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Friday, 23 December 2011
02:33:13 PM (GMT)
Original Song:

A) I don't know if I'm going to do Re_Birthday and Regret Message >_<
B) I obviously added a few things not in the song to make a better story out of it.
(like for instance the speech thing)
C) Eh.

Daughter Of Evil
I remember a time...long before this...when I was only a child...I played with you
then, no need to worry about world domination, of power, I had nothing to worry
about...But when we were seperated...

"Rin! Wake up!" I open my eyes reluctantly, and then glare at my twin, my servant,
Len. "What?!" I say. I'm not supposed to be woken up by anything when I sleep. "You
have to make a speech today, remember?" he asks, and it comes back to me clearly.
"They won't want to hear what the mean princess has to say." I say grumpily, turning
away from him. "Come on, I'll make you breakfast." he says, and I hear the door
softly close behind him. I could just fall back asleep and keep him waiting. I guess
I'll go.

I walk through my palace, a beautiful kingdom with the most wonderful furnitures. I
then glare at a speck of dirt, catching a wrinkle in my skirt. "Who is responsible
for this?!" I turn on one of the servants walking around. He puts his hand up in
protest as if to tell me that he does not know. "Fetch me who does!" I say,
continuing down the hall. They will have to find me. "How is Josephine?" I ask in a
side tone, already bored with what is about to come.

"She's doing good, ma'am, ..." he continues talking, but I zone it out, and when I
finishes, I simply thank him. I soon find the dining room, sitting down. "A lot of
food for ten minutes, Len." I say, gazing at the array of food before me. Bacon,
pancakes, bread, and many other things, less simple and more delicate. "Problem?" he
says with a smile, and I know he's ready to fix whatever I want up. "No. It's exactly
the amount that should be prepared in that time." I say, daintily picking up
the bread and taking a bite. Then I try the other things, none of them are cold, and
unlike the rest of the dumbass servants, he actually knows how to make things

"There's some dirt in the hall, Len. You could amend to that." I say, picking up a
tea cup and taking a sip. He nods and then bows, quickly rushing off to amend to it.
The clock bell tolls, which means it's almost time to leave. I look down at the
people gathered at the plaza just outside, and grimace. Why must they bother me like
this? Len comes back. "Taken care of, Rin." he says. "And there's a wrinkle in my
skirt. Make that better." I say, enjoying how little he questions, as he just does
what I say. "I believe I am ready now." I say, walking towards the door.

I pause before arriving at it, and taking the que he opens it up wide, allowing me to
walk through. Although the plaza is not far too walk, a carrage pulls up and I do not
deny it. "Come, Len." I say, getting into it. He obligatorily follows, sitting beside
me. It only takes a minute for us to get there with the slowest horses ever, and I
step onto the platform for the speech. Everyone looks up and glares at me. I see from
many kingdoms representatives, but none the blue prince who occupies my love. I

"Welcome to the Kingdom of Yellow." I say in what is hopefully a cheerfully dominant
voice. "Although you may accuse us of being mean, (I hear someone shout in the
backround we are) I am the only reason that any of you are above homelessness.
I could keep you all below poverty and as my slaves, but I do not, for this reason I
am kind." I say sweetly. "You are not kind! We are still in poverty!" shouts a man
from the kingdom of red. "Guards, away with him!" i say, and then whisper to one of
them. "and make sure it looks like he put up a fight when you kill him." A girl that
was with him, I think she knows his fate. She glares at me with eyes full of hatred,
and I simply turn away. "This speech is over." I say, picking up my dress an inch as
I step off the platform.

"I am going to be in my study, writing a letter." I say. "You are not to come in
until called." It's cruel, really, his undevoted love yet I go to write a letter for
Blue Prince, Kaito. The study is a dark place, only small lights, and its the only
one dirty, and was this not an urgent letter, I would not go into a place less than
perfect. This is a letter of my love. One that it has taken a long time to build up
to writing, but will surely be returned with happiness.

//"Len! Take this to the courier!" I say, handing him the envelope. He nods, and
rushes off. I also rush out of the room, just to get out of there. I close the door
harshly behind me, and then smile a bit, allowing myself to show the unnesceary
emotion. This surely will go well. 

//Next Day\
"Rin!" comes his voice again at my bedside, but this time I am awake. "Yes?" I say,
in a genuinely sweet voice. "The courier...he could not make the journey. The letter
did not meet its receiver." he says, wincing as my hand goes up, and then I waver.
"How is he to know then...?" I ask, although I know he won't understand me. Len only
replies with a look of confusion. "HOW IS HE TO KNOW?!" I shout at him. He frowns
deeply in concentration. "Goddamn filthy people! I should've sent you, you always do
the right thing, these filthy pathetic servants are not worth ANYTHING! Send the
letter again!" I say, and go off to the balcony. He protests something, but I close
and lock the glass doors behind me. 

