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Monday, 21 June 2010
11:40:54 PM (GMT)
I am like everyone else. I wonder why no one understands me. I hear the whispers. I
hear them laugh. I can see the cruel jokes as I pass by. I pretend not to hear. I am
like everyone else. I feel all alone. Will they ever see? I touch lives of everyone
around me. I dream of happier times. In this poetry exert entitled “I AM” by
Charles Castro, Charles is struggling with other kids in his 7th grade class picking
on him because of his weight. According to Science Daily Magazine, bullying is common
and affects anywhere from 42-54% of the world’s children. Today we will be
gossiping about the definition of bullying, glaring at the problems, and punching our
way through the solution. First, let’s gossip about the definition of bullying. 

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, Bullying is when someone treats another
person abusively or affects them by means of force or intimidation. According to
Substance abuse and mental health services administrations National Mental Health
Information Center there are 10 warning signs of indicating a bully. I will describe
to you the top five things to look for. A bully enjoys feeling powerful and in
control. He or she is both a poor winner and loser. They display uncontrolled anger.
The bully blames others for his or her problems and this person displays a pattern of
impulsive and chronic hitting, intimidating and aggressive behaviors. 

According to NMHIC there are many different types of bullying a victim might witness
within their lifetime. They might have witnessed ostracism, prejudice, harassment,
pressure, physical, peer or pair bullying. The first two, ostracism and prejudice are
two types of bullying I have been through. Ostracism is when someone is excluded by
general consent. In example, when a group of students are talking and a girl makes a
point, it is ignored. Later on in the conversation, a boy makes the exact same point
and everyone agrees with him! Prejudice is when an adverse judgment is formed
beforehand without knowing any facts about the person. People are going off what they
see, instead of what is true! 

According to, last updated August 30th 2009, pressure bullying is when
the bully threatens the victim with force to do or not do something. A common example
of pressure bullying is the bully has just inflicted some type of pain to the victim
and threatened them that if they told someone what has just happened, they will hurt
them even worse. 

Another type of bullying according to the National Crime Prevention Center is cyber
bulling. Cyber bullying is when a child or student is getting harassed, or picked on
over the Internet or on their phone. I have had this experience within this last
week. A girl I don’t even know started mailing me and called me inappropriate words
that made me feel like I wasn’t wanted in this world. I kept strong throughout that
time period; eventually I just stopped responding and went on with my life. We have
just finished gossiping about the definition of bullying. Let’s start glaring at
the problems it can cause. 

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National
Mental Health information center bullying can cause a victim to do many different
things. A victim might withdraw socially during school, or at home. That could mean
during lunch they would always be sitting with a group of people. But after bullying
has occurred they are alone in the corner. They might feel isolated, picked on and
maybe rejected. The person getting bullied might begin to start crying easily when
around others. A victim might begin to gain poor social skills. After being bullied
they might have a low self-esteem or self-concept, making them feel like no one wants
to talk to them or be with them. This lack of social skills could start to cause them
to think or talk about hurting themselves or even suicide. 
According to Science Daily Magazine, Young-Shin Kim, at Yale School of Medicine’s
Child Study Center, held 37 studies that examined bullying and suicide among children
and adolescents. 91% of the studies found connections between being bullied and
suicidal thoughts in children. In October of 2006 a young girl, age 13, in Dardenne
Prairie, Missouri committed suicide do to cruel messages from a so called “Josh
Evans” on MySpace. The parents of this girl, six weeks after their daughter’s
death, discovered that “Josh Evans” was not real. A neighborhood mom had set up
and monitored “His” page. What I’m trying to get to here is that it’s not
only children that bully but it is adults too. 

Some bullying cases can lead to extreme consequences. One of the consequences is
school shootings. According to the National School Safety Center, they identified 93
incidents of when a student came onto school property and killed at least one person.
This comes to an average of 9.3 cases per year or once a month during the school
year. There has been an extreme amount of school shootings within the past decade or
two. Some of them were major such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, and a shooting in
Springfield Oregon. What is this world coming to? Children are killing each other
because no one is taking action to help prevent this problem! 

Bullying also interferes with school. According to the National School Safety center
if a child is getting bullied at school it can cause them to focus less on homework,
because they will be wondering what their fate will be after school. This can cause
their grades to drop and self-esteem to go with it. We need to stop glaring now and
punch our way through some solutions to help solve this growing issue. 

