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Story Ideas--Entrace DreamCategory: Ideas
Sunday, 24 July 2011
01:18:53 AM (GMT)
These are to help me organize story ideas so I can continue previous stories, write
new ones, and actually finish one. I've also been a bit down lately, so it's also to
get me back into my right state of mind. Any input would be nice, even appreciated.
The whole point of these diaries is to get ideas, and feed back on those ideas might
definitely help me. I need to get inspired.

Please respect my work, don't copy it or distribute it. It'll only make me even more
sad. V_V Thank you.

First of all, a new name: (I hate the current name. Yuck. It was just
temporary, for when I had to name the save file)

1) Dreamality~ I've been thinking about it a while as a play on dream & reality put
together. Spelling still questionable.
2) ... That's really all I got. V_V To think, this used to be my forte.

Second, The dream people:

-I should probably think of a proper name for them. Ah well. Future reflections.

-Have something called 'Laws of Dreamers' which describe them. They're unofficial
rules, of sorts. Starting with the 2nd chapter, they are the first sentence of the
chapter, put in italics

-So far I have the Walkers (Those who Walk) who can physically enter and see dreams.
Awake, they never stop moving or twitching, and if they do, it's usually not good.
---'Law of Dreamers': "There is no rest for those who walk."
---Very rare

-Next is the Oneiroi, named after the Greek gods of dreams or sleep, can't remember
which is them, or Hypnos. Cause insomnia & nightmares, feed off of human dreams.
Demon-like creatures. Are cursed to be forever blind in dreams. The 'half-siblings'
of Walkers, supposedly. Appear demon-like only in dreams, but are rather charismatic
in real life.
---Moderately rare.
---Have a lost myth about them, which main character, Ilina, recites to Rhodes, a

-One who Lives, not sure of the nonofficial name yet. Has dreams about what equates
to 'past lives' only, they are not the dreamer's lives. They are dreams that are
utterly true, and if remembered, will/can/have come true in real life. They have a
habit, however, of completely wiping the memory of the dreamer, meaning temporary
total memory loss upon waking, and usually no recollection of the dream.
---Are usually especially hunted by the Oneiroi
-----Various reasons for this
-------Involved in the 'downfall of Oneiroi'
-------They're energy is especially tantalizing
---Tend to die young
---Ilina, the main character, is one of these people
---'Law of Dreamers': "No lies can fool One who Lives."
---Virtually unheard of, they are so extremely rare.

-Intelligent (One who Knows) , very smart Dream people who can recognize others of
their kind just by looking at them. They live extraordinarily long and tend to be a
wealth of knowledge.
---'Law of Dreamers': "There are no secrets from One who Knows."
---Moderate to fairly rare.

Character so far accumulated:

Ilina James: The main character, One who Lives. She's plagued by nightmares she
usually cannot remember that make her forget even her own identity for a time. Every
time she does remember facts, however, and is able to check up on them, the dreams
are true in real life, regardless if it makes sense for her to know such things.
Generally know as an outcast.

Rhodes: A mysterious guy that Ilina meets at the coffee shop in the book store where
she works. (Sigh, that's a mouthful!) He is always twitching or moving in some
fashion, but always seems extremely tired, like he'll fall asleep at any moment.
Ilina tells him a suspicious 'Greek Fairytale'. He is generally an outcast at their

Le Ann: Ilina's quirky best friend. Loves hearing about Ilina's dreams and tries to
check up on the facts of them if Ilina ever remembers anything.

Noah: Ilina's 9-year-old brother.

Rhett: Ilina's 3-year-old brother. Not sure why I mentioned these two.

Considering adding profiles for them later. That's all for tonight. *Sigh* Will
(hopefully) continue tomorrow.

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