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How i met Her. <3Category: (general)
Saturday, 28 May 2011
01:06:06 AM (GMT)
I met a person about 7 months ago... I didnt know him. He was "Just a Person". The
only thing i knew about him was that he was getting into alot of trouble and doing
alot of bad things. All because he was having problems at home. We started talking
and quickly became friends. We were talking one day and we realized that we were
cousins. We had no idea. I knew it was a bad idea to let him do the things he was
doing. The things i used to do. I knew it needed to stop. I tried talking him out of
it. It almost never worked. Until one day, he had a quick wake up call. The cops. He
was caught with 21 g of pot. Charged with possession and a month suspension and a
beating at home. I knew i had to get him out of that. All the bad stuff. I kept
telling mom that we needed to get him out of there. Until one day, December 3rd, He
was kicked out of his house while his mom "decorated and rearranged the living room.
We went and got him. Ever since then he has been living with us. Drug free. Doing
better in school. Arguing a bit on the side. One night in March/April he told me he
was going to set me up with someone, that someone was looking for a guy to date. She
didn't live to far from here, and my parents were going on a 7 day trip to Jamaica. I
knew if i could get a ride then i could go see her. It was a good thing because we
had alot of fun, but my parents found out that i went there and i got grounded for a
week. It was all worth it tho because shes so worth it <3. There was some up and
downs between then and the night she got kicked out. She was living with a guy she
barely knew. Then that night she got kicked out and we had to go get her. She slept
over, Which turned out to be really cool :P and then i found out something really
bad. It was a negative but there's still something that's wrong but not sure about
yet. That day we went to the hospital, was the day she said yes. Ever since then life
has been so easy, so much better.  I love her. All because of the one guy. But
there's only one problem. They used to date. He used to say "I love you" to her and
"forever and always". "Forever and Always" never happened. And he soon got over her.
She hasn't gotten over him. He want nothing to do with her. She wants everything to
do with him. I want nothing to happen between them. I want her to forget about him
and him to forget about her like they never even knew each other. Its been about 3
years since they dated. I've wondered every night "Would it all be over if he changed
his mind and said yes?" "If not then why is it so hard for her to get over him?"
Every time i hug her i never want to let go because i'm never sure if it could be my
last. I know when she reads this she can do 2 things. Leave me because she would
think that i'm not understanding, or tell me it will all be okay and tell me it will
never be my last. I probably shouldn't post this because I'm afraid that she would
leave me. Babe, When you read this, Think of only 3 words "He (as in me) Loves You."
I do understand a bit. When im there with you tomorrow stand up, hug me, and whisper
in my ear everything will be okay. I've had alot on my mind lately and i just need
you to remind me that you will be there for me. Anyway... it's almost 2... You
probably wouldnt like it if i stayed up to much longer. So im off to bed. Good Night
Baby. I love you with ALL of my HEART. <3
Last edited: 28 May 2011

‹Parallels.♥› says:   30 May 2011   709526  
Thats so adorable. Its cute how you love that girl♥
Doogledude123 says:   30 May 2011   724912  
Hehe <3 I love her so much <3
‹Parallels.♥› says :   1 June 2011   912707  
I can tell♥ 


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