I look down at my kingdom. What was so perfect yesterday crumbles as I think of how
useless commoners flood the streets. Then my eyes fixate on a man with blue hair.
It's him! I can just tell him myself! Then I see a horrible sight. A girl with green
hair, the princess of the green country, smiles with him. I see Len hand him the
letter, an odd look on the princes face, he kisses the green-haired girl on the
forehead then opens the letter. I almost fall to the ground...with anger.

I force the doors open without caring for the lock, unhinging one of them. I grab the
first servant I see. "YOU! Go to the King Of Purples domain and TELL HIM TO DESTROY
THE GREEN COUNTRY!" I shout. Another one peeps from the study, which is finally being
cleaned. I would be happy, but these are grave circumstances. "And you! Stop what you
are doing, and when Len gets back, tell him to destroy the green haired girl, Hatsune
Miku!" I say, and then before either can protest I add a sickening thing. "I will see
to it that your families are less than healthy if you do not do what I ask." I say,
going into my room and slamming the door, only permitting a sob when I hear their
footsteps go away. The deed will be done by tommorow.

The door opens, and I sigh, wiping tears from my face. "Come in." Len walks in,
holding a letter in his head, a pained look on his face. "Is it true...about the
green country?" he says hesitantly. "Yes. And I trust that you will do your job." I
say, swiping the letter in his hands. Dear Princess (Rin), I am sorry to have
gotten your letter late, and I am sorry that this letter is so short, but even more
so that I love another. If you have a big enough heart to join, our wedding is to be
had tommorow, on the border of the countries green and blue, marking both our union
and the countries. Sincerely, Prince (Kaito) I smile. Tommorow is when you
wedding ceremony will not be!

"So, are you going to do it?" I ask the dumbfounded Len, whom is acting odd. I move
to throw the letter in the trash bin. "Y-Yes..." he says. "S-S-So, w-would you like
to ride on Josephine?" he asks timidly, the air of happiness gone as he tries to
bring a smile on his face. "Yes. A good ride would do some good. And stop acting so
pathetic like the other ones. Your special because you don't." I say, walking out the
door. "Come on!" I say irritated.

//Le Time Skip~\
This time I wake up even before he's in the room. I skip out, to see him in the
hallway. "Is it done? And, also, has Gakupo done his job?" I say with a cheerful
smile. "Y-Yes...Hatsune Miku...is dead...and her country...has fallen. I fear that
they will know soon it is yellow...Purple is tricky..." he says with a frown. "Yes,
he is, but our armies are more than enough for a small rebellion." I move forward,
and permit the only time of emotion. A slight kiss, and pull back. "I really do
appreciate you. Especially since you would do something like that for me." I say.
"Well, whats todays snack?" I ask.

"Brioche." he says, and smiles, though whether it be genuine or not, I do not know or
care. "That will be nice. I guess tommorow I won't have to worry too much. I'll have
Blue and whatever he teams up with captured. I hope its red, they have really nice
forces but they would never work for me!" I say, smiling as I eat the doughy stuff.
"This is really good." He frowns. "But Rin...you shouldn't hope that.." he says,
sitting down on the grass with me carefully.

"Why?" I say, watching the fires from the green country flare up. "When we win
against them, Len, we'll be unstopp-able. We will have peaceful moments like
this..alll the time!" I say with a grin, putting another of the snacks into my mouth
and chewing it. "I gues..."

//This is getting annoying!!!\
*mid-afternoon this time, guys!*
"I hear them outside. Her army is being pushed back." I say, pressing my hands to the
glass. "Rin..they are going to get us soon. The servants have all left." he says. I
flinch as she start to force their way in the castle. "Rin...you need to change." he
says. "It's too late, now!" I say, now sobbing. "No, we need to switch clothing. They
will mistake me for you, and they'll just assume that I'm one of the servants that
left." "Len, no! You can...I can.." I say, then stop. "Fine." I say. "There should be
a dress of this in my room, and all of your clothing is the same, so..." I say, and
then go off to get changed. Why does this have to happen? I can hear them.

I walk out, and I want to cry as I see him in my dress. About to go die for me.
"Len...No..." I say, pained. He shakes his head, and pushes me back, I hold back as I
see Kaito press a sword to his neck. "How disrespectful." he says, in my voice, as
they carry him away. 

Although I know he wants me to run away, I follow them, secretly, grabbing a shroud
and putting the hood over my head tightly. I watch in horrer as they prepare a
guillotine, more people here than when I made that speech. Kaito only stands there,
Lady Red stares securely. The bell tolls, and he sees me. "Oh. It's snack time." we
say in unison, before I hear the horrible sound of him being beheaded, but he doesn't
even scream, I wonder if its because I'm there. 

I run, far away, I feel Lady Red's eyes, but I keep going, going, going...for him...

*phew!* that came out longer/took longer than I thought! :D

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