The Beginning of...Second Semester - Same Teachers, Wizard, and Math
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The Beginning of...Second Semester - Same Teachers, Wizard, and Math
Category: high school
Wednesday, 18 January 2012
10:21:15 PM (GMT)


Create title, right?


Well, today was my first day of second semester!

Yay! Not.

For the most part, most of my teachers stayed the same.

Except for math and English.

And I changed from health to driver's ED.

And I changed from Jewelry to Acting.

So of course those teachers changed.

But the one teacher I never wanted to change was my math teacher.

Sure, she was still taking care of her baby.

And not to mention they still didn't have a sub for her...I STILL LIKED HER.


Anyways, I'm going to start off in first period.


US History. Same Teacher. Same Room.

Talk about boring right?

Not really.

Especially, when one of the hottest guys in the school walked into the room.

I practically yelled his name out loud.


Anyways, I had to introduce myself and it was AWKWARD!

But it was pretty funny, because my one friend said, "Something that everyone knows
about me is that I'm black."

Everyone busted out laughing.

Like it wasn't obvious that she's black.

Then it got REALLY boring after that.

Second period was chemistry.



It was really boring.

We did a VERY short lab, and I got like the dumbest kids in my group.


Next was drivers ED.

All we did was fill out the form for our permit.


Next was lunch, which of course was F-U-N.

And I learned my one friend has health with the kid that looks like Justin Bieber (NO

And I also told her who was in my US History class, and she freaked out.


After lunch was my 23 minute study hall, which I just played games on my tablet.


After that I went to math class.


I had to go through a bunch of streamers, just to enter his class.

What the fuck?

Then he had Harry Potter's music on.

But that's not it.

He literally thinks he's a wizard.

No joke.

He's apparently 431 years old.

Yeah, right.

He thinks he can do magic, even though it was a simple MATH.


I was actually giving him a chance, but when he mentioned we had to do MATH
JOURNALS...I completely LOST it.

What the fuck are math journals?

My friend, I had that exact same question.

Everyday, we have to write what we learned about during class.

EX: I learned that math journals are a WASTE of TIME when I could be doing something
more productive. :D

That put me in a pretty bad mood after that too.

After that I had acting.

Acting was okay, I mean all we did was do some of these silly moves.

Which I was expecting from the class, soo...

After acting, I had German.

German was boring, but whatever.

I mean it was okay, just boring.

We just talked about our first vocab sheet for the semester.

After German I had English.

I do not know about you, but going from German to English is HARD.

Half of the time, I talk in German, and everyone is starring at me like WTF?


But I got a new English teacher.

And he seems stricter, than my other teacher.

But I think I'm going to like him better.

He seems like my kind of English teacher.


Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed my super long diary entry about my pointless first day
of second semester.


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