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Monday, 5 September 2011
05:58:27 PM (GMT)
Rules: Go to and type in your answers to the following
Post the first definition it gives you. 

1.)Your name?
Someone who is un usually well hung. People with the name James are generally known
for their good looks (especially the eyes) and women are just simply attracted to
"Oh Yeah, he's definately a James"

2.)Your age?

Seventeen is the last year before college, the last year before you can vote, the
last year you are dependent on your parents—it is a bridge between childhood and
adulthood. Seventeen is not considered as monumental as sixteen, but somehow 17
sounds so much older than 16. Sixteen is carefree teenager enjoying life while they
still can, but at seventeen some sort of responsibility is expected. 
She thought she would never turn sweet sixteen, and then suddenly her 16th year was
over and she was seventeen. 

3.)One of your friends?
Ana C:
The 'Ana' are an extremely short and cute species of female. They tend to be good
friends with the Evi species. This is due to their unique, yet awesome, view of life
and choice of friends. The Ana are known to make people smile. They also tend to be
great athletes in sports such as fencing.
Guy 1: Dude, that girl was freaking awesome! 
Guy 2: Yeah, um, no shit. 
Guy 1: ... 
Guy 2: She's an Ana. 
Guy 1: Ohhhhhh. *wave of understanding*

5.) Favorite color?
Reeddd c:
Flavor of kool-aid to a black person.
Mom: Ey hunnah! I'm hittin' up the local Safeway. Does yo bitch ass need anythin!? 
Son: Yeah git me some kool-aid bitch! 
Mom: What flava?! 
Son: red!

6.) Birthplace?
The 34th state admitted into the United States of America. Known for wheat, brilliant
skies, and flat lands. Contrary to popular belief, people who live in Kansas do
reciece power, internet, and water. 
Kansas is the home of the University of Kansas, arguably one of the best, well-known
teams in the NCAA.
Person 1) Where do you live? 
Person 2) Kansas. 
Person 1) Really? I heard that the Jayhawks there are really good at basketball. 
Person 2) Damn right.

7.) Month of your birth?
A month when mostly the hottest girls are born
That girls so hot she must be born in July

8.) Last person you talked to?
Random word when someone says something random and annoying
Annoyance: "Ewww, What's that" 
You: "Your MOTHER!!" 

Annoyance: "Miss,What are we doing 2day" 
You: "Your MOTHER!!" 

Annoyance: "This work is so easy, Miss" 
You: "Just like...your MOTHER!!" 

Annoyance: "Peanut" 
You: "Your MOTHER!!"

9.) One of your nicknames?
A guy who knows how to speak. A man who could sell water to an ocean, or talk a nun
out of her clothes. He's not a con-artist, but he could acquire even the most
skeptical person's confidence. He's not a politician although he does represent
investors. He's the type of guy who gets shit done. A real go-getter, a smooth
operating elusive gentlemen. That's not to say he can't be reached for he has been
described as what some may call a womanizer. His last name usually starts with a "K",
but it is not "Kool" as one might expect from a fellow with such a calm demeanor. He
is sexy, and it has often been said that he is well endowed.
Anonymous 1: Who was that guy?

Anonymous 2: Oh, that was just Jamieson.

Anonymous 1: Well, I just let Jamieson borrow the car. Funny, I didn't even think to
ask him his name. What was he doing here anyways?

Anonymous 2: He was an inspector.

Anonymous 1: An inspector of what?

Anonymous 2: Ok, fine. I slept with him. I'm sorry he was just sooo charismatic.

Anonymous 1: Well, You know? I'm literally not even mad right now. That guy was
pretty much a badass. I totally couldn't have stopped you. If one guy was gonna sleep
with my wife; that would be the guy. You've got good taste. That means I'm a keeper

Jamieson (from afar): I just saved their marriage.

Another one:

Jamfre isn't defined yet.

‹<3.What.A.Wonderful.Caricature.Of.Intimacy.<3› says:   5 September 2011   436706  
Written says:   5 September 2011   949815  
YES IT IS <33 
‹<3.What.A.Wonderful.Caricature.Of.Intimacy.<3› says :   5 September 2011   857719  
"Flavor of kool-aid to a black person."

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