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Tuesday, 31 August 2010
10:33:41 PM (GMT)
Kinra quickly looked up and saw the funny creatures standing over her. She looked
over at Hikaiki and saw her eyes wide with fear, too afraid to move. One of the
creatures was reaching for her with a hairless paw, but Kinra quickly stepped in
front of Hikaiki and let out a snarl. They all suddenly ran back, tripping over
themselves, towards a path that lead somwhere out of the forest. It was then that
Kinra realized that one of them was still at the tree they fell from. It had stopped
shouting things and was staring straight at them. It slowly came towards them, and
Kinra once again got between it and Hikaiki. It was still coming. Kinra bared her
teeth and started hissing. It was still coming, but slower this time. It was barely
three of it's big feet from them, and Hikaiki was still frozen in terror. Kinra took
a step forward while crouched, snarled, and flapped her wings. This time it stopped.
Kinra's tail was fiercly lashing. It's so close to us! What does it
want? It bent down, and slowly stretched it's paw out towards Kinra. It's paw
was inches away from Kinra's face, and she bit it. Her teeth were dug deeply into the
creatures paw, but it only winced. It did not recoil or try to remove Kinra's jaws
from it's paw. It simply sat there and took it. Why isn't it going
away?! Kinra kept her jaw firmly clamped on it's paw, blood seeping out and
some pouring in Kinra's mouth, and she noticed that it started moving closer to her.
Kinra decided to finally let go, and with every ounce of strength left in her,
grabbed Hikaiki by the scruff and started flying back towards the oak tree. With one
last glance back at the creature, Kinra disappeared into the bushes. When they got
back to the oak tree, Hikaiki was breathing normally. Kinra was relieved. She started
grooming Hikaiki, getting rid of the dirt, twigs, and blood, when Hikaiki woke with a
start. She started panicking and was really jumpy and nervous. "Hikaiki, calm down!
You're safe! It's all right!" Kinra said, stern but soft. "Wh-wha... Kinra? What
happened?" Hikaiki stammered, still trembling. "It's ok, calm down. Let's groom each
other first and maybe you'll remember what happened." As they groomed each other, it
began to rain.  I'm glad we got back to the oak tree in time. Kinra
thought. Although, Hikaiki does enjoy it for some reason. "Ow!"
Hikaiki's voice broke her thoughts. "Sorry! I guess that twig was really stuck in
your fur." Kinra replied, trying to sound cheerful. They continued to groom each
other, and awhile after finishing, Kinra finally said, "We should leave once the
storm is over." Hikaiki said nothing, only nodded. So they settled down to sleep
their second and last night in the forest.
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