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My seven crazy obnoxious amazing brothers XDCategory: (general)
Friday, 11 November 2011
10:27:57 PM (GMT)
So there are these S E V E N guys i know XD

they're A L L complete dorks.

but i love them.
they've helped me through so much.

yea we fight but that's what siblings do sometimes.

they're the nicest people you could meet 

E X C E P T 

when you're carried into a closet, and dont let you date till you're ninety :/ <3

I dont even remember half the conversations we have some are about powerpuff girl
sex, and others about how
condoms are you're best friend :D

They're fxcking hilarious, smart , cool , handsome 

ya i lied about the last one <3

but they are truly MY best friends. and MY favorite brothers (:

and i swear to god one day i'll kick they're ass for everything they've done to me
but for now i'm gonna let them
feel like they're winners(:

i love you guys <3 

‹Kairos› says:   11 November 2011   549538  
Hey hey now.. We're handsome as HELL XD
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   11 November 2011   307563  

Surrrre ya aree XD 
‹Kairos› says:   11 November 2011   267360  
You're obviously just jealous of how 
Amazing and a hit your bros are With
The ladies XD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   11 November 2011   754458  
Yepp thats it XD 

Youuuu guessed it 
‹Kairos› says:   11 November 2011   648209  
Pfffft knew it. See? we're also G E N I U S E S XD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   11 November 2011   643467  
And i still wonder how you didnt skipp all the grades and just fo
right to college(: 
‹Kairos› says:   11 November 2011   996985  
Riiight? Answer: the L A D I E S ;D 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   11 November 2011   418464  
I think im done herre... 
‹Kairos› says:   11 November 2011   462724  
HASHTAG says:   13 November 2011   227624  
Oh dear god..XD
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   13 November 2011   469264  
yess.. i worry about each one of them.. 
HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   885763  
dont worry bout Steven and Luke 
me and audrey got them locked down XD
the others...theyre your problems now XD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   960833  
ohh helll no!

they'll attack mee :O 
HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   873359  
pfffffffft thats too damn bad XD
we got the two major ones thoughXD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   106565  
yeahh thats one eachh!

let's see . audrey = 1

you = 1

me = 5 
HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   584165  
i love it..all three are equal XD

hey!! dont forget we each have kids lmao
so actually its:

me: 3
audrey: 6
you:..hold on counting...14 :D 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   551601  

psssh i always have to watch their kids XD

gooosh use some condoms dammit! 
HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   975425  
aye. you only get stuck with ten kids though plus
the four additional brothers of yours XD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   476901  

you mean 5 brothers (: 
HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   145079  

mitch+joe+john+steven+luke+matt+erik - luke-steven=...damn, 
youre riiiight.....5 brohters from another mother XD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   350940  

woah i just did math and it's not school hourss(:

HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   680248  
 #nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd <--from both Steven&me ♥


aye your diiary is "hot" FYI XD bc of me obviiii XD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   789785  

HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   908622  
W H A T T H E F U C K T O W  H A T ? ? ? 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   114191  

from the secondd partt.... 

hmmm sorry im stuipdd XD 
HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   843355  

lmao meaning if you look and click on diaries
where it shows everyone's public diaries,
yours is red which means hot which means
popular you dolt XD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   287631  

i think it's just because im soo sexy and everyone knows iit(; 
HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   746857  
 *eye rolls* oh god...not THIS again hails XD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   350260  

the awkward moment when your animal pants are out of controll XD 
HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   892274  
that awkward moment when seven guys
come into you room shirtless and does a 
belly dance for you.. XD 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   623197  
Yours winns hands down(: 
HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   382302  
you cant beat me when i got soooo many of
our brothers' stories with me XD

for example:
that awkward moment when Luke is eating one
end of the hotdog and steven is eating the other end..
me and audge were worried for a moment. 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   15 November 2011   237440  
The awkward moment
When your brothers tell you their sexy and want you too agree with
them ..

HASHTAG says:   15 November 2011   602176  

that awkward moment when they're talking about
booty calls and audge hears wrong and screams 'your
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   28 November 2011   361438  
ahahahahha ♥

the awkward moment when your high on mountain dew and you start
humping a pole and steven yells at you :/ 
HASHTAG says:   30 November 2011   643793  

hat awkward moment when Steven 
comes in your room wearing only his
pj pants and then rips them off and starts
singin I'm sexy and I know it while dancing
in a tiger stripped speedo o.o 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   1 December 2011   646621  
The awkward mOment when steven vouleenters to model naked for your art

‹Kairos› says:   1 December 2011   727243  
ohfajesushellsayYES XD it'll XD

that awkward moment when you're making out
with your gf (J) and your dog is just laying there
staring at you guys.. 
‹TiedTogetherWithASmile♥› says:   1 December 2011   405778  
The awkward moment when your dog is watching you change. 
‹Kairos› says:   2 December 2011   562738  
that awkward moment when he's mad and you and him
and in a heated debate and
the only defense he can give when he knows he's
losing but doesn't wanna admit is 

HASHTAG says :   2 December 2011   970672  
ohhhhhsteven ♥ 
that awkward moment when when when
Steven comes over for date/movie night 
and you decide to surprise him by wearing just 
his jersey causeyouknowhellgocrazy(; and
he decides to ask me if luke's ass got tighter because
audrey and him has been doing the nasty.. 

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