. So please.. promise me that.. when I'm in trouble or if there are people that want to hurt me... You will come and save me." ■"Oz!! Oz! Oz!" ■(To Jack) "What did you do to Oz?!" ■"Eh? Jack, are you out of your mind? I'll never... Let you do that!!" ■"Damn just when I finally managed to land a good kick on that quiet girl, this is what find!" ■(to Jack) "How dare you lay your hands on my property without my permission, Jack!" ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part A Name: Lily Age: 100+ Gender: Female Height: Unknown Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Part B Partner(s): Status ( Dead or Alive ): Relatives: Alive Alias: Lotti Fang Doug Contractor ( If a chain ) / Chain : Bandersnatch Personality: Lily has a very childish personality. While she isn't always very bright, she's normally a very cheerful girl. She considers the other members of the Baskervilles her family and cares for them very much, along with Glen Baskerville. She values family and friends above all else, as seen in her conversation with Liam, but despite that she doesn't think much about killing people, seeing them as her playmates rather than people with family and friends of their own. When she doesn't get her way, she pouts or throws a tantrum, and she's a bit of a crybaby. She seems slightly unstable, as shown when her personality changes from childish to psychopath-like in mere seconds. Part C History: Lily was born one hundred years before the present time in a village called Ebauche to a large but relatively poor family. She was neglected by them because she wasn't useful and was blamed for accidents that would happen when she was around. When she was still very young, she was branded with a mark that symbolized the devil and banished from the village into the woods. It was at that time she was found by a strange light that led her to the Baskervilles, where she was taken in by them. Lily felt accepted by the Baskervilles even more after that Fang and Doug also got tattoos like hers on their faces because they thought it was cool, which made her very happy. Lily later took part in the massacre now called the Tragedy of Sablier, after Glen had ordered the Baskervilles to. She was then dragged into the Abyss for 100 years along with the other Baskervilles. Abilities; She possesses several abilities that seem to be common among the Baskervilles, such as not being able to die from things that would kill normal people (as seen when she is shot by Liam). Lottie also tells her that because she was selected by the Abyss, she warps the lives of the regular people around her, which explains why bad things happened to her family when she was with them. Lily and the other Baskervilles also have the ability to heal their wounds, making them more like Chains than regular people, but they still feel the pain. Lily, being younger, heals faster than the other Baskervilles, as shown when she was shot by Reim and recovered seconds after but when Fang was slashed by Break he was still recovering when the fight resumed. Bandersnatch Lily's Chain is a dog-like animal named Bandersnatch, after the creature referenced in Lewis Caroll's poems Jabberwocky and The Hunting of the Snark. It is unknown when or how Lily contracted with it, though presumably it was before the Tragedy of Sablier took place. Relationships: Fang Lily's relationship with Fang is almost like a family relationship. Fang is always looking out for Lily, quickly ordering Vincent to stop bullying her, and often acting playfully with her, giving her piggy-backs and wrapping her in his cloak. Infact, Fang seemed to be his happiest when he was with Lily. Though, when Lily had critically injured Reim, Fang was extremely dissappointed in her. Fang was also shown to dislike Lily's reckless choices, himself wanting to avoid a fight and retreat when necessary, whilst Lily was lead back into the fight by her anger. Ultimately, Fang went along with what Lily wanted, which eventually lead to his death, as he pushed Lily out of the way after she'd recklessly confronted Break and then become distracted, in order to save her rather than himself. Lotti Lotti's relationship with Lily is very dominant. Though she was shown to care for Lily, when Lotti first encountered Lily, she remarked on how unkempt she was, and when Lily was released from the Abyss, Lotti offered comfort to Lily, and eased her into the new world she'd been released into. Later, when Lotti, Fang, Doug and Lily go to meet with Vincent to discuss the Sealing Stones, Lily was overjoyed that Lotti was yelling at Vincent for once, implying that Lotti often yelled at her, showing that although Lotti cared for Lily, she was not as patient as Fang was when dealing with her. Gilbert Nightray Right from the start, Lily hated Gilbert, as being Contracted to Raven meant that he'd stolen Raven from Glen. Gil being Contracted with Raven is what lead to Lily's resentment of him, and caused her to demand that Fang stopped running from Break and Gil and fought them in order to free Raven from Gil's grip. Ultimately Gil saw Lily as another enemy, and treated her as such, this being said, the resenment was mutual between the two. Xerxes Break Break hated Lily because he thought that she'd killed his best friend. Immediatly, Break summoned Mad Hatter and vowed to kill Lily, chasing her and Fang as they fled the mansion. Break fought hard, forgetting about his vulnerability due to his health to focus on killing the Baskervilles. When Break got the chance to kill Lily after he'd teamed up with Gil, he went for it, despite that fact that she'd pulled out Reim's gun. As she was distracted by Reim, who'd crawled his way from the mansion, Lily was distracted and pushed out of harm's way by Fang, who sacraficed himself to save Lily. Lily was shown to still despise Break when he arrived to attack Rufus Barma at the 5th Seal, though she was held back by her fellow Baskervilles Reim Lunettes Lily viewed Reim as her friend, her statement was sincere despite the fact that she expressed her liking of Reim by attacking him visciously with Bandersnatch, though this was her way of playing. Lily took precautions during this time to make sure that no vital organs were harmed, allowing Reim to live in the longrun. Although Reim shot Lily in the head as his duty to Pandora, Lily did not seem bothered by it as she was excited to see Reim when he'd crawled his way into the forest outside of Isla Yura's mansion. This act of excitement is what allowed Break to attack, although Fang saved Lily from death. Lily's friendship with Reim is one-sided, as Reim has no desire to be her friend. Vincent Nightray Through their few encounters in the series, Vincent has been shown to bully Lily, often teasing her and making fun of her, much to Fang's displeasure Picture: Signature Other: Quotes; ■"Lo... Lottie...?" ■"BANDERSNATCH!!!!!!!!" ■"That's great... I finally escaped!" ■"What happened? How much time has passed before I came o
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