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Wednesday, 26 October 2011
12:05:35 AM (GMT)
I know, it's possible I'll look back on this later and think to myself that I'm not
even done growing up, but I'm talking about my childhood childhood.
Keep reading if you want your cool points to go up by like, 1000.

I was born in Lockhart, Texas.  We lived in a trailer thing/ mobile home until I was
two, when we moved to Round Rock. We still visit Lockhart frequently. All I remember
from those days is the checkerboard tile flooring.
We lived in a duplex, just a few blocks from where we live now. I remembered it as
light blue, but I walked down there the other day and realized that it's really gray.
My best friend lived next door. Every day after school we ate animal crackers
together in her backyard. We didn't go to the same school, though, I transferred to
Old Town Elementary, where my mom worked, instead of going to Voigt. I remember
that's when my sister lived in texas and used to visit, and I would always run up to
her and she would swing me around right when she got through the door. 
I was an abnormally fat child, until age 4, when I lost a frightening amount of
weight right before I went to my second preschool (Corner stone or something) After
being kicked out of Montessori school for being a troublemaker. I had a boyfriend
named connor, I think, and something about this little black girl who was always
trying to steal him, and me being very, very afraid of horses.
Elementary school. When I was six, we moved to the house we live in now.  I remember
it wasn't always this messy, and I used to make very complex blanket forts in the
living room and hide out with the TV and my hidden stash of ramen noodles and candy,
(unknown to my parents for a while, but was later discovered) sometimes, with my
older brother (Cameron) who would let me play his pokemon game in exchange for candy,
but only on weekends where my dad had custody. I hade quite the set up. By this time,
My sister Emily had moved to California and no longer visited often. I also had a
bunk bed, and a pillow with Ash Ketchum's face on it (Who, if I have not already told
you, I wanted to marry.) that I would sleep next to. I had lots of pokemon things. 
By age 7, my mom had started taking me to those free outdoor concerts in Austin, and
by this time I had formed somewhat of a good taste in music. This possibly having to
do with being raised on Nirvana and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I especially liked
dancing in mud.
By age 8, I had grown obsessed with Harry Potter and was in conflict of whether I
should marry him or Ash Ketchum. Decisions, Decisions. I subconsciously knew neither
of them were real, but I also knew that none of the males in my 3rd grade class were
deserving of my affections. So, I settled on fictional characters. 
By age 9, Everyone else had become normal and I was left behind. I thought to much,
(I still do) liked nerdy things like anime, and...I also tried too hard because by
this time I had noticed that not many people liked me because they thought I was
By age 10, I had begun attempting to rebel and do everything my way. My hair was
terrible, I didn't know how to do it, I accidentally stuffed my bra one day because
training bras were itchy and I thought that would stop it, and my clothes were a
representation of what I thought was "Skater" but was really just stupid and made me
look strange. 
By age 11, I had "given up" on ash and harry, Publicly, because it was no longer
socially acceptable for me to like fictional characters in a romantic way. I dated
Danny Pichette for 6 months, we hugged. He gave me alot of gifts. We both played the
saxaphone. Math, always having frustrated me, was the first class I've ever gotten a
bad grade in. I cried. My best friend was Kaylee Czarnik, we fought frequently. After
winter break, Danny dumped me.  at the end of the year, Kaylee and I no longer
talked. she moved to oklahomah. We made up eventually.
By age 12, I was still awkward. Still played the saxaphone. Still wanted to be a
pokemon master. Still failed at math. Still kids in africa skinny. 
By age 13, I looked better. I had one boyfriend 8th grade year. we dated for a week.
Every day, I rode the bus to my friend ashley's house and my mom drove from old town
to pick me up at like, 8.
By age 14, I wasn't awkward-looking anymore. But...I don't know. i finally had more
friends. which I wasn't used to. At all.
By age 15, Here I am. I still have social anxiety disorder. which makes me awkward by
default. But more of an unexpected, random awkward as opposed to how it used to be,
because i looked so awkward it was expected.
So yeah. That's a summary of my childhood, I guess.

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