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Beauty; inside or out?Category: (general)
Monday, 27 September 2010
03:34:29 AM (GMT)
Greetings fellow Kupikians.
Please read and comment (: 

When we are in love, we believe that our significant other is the most beautiful
person in the world and, when they start to think otherwise, we do all that is in our
power to persuade them that yes, they are incredibly beautiful and they are
completely delusional if they don't agree. 

But, alas, Georgia has something to ask the world. 
What is beauty?
And, how can we correctly achieve this glorified human perception of such a

Personally, I find that beauty is a mixture of what is naturally on the
surface, and what our surroundings, as we have grown up, have added to our values,
personality, character and morals.

Naturally, I am a very slender girl, I'm around 174cms and still growing. On some
days when I am extremely bored, when I have next to nothing to do or when I feel like
procrastinating on homework, I like to flick through the channels on tv. Usually,
this doesnt ease my bordem at all, as everything is over-produced and either a
reality show, or a rip off of Twilight. Anyway, back to the point. I sometimes come
across Fashion T.V, with models in swim wear walking down the catwalk. Now, not to
sound narcissistic, but body wise, I dont look much different to these girls, who are
meant to be 'beautiful'. Yet, people still call me anorexic, bulemic and even people
that don't know me from school will come up to me and ask me if I eat. So, is it only
models that are allowed to be 'beautiful'? 

Back to the first point I made. 
If we think our significant other is the most beautiful person in the world then no
one/everyone would be able to claim this title. So, beauty must have something to do
with what is on the inside. 

Let me ask you guys or girls, whichever way you swing, would you prefer someone with
natural beauty, beauty from make up or natural beauty that still has make up over the
top? Or, do you no care as long as they are an easy fuck? What if they had nice big
eyes and a pretty smile but they covered up their pimples with concealer?

What about someone who was the sweetest little pumpkin you could meet, yet they has a
big nose, sunken in eyes and they had a mole the size of a pin head on the left side
of their chin? Okay, that isn't that bad, infact that sounds a little like me, but
you get my drift. They aren't perfect. Would you choose them? Or would you choose the
other canidate with soft skin, a cute button nose and mesmerising green eyes, even
though, earlier in the Summer they drowned four puppies after a night out binge
drinking with their History teacher? Yes, it is a TAD far fetched, but you get
my drift?

Anyway, all I really want to know is what do you guys think being beautiful entitles?

You can even cliche it... 


But do try to give me an indepth answer, even pick up a thesaurus if you have to.



‹xthe.machine.starsx› says:   27 September 2010   431279  
My Opinion

'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', therefore, it is all of what
we find OURSELVES to be beautiful. Obviously.
Beauty, for me, is more a soulful adjective. One to describe the way
someone is morally built. I do suppose I base maybe 20% of my judgment
purely on looks, though this can easily be excused yes? THOUGH, if you
are curious as to my perception of physical beauty, I would say
something along the lines of, 'someone who takes care of themselves'.
You know what i mean: good hygiene, a modest sense of style, nicely
styled hair? As long as they know how to stay clean.
Back to what is 'underneath'. 
A persons personality is what truly brings out their beauty I believe.
You can find airbrushed, perfect girls and guys around but one with a
really caring, gentle nature and outgoing confident demeanor are the
ones we so often neglect. 
You see, you cannot make friends with skinny jeans or eyeliner can
you? They are merely inanimate objects. BUT, you can make friends with
funny people, kind people, caring people. People that have more to
them than a cacoon of false 'beauty'.
If i have confused you at all, i beg your pardon. THOUGH, i feel i
have expressed my feelings on Beauty and hope you find
‹RainbowBunion› says:   27 September 2010   355824  
Yes, I agree whole-heartedly. It just scared me how young girls these
days present themselves, and it would be nice to get some type of
sense back into their heads. I suppose that it is not their fault as
to what they are portraying themselves like, I mean, look at the idols
that they have to look up to. Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Beyonce, hell,
even Britney Spears. Singing songs about having sex, going out to
parties, getting drunk and what not. It's turning the world into a
pathetic mush of fake women. We should be impowering and not fall to
the judgemental society now days. Seriously, nearly every 'mainstream'
music video I have seen there are half naked women grinding themselves
on eachother or on the male singer. Sex appeal is starting to become
the only thing that they can appeal the audience with, the music,
sometimes, certianly isn't any better though. I think it's time to
bust out some old vinyl records and start swaying and twisting the
night away with half a glass of sherry.
FallenFaerie says:   2 October 2010   287212  
I think beauty lies in the persons personality, and not always the
looks. My friends tend to diss me now because I told them I liked a
guy whom they think is fricken ugly. I really couldn't care. Anyways.
Everything you do or where shows who you are and what you like. You
should be able to show that without certain people bagging you out
because thats what I think true beauty is. Your personality and who
you are, not who people what you to be. You don't have to wear loads
of makeup to be beautiful.
‹RainbowBunion› says:   2 October 2010   561530  
I couldnt agree with you more, it's kind of like music.
Some people like rap, some liek country, some like techno and some
like metal. Everyone is different and we all have our different
outlooks. Its pathetic how us humans tend to judge people on their
looks or what other people value as 'beautiful' but like everything
else in this world, humans have flaws. 
FallenFaerie says:   2 October 2010   663359  
lol, i had the music idea in my head the whole time i wrote that XD
‹RainbowBunion› says :   2 October 2010   341229  
Great minds think a like xD

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