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My longest omegle chat ever.. xDCategory: (general)
Friday, 22 July 2011
06:08:58 PM (GMT)
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers
claiming to represent Omegle are lying.

Stranger: nyello

Stranger: ok good

You: hm?

Stranger: since you're not talking, i'm gonna go ahead and draw a penis

Stranger: oh nevermind

You: Go ahead, ;D ha

Stranger: sweet


You: Nice.

Stranger: the owner of that is a blessed man

Stranger: he should be happy

Stranger: ok

Stranger: you're a great conversationalist

Stranger: you're really keepin' this going

Stranger: ok

You: Sorry. I went to the kitchen.

Stranger: are you a female?

You: Yes, but I don't make sandwhiches.

You: Or handle sexist people very well.

Stranger: haha

Stranger: so, why were you in the kitchen?

You: Taking a cake out of the oven, and getting something to drink

Stranger: a cake? can i have some

You: Nope ;D

Stranger: come on. let's be honest, you don't need the calories.

Stranger: if you're actually overweight, then i am enormously sorry

You: Hey now. It's my birthday cake, I had no say so in it. Lol.

Stranger: oh

You: Lol.

Stranger: happy birthday...

Stranger: fatty

You: It's not until sunday xD And thank you. Minus the fatty part xP

Stranger: wait until sunday and then we'll see if the fatty part is necessary

Stranger: unless you share that cake

You: I am sharing the cake. With about..6 other people

You: I'm curious, how old do you think I am going to be/

You: ?*

Stranger: 25

Stranger: 30

Stranger: 35

Stranger: 40

Stranger: 45

You: woah woah woah

Stranger: 50

You: no where close to to 25.

Stranger: 7?

You: Nope.

Stranger: 3?

You: Higher, bro.

Stranger: 80?

You: xP Nooo.

Stranger: 17

You: Lower.

Stranger: 1

You: add a 6 to that, and you are right.

Stranger: 7

You: Nope. just add the 6 to the end. Not together.

Stranger: 76


Stranger: 61? GEEZUS!

Stranger: i thought you were a teen!

You: that's the front, not the end xD Aha.

Stranger: oh

Stranger: you're going to be

Stranger: the end16

Stranger: i didnt know that was a number

You: Close enough.

Stranger: haha

Stranger: good

Stranger: happy early 16th birthday

You: Thaaanks. I'm spending it at Battle of the bands.

Stranger: nice

Stranger: what color hair do you have?

You: Natural: Brunette. Current: Faded dark auburn.

You: you?

Stranger: blond

Stranger: do you like anime?

You: Yes. Not all, but some.

Stranger: do you like death cab for cutie or paramore?

You: More so paramore than Death cab for cutie.

Stranger: i feel like a genius

Stranger: i knew all these things about you

You: Congrats.

Stranger: gracias

You: Bet you don't know what state I live in xP But I won't actually tell you.

Stranger: well that's different

Stranger: i knew your personality type

Stranger: not your state

You: Wait.

You: What?

You: ._.

You: What's my personality type then?

Stranger: well i dont know the name

Stranger: but

Stranger: you said you're going to battle of the bands

Stranger: so i asumed you had dark hair, wore dark clothes (?), watched anime, and
enjoyed more hipster-ish bands. did you read harry potter?

You: You are wrong on the dark clothes part. I wear any colored clothes really. But I
haven't read it, I have seen some of the movies.

Stranger: wow you're confusing

Stranger: but whatever

Stranger: i was mostly right

Stranger: west coast?

You: Nope.

Stranger: America?

You: Yes.

Stranger: Wyoming

You: Nope.

Stranger: ohio

You: Closer.

You: You're in the right area.

Stranger: kentucky?

You: Noo.

You: Hint: Midwest.

Stranger: indiana

You: Nope.

Stranger: illinois

You: Closer.

Stranger: arkansas?

Stranger: montana?

Stranger: kansas?

You: No, No, close.

You: Another hint; CORN.

Stranger: Iowa

You: ...

You: NO.


Stranger: good lord

You: Are you freaking serious?

Stranger: Nebraska


You: I was about to tell you to think college football.

Stranger: They aren't the only state with a college football team

You: I know but they have corn in the college football team name.

You: CORNhuskers.

Stranger: true

Stranger: now guess mine

You: East, or west coast?

Stranger: east

You: Virginia.

Stranger: no mam

You: Hm.

You: Florida.

Stranger: no

Stranger: think crabs

You: hm.

You: Louisiana? lol

Stranger: what the hell?

Stranger: thats not on the coast

You: You're the one who said Kentucky, when I said midwest.


Stranger: true

You: Maryland.

Stranger: keep guessing

Stranger: YES

You: I win.

Stranger: that was fast

You: I will say, I cheated just a little bit.

You: I asked a friend that lives on the east coast.

Stranger: oh

Stranger: i cheated

Stranger: i looked at a map

Stranger: so...

You: Haha.

You: Splendid.

Stranger: haha

You: What's your name?

Stranger: ahhh

Stranger: you first

You: You want the real name, or my nickname?

Stranger: why would i want your nickname?

You: Because that's what I go by?

Stranger: ok fine

Stranger: nickname

You: Liz (or Liza)

Stranger: kok

Stranger: OH NO I MEANT OK

Stranger: NOT KOK

You: Lol.

You: And yours?

Stranger: matt

You: Nice to meet you matt.

Stranger: You too, Liz

You: You're the only one on Omegle that I have talked to today, that hasn't bashed
gay people right off the bat.

Stranger: You're gay?

You: Noooo.

Stranger: oh

You: I just don't like homophobes.

Stranger: well i'm not a homophobe soo...

Stranger: there's that

You: Good c:

Stranger: that doesn't even look like a face

Stranger: i try to see it

Stranger: but i cant

You: The font on Omegle messes it up.

Stranger: oh ok

You: Yessir.

You: So, do you have tumblr?

Stranger: no

Stranger: are you in linkin?

You: ..Linkin?

Stranger: haha

Stranger: lincoln

You: OH.

You: No.

Stranger: ok

Stranger: do you know the capital of nebraska?

You: Lincoln.

Stranger: haha

Stranger: how about california?

You: Hm.. Santa Fe?

Stranger: Sacramento

You: It starts with an S. Close enough.

Stranger: haha

Stranger: Maryland?

You: Oh. I know this one. I was in Maryland back in 2006 :x

Stranger: ok

Stranger: so tell meh

You: Annapolis. Not sure if I spelled it right.

Stranger: yes

Stranger: good

Stranger: vermont

Stranger: ?

You: Mont.. something. I don't know the last part.

Stranger: Montpelier

You: Ah.

Stranger: You've done well

Stranger: I'm satisfied

You: Yay, me?

Stranger: yay you

Stranger: i think i might need to eat brownies and play gta4

Stranger: could be vtal to my health

Stranger: *vital

You: Gta4 huh? Do you actually play, or just go around destroying stuff?

Stranger: I actually play. but when i finish the story mode, i will commence

You: ...NICE.

Stranger: haha yea

Stranger: well have fun today liz, and happy birthday

Stranger: goodbe

You: Thank you, Matt. Cya.

Stranger: *goodbye

You: Have fun playing gta4.

chrissy_is_nice says :   31 July 2011   450797  
that is pretty long...........

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