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Saturday, 10 July 2010
08:55:50 PM (GMT)
Own a Beatle Blanket? No.
Own a Beatle record player? No.
Have Beatle pictures in your locker? No.
Celebrate Beatle Birthdays? I draw a crappy piece of rat and tell my parents "HEY
IT'S PAUL MCCARTNEY'S BIRTHDAY" or something and they'll be all "why does this apply
to my daily life" and then I'm down in the dumps for the day.
Dream almost every night about The Four? I usually have something related to them,
even if they don't appear themselves.
Wish you lived in the 60’s? Sure.
Claim you are married to one of them? wut.
Own Beatle figures? In the words of George, "Who'd want an ugly old crap doll like
Have a pet with a Beatle related name? No, but I have a guinea pig named Chubby
Checker. -irrelevant-

This or That:

Cynthia or Yoko? fuck that shit.
Patti or Olivia? SPELL THE NAMES RIGHT OKAY. I prefer Olivia, myself. :B
Linda or Jane? herp derp.
Maureen or Barbara? Mo, fo'sho. 
Beatle Boots or Beatle wigs? what the hell beatle wigs. Just cut your hair. I want
dem boots.
George’s accent or Paul’s love-song voice? Joj's accent.
Ringo’s rings or John’s harmonica? Ringo's blingo.
A Hard Days Night or Help!? I prefer AHDN. It makes more sense. And yes, I'm that
Revolver or Rubber Soul? Revolver.
Blackbird or Here Comes The Sun? damn the decisions.
George or John? No comment.
Paul or Ringo? No comment.
Ringo or George? No comment.
Paul or John? No comment.
John or Ringo? No comment.
Paul or George? No comment.
George’s body or Paul’s lips? paul always looks like he's used lip gloss what.
John’s wit or Ringo’s cuteness? :B
Cellophane flowers or poppies from a tray? Poppies. thar be drugs. drugs make good
1962-1966 or 1967-1970? '67-'70. Fuck.
Let It Be or Please Please Me? sfjklkjdsf.
Aunt Mimi or Julia? DAMN THE TORPEDOES.

Random Beatle Questions:

If you lived in the 60’s and John Lennon walked up to you, what would you do? Get
him to autograph my forehead.
If Paul McCartney proposed, would you accept? uh.
If you were sitting at home and Ringo Starr called you over for tea, would you go? If
he had iced tea and took off those sunglasses for once. Or put on shutter shades.
If you lived in the 60’s and George asked you on a date, what would you say?

This song or that song?

Across the Universe or Old Brown Shoe? Old Brown Shoes. Fucking love the bass.
Please Please Me or Love Me Do? Please Please Me herp derp.
Taxman or While My Guitar Gently Weeps? While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Only the
Anthology version, though.
She's Leaving Home or When I’m Sixty-Four? When I'm Sixty-Foh.
I Will or Here, There and Everywhere? damn.
If I Fell or I’ll Be Back? If I Fell.
Let it Be or The Long and Winding Road? Let It A, Let It B, Let It C.
For You Blue or Something? For You Blue. ~
Within You Without you or Love You To? FUQ DAT SH1T
Honey Pie or Wild Honey Pie? Honey Pie. Because I'm a sucker for Paul playing the
Rocky Raccoon or Why Don’t We Do it in the Road? stop making me choose songs on the
white album dsfkjlfdsfdsjkl
Julia or Hey Jude? HEY JUDE SUCK MY DICK
In My Life or Blackbird? In My Life. ♥
Yesterday or Eight Days A Week? Yesterday. Maybe.

People on Your Beatleness:

Do people ever make fun of you because of your obsession? Obviously.
Has someone envied you because of your obsession? Who would?
Do elderly people often ask ‘You like The Beatles'? What sane old person wouldn't?
Has someone ever told you that the Beatles suck? All day, every day.
Do people find you interesting due to your obsession? Who ever said this was an
Have people ever asked you to burn a album for them? who has albums arund here they
all listen to key-dollar sign-ha.
Have you ever converted someone onto the Beatles? I might have.
Has someone ever told you 'Don’t you know that John/George is dead’? Yeah.
Have you ever gotten in a long ongoing conversation with an older person about The
Beatles? Sadly, no.
Do you get upset when people make fun of them? If it's all in good fun, I'll let it
slide, but tell 'em the facts. You know, kinda like this.
"lololol the beatles were hindu"
"Only George was, and he wasn't even an ~*~*~official~*~*~ one. He had an interest in
their culture and believed whatever the fuck he wanted. And that doesn't cancel out
the fact that they're music is the greatest thing since sliced bread. :B"
Has someone ever asked you aren’t they all dead’? They've told me, like I'm
supposed to know and should listen to somebody who isn't wrinkly in modern times.
No you try to rub off your Beatleness onto other people? It's involuntary.
Do people often ask you about the fab four? Only when they need clearing up on some
weird issue.
"No, that was is Paul Motherfucking McCartney."

branches says :   10 July 2010   455569  
Thar be drugs on Lucy In The Sky, tew.
wut u all about gurlfriend

and I strongly object to the last two lines, seeing as someone who
would think something as silly as Joj playing bass would not know who
George was. It'd probably be the other way aroundabout, like "HEY

And I don't think sliced bread is that great, either.

kennan please shut your fuckin mouth

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