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Kupika Anniversary!Category: (general)
Thursday, 23 December 2010
08:49:22 AM (GMT)
Yes, I did it again. I missed my Kupika anniversary - I just finished my fourth year
on this website three days ago! How thrilling (and depressing) is that?

It's been a long four years, and I guess I've seen pretty much everything, all the
run-of-the-mill drama, all the fall outs, all the scandals, all the waves of newbies
coming and going. I've watched the Kupika community grow and then crash again,
particularly in recent years with all the dicks and pricks that are now roaming this
site. Yes, I do miss 2006 Kupika, but reminising won't bring it back.

I must be one of the longest-running members on this site who is constantly active -
I tend to log in every day or every other day, but more recently I've begun to
question "why?" Every time I log on, I wonder why I bother, with all these attention
seeking imbeciles and stupid labelled kids. I think I've learned to appreciate life
and reality a lot more in these four years; I know who I am and I know who I want to
be in the future.

I used to a popular kid - that was true. I certainly prided myself in over two
hundred friends and up to one thousand profile views a month. Everyone used to know
the name "Bootheghost" back in the early years; to me, that was all that really
mattered. But, as I mentioned, the scene kids moved in, and Kupika turned into a sort
of Myspace-esque wannabe. All my original correspondences left, and not many new
people struck up conversation with me - this was common for a number of us
"first-generation" Kupikans - to the point where we started revolving in our own
little group, which seems to still exist in some sense nowadays.

I became a troll. There's no doubt about that fact. And, I have to admit, it was
probably the best use of my time on here. I had realised what a complete twat I was
when I joined, how rude and ignorant I was as a twelve year old, and I wanted to
impart my new found knowledge on others, thus correcting their grammar and arguing
against their opinions. (Which I still do to this day.)

As 2010 came about, I made a crucial realisation. Nobody, with any intelligence,
gives an actual fuck. Thus, I stopped caring. I stopped being serious. I began
annoying people for the sake of a reaction, and I can proudly say that I've achieved
almost 30 black lists over the years, and fifty thumbs up (probably more thumbs down
lol). So what if I'm not "popular" anymore? At least I can still remember how Kupika
was before the ivasion of idiots, and how I have grown over the years. I think the
fundamental fact that I have learned here is that I am who I am, and if people don't
like that, it's fun to irritate them. Basic fact of life. 

Yes, I'm a jerk. And I'm loving it.

So, here I am, starting on my fifth year, in which I will turn sixteen, graduate from
a school student into a college student, take lots of exams, irritate myself by
leaving work to the last minute, get enormous bouts of writer's block and refuse to
do any art work. It's gonna be busy. But, you know, I reckon I'm ready.

StarDust, RAWR_Igirisu, Muffinbake, Rose_chan,
StrawberyySHOCK, VideoGame, BooRadley, fireonthemountain,
Jolestio, HarryismyHero

The only reasons I didn't bugger off a long time ago. ♥
Last edited: 23 December 2010

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‹colours and carousels♥› says :   23 December 2010   870308  

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