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Friday, 14 May 2010
12:24:18 PM (GMT)
I have so many things to say, and one of the first things is that I'm a little pissy today. Woke up, red eyes, stuffy nose, insane headache. Stayed home. Had band, Mr.Mak promised (out of me and Bee) that I would get to try the tennar sax first. But, he let Bee. And now she has dibs on it for next year so I'm mad at her because she promised she wouldn't do that to me. GRrrrRR. And I had all the student loan money saved up to rent it over summer/next school year. Aside from that little problem, let us move onto Banff. Banff Was.. absolutely stunning, lol. Wish I could have seen the half man half fish though. Ohhh well. On the first day I sat with my mom going up, then about an hour into the bus ride Shaun needed to pee. He missed, and totally didn't read the bathroom sign to guys. So, five hours went by, as we got closer to the mountains the weather got really bad. Snow, lightning, thunder, rain. Pretty fun stuff. So, then we got into Banff and headed towards the hotel, Ptarmigan, or as Logan called it, Parmesan Inn. We then took twenty minutes and went up to our rooms and unpacked. After, we had dinner. I sat beside Bee, at the edge of the table with Siobhan, Courtnie, Stephanie and Lindsay. Lotsa fun there. Especially since they all liked the 'Hot' Australian waiter who kept talking to us. Whoot. We finished dinner quickly and then went back to our rooms. And made ourselves more comfortable. Then at seven we had to be ready to go to the hotsprings. Ahaha. I wore my new bathing suit, one piece, supposed to be slimming, really was not. Mackenzie and his dad met us at the hot spring. Spent two hours there, left at about nine fifteen. Drove by Banff Springs Hotel. We got back to the hotel and then nearly everyone went to Safeway for treats, so my mom, Courtnie and I went on our way. When we got there my mom wanted pop, way to be. So we found the isle, it was really crowded, and I reached for a six pack, and Mackenzie bumped me, I dropped it, and it almost exploded, Taylor and Mackenzie laughed, Bee giggled, and her mom, Louisa helped me get a different one. After we got out snacks, we went back to the hotel. Watched family guy, and a thousand ways to die, then I went to bed, midnight. I must say this, there was something seriously wrong with that hotel, I had the worst chills ever, and did not get any sleep. ): So, that night I woke up at four thirty, showered, got back into bed, and watched a franklin marathon on treehouse. At eight we had to be ready for breakfast, so Courtnie and I went down earlier than my mom, because she needed to shower. I felt really sick, so all I ate were two sausages, and a lot of fruit. At nine thirty we were with the conductor, playing our instruments for two hours, and I must warn any saxophonist/reed player. Your lips will never be the same(smooth/chapped) again. After those two hours, we put our instruments away, and went for lunch. Shaun took my spot, I was kind of mad, so I sat at a different table, had to move, and moved again, saving it for Siobhan, Stephanie, and Lindsay. Though, Blaine(Mackenzie's dad) came to sit with me, and I didn't want to be rude, so I let him. Then Zorka(Lenny's mom), Shirley(Lindsay's mom) all sat with me. It was sufficiently awkward. Blaine talked to me a lot, and the whole time, I may be crazy, but I noticed that Mackenzie was staring at me, and let me tell you. My face was redder tan any apple. Then we went to our Clinics(for instruments.). Our guy was funny, but awkward, since he seemed to stare at me. I could hardly speak to him when he talked to me, and when he sat next to me, trying to show me what I was doing wrong, I thought I may cry. Butttt, he was hilarious(..wheels on the bus fall off and crash.. off and crash..) And helped us with a lot more than Mr. Mak. We went backt ot he hotel, all met up and then had two hours for shopping. The first clothing store I went into Lenny followed with his mom, a little awkward, and I was looking at this beautiful white dress($150 fucking dollars on sale, no thank you). And Zorka kept asking me to try on clothes she thought would look beautiful on me. Ahehee.. Awkward. I got chocolate, a candy apple, an outfit, and crayons. Then we went back to the hotel. Had supper, and got ready for the gym/pool. ~My favorite part~ I stayed in the gym for the full two hours, and though this probably means nothing, I still blush remembering that silly grin. So, about an hour into being there, Mackenzie's dad asked me to play, but I didn't want to be the only girl, so I said no. Then Mackenzie and Lenny begged and I said fine. I was on Blaine's team, and he told Mackenzie--"No hurting the girl, Rowan, okay?" Mackenzie, boyish grin that steals anyone's heart--"Okay, I won't.. Much." Me--//red face So I played basketball for a while, then before we went ot get changed, Blaine said if he made this three pointer then he would buy us ice cream, he missed twice, then went to double and I shouted, "I'll be taking a double shot of vanilla" Mackenzie and I turned red and could have peed ourselves laughing, I was thinking really dirty then. So, Blaine missed again, and said he'd buy us triples. When we got back to the hotel, I was going up in the elevator with Tara, Taylor, Mackenzie and Stephanie. I had my mom's key, and dropped it, and Mackenzie and Taylor both said. "Good thing you didn't drop it down your shaft" Everyone knew what they meant, but it was still awkward nad said wrong and we all laughed, and I blushed again. Aaha. Then we got snacks again, I ate and went ot bed. Got up, ready, breakfast, rode towards the Banff hotel, lots of pictures, then we drove up to the gondola, went up, stpent two hours being terrified of falling. Went down, took more pictures, got on bus, went ot forest area explored for twenty minutes. Zorka became a millionaire. Lmao, got 75cents from the lake. xD Had lunch, went home. Got to the house, was in bed at 6:45pm, and woke up at 10:00pm, was really mad, my mom hadn't made dinner for me and left, no note, nothing. Greattt. School, band next day, lots of fun. Talked about Vancouver for next year. Five days, so effing excited. That's all.

‹PerfectShame;› says:   15 May 2010   545112  
I'm glad you  liked your trip. [mostly]
Hope you're feeling better today.
I'm kind of sick/mad, but no elaboration on that.
Slept from 3 pm to 6 pm.No improvement. ._.;
alleygirl92 says:   15 May 2010   263070  
Yeah, mostly. (basketball was my favorite part~)
Yeah, I'm happy too.
Eh, that's no good, get better.
Eck, maybe get outside and move around, sleep isn't always the key. 
‹PerfectShame;› says:   15 May 2010   536413  
Movement-no.Never again. Dx
Oh well.
At least summer's coming. [Random.Sorry.]
alleygirl92 says :   15 May 2010   496803  
Eh, sorry. Dx
That's okay, and yeah, pretty excited.
Though, a little worried on the party half. :/ 

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