There are many different ways you and everyone around you can take action on
preventing bullying. You can tell an adult. By telling an adult, it would make them
much more aware of what is happening to the students in the school and they could
watch the bully more closely to see if he or she will cause any more trouble. 

According to the National School Safety Center increasing the awareness of everyone
at school towards bullying problems will help the problem. When the awareness is
increased a victim will feel more secure in an environment where you are supposed to
feel safe. 

Educate faculty, students and anyone really. You can set up to have a seminar come to
your school or community that helps raise the awareness of bullying. One example
would be, Teen Truth Live. This has a twenty-two minute film that is the lives of 5
high school students and their experiences with bullying at school. The meaning of
Teen Truth Live is that it helps students identify the different forms of bullying,
understand how it can lead to serious consequences and motivates them to stop
bullying from happening in their school. The school I go to attended this seminar in
2009. To me, it was truly inspirational and helped me grow as a person. 

Not only can you prevent bullying, but you can also help the victim. According to the
National Center for Victims of Crime, when a victim is getting bullied they feel
alone. When you become a friend to the victim, they won’t feel so alone. By being a
friend you are telling them “Hey, I’m here for you. You can trust me.” When a
child has a friend they can go to for anything, they will let off stress to their
friend, and if they are getting bullied they will feel more secure telling someone
about their problem. 

You can stand up for the victim. If you see the person getting bullied in the
hallway, or outside of school and you don’t see anyone standing up for them. Go up
to them and stop it. You have the power to step in between them and make a
difference. By standing up for the victim, like being a friend, it is telling them
that they are not alone. 

Tell the victims parents about what is going on in school. Not enough of America’s
parents are realizing how serious bullying is becoming. I have seen so many Dateline
specials about bullying but every parent thinks that it’s not happening to their
child. They think that their child is not the bully or their child isn’t getting
bullied. The parents need to wake up, sit down with their child and reassure them by
telling them” I’m here for you”. According to NMHIC, if the victim or bully has
a parent who will sit down and talk with them about their problems, they will more
than likely open up more socially. 

Today, we gossiped about the definition of bullying, glared at the problems, and
punched our way through some solutions. “I am like everyone else. I understand that
people are different. I hope everyone else will see. I try to be the best I can be. I
am like everyone else.” Charles Castro is one of the many kids in this world that
need someone’s help. Can you do anything to help those children and Charles? The
decision is yours. 

I had a great first speech season. It was awesome. I'm proud of what I accomplished
in this time period and plan on being in speech next year. I also have a wonderful
speech coach and fellow speechers  

Louisa Nikole Aunkst 
Age: 14 
Grade: 9th 
School: Cross County

StringQuartets says:   21 June 2010   531507  
Did you happen to use an organizer for this, or a
layout?   It's good so far, but personally I feel as though it lacks,
conviction? I'm not sure, it just sounds very cut and paste in my
opinion. as though there's some sort of emotion lacking. Laso, there
are many other words that can be used in place of 'according'..that's
another thing, I found it to be very repetitave. Otherwise, very nice.
It's a good speech for someone your age.
‹O.G. Loko› says:   22 June 2010   377045  
I wrote that all my self   We had to use according to's in our
speeches. But, despite the according tos, I was the only freshman in
my schools speech class to make it to Districts. I almost made it to
finals in districts as well.
StringQuartets says:   22 June 2010   136024  
 Ah, sounds similar to the way in which we prepare for our
Capt tests then. Well, the civics portion of our capt tests, where we
have to write persuessive essays on 'relitively' serious topic. It's
silly, our teachers just give us two periods in the library during our
practice sessions, and tell us to go nuts, and keep the slander to a
minimum. Did you pick the topic, or was it assigned? I remember having
to do mine on something that was an absolute bore (Shortage of funding
in public school districs). I find it interesting that you have a
speech class, all we have it debate, and teen leadership.
Loststorm says:   22 June 2010   145228  
Ah I remember watching you give this :D
I also remember the chairs being tiny. 
Freaking elementary schools.
‹O.G. Loko› says :   22 June 2010   884177  
@StringQuartets: Ah. We have a theatre/ speech class. and your "Two
periods in a library" Thing, sounds like Extemporaneous. We had one
hour, to do a speech on a notecard, and we had to use the information
we had.

@Loststorm: Baha. I totally remember those chairs. Remember Josh's
hair? ( The guy in the peaches and cream shirt and tie) 


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