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Here I am, Lord.Category: (general)
Sunday, 6 June 2010
05:18:14 PM (GMT)
I'll try to stick to a single point in this entry.

It makes me so sad that there are people, some who I know personally on this site,
who feel they cannot have a relationship with God because of who they are or what
they have done.  For one, its not that they can't, its that they choose not to, or
allow things to be obstacles when they really aren't.  

From my personal experience it is very easy and very natural for me to beat myself up
for my sins and follies.  Even for things I have not done but have a sometimes
overwhelming fear and sorrow over, for I feel condemned to commit them.

I know I have said this before, and I repeat it because of its great importance so
listen and digest.  You may feel that you should not be forgiven.  That you don't
deserve forgiveness, and perhaps out of a sense of due punishment or justice or self
loathing you may want to deny yourself forgiveness/redemption. 

Guess what?

You don't deserve to be forgiven.  And there is nothing you can ever do
to earn it.

Name your sins right now.  Take as long as you want to list all of the big ones, the
ones you cannot help but repeat, even the ones you feel condemned to commit in the
future.  Say them aloud, even if its in the softest whisper.  Or type them all up,
read them over, and delete them.  You can even post them if you want to, but I really
doubt anyone will.

Murderers, rapists, prostitutes, liars, thieves of the worst nature, adulterers.  All
are forgiven.  I guarantee that there are people who have been any or even all of
those things who are in heaven right now, not hell.  For God is great enough that he
can, and wants to forgive you of any sin.

God loves you the same no matter what you do.  Love God more than you love or despise
yourself and you will want to ask for his presence in your life.  We ask for
forgiveness often not for our own sake, not out of a desperate need for some comfort
regarding our death and afterlife, but to welcome Him to work in and through us out
of love, thankfulness, and the desire to share his grace.  I have seen a speck God's
infinite love and mercy.  I have seen Him use others and even the sinner who is
myself to give hope to the hopeless, love to the unlovely, and freedom from the
weight of our imperfection.

We all deserve damnation.  I know its a tough subject to bring up.  Know that
all of us fall short of the glory of God.  No matter how long your list may be
or how big some of the sins may seem, you are a child of God and you are loved no
less.  It is out of thankfulness and selflessness that we give our hearts to God.  

The God of everything, who breathed out the stars, who shaped the earth, who formed
you personally in your mother's womb and knows how many hairs are on your head and
knows your heart... He is with you always.  I came to God as a sophomore in high
school because I saw how great of people my parents are, how great the people in my
church are, how they are sincerely... joyful...  They give, they love, and
they care because of the God who first gave, who first loved, who first cared about
them.  And after feeling and experiencing His love they wanted to share it, and so
did I.  

Whoever you are.  Regardless of your inward or outward circumstances.  Regardless of
what you've done or what you've said or who raised or didn't raise you.  You are
loved more than you can imagine.  It is my sincerest hope that you ask God into your
heart and life this very moment.  For us who have already asked Him into our lives,
we are to reaffirm that he is in control and that he is the center of our lives.  Not
to be limited to one day out of the week but to be in every minute of every day.  If
you want to know more, then here is a link to a website I use sometimes.  These are
some passages I think you should hear and really think about.  If there are any
questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to message me.

Oh, and a song I've posted before but still really enjoy XD Your choice to listen or
not :3

Last edited: 6 June 2010

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