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Oh My Gosh Old Times...Category: Sick and Twisted School Life
Wednesday, 5 May 2010
08:28:38 PM (GMT)
So... how was your first day bakc at school?  I started high school today...

  Mine was okay - great, actually, except for the bus.  I am the last stop on the
route, and the only one on my stop as well, so I was stuck sitting alone at the
front.  Bleck, I am totally not that kind of person.
  I talked to a couple of new people, one of whom was an annoying,
Hollister-wearing, air-headed rich kid, the other of whom had major social anxiety,
was panicky every time a teacher spoke to her and can never open her lock despite
knowing the combination, and the final of whom I hop to actually become friends
with.  She just asked me if I was new and I said I was, and then I asked her what
her first class was.  We were both in drama, so we walked in together and sat down
beside each other.  It worked out well.
  However, the whole thing felt like an out-of-body, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
It still hasn't quite sunken in yet thatfrom now on, this is how I am going to
school and these will be my teachers.

   Ooh, and we're reading 'Romeo and Juliet' in English, which is exciting, although
I'd rather read 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.  Later, we're going to start 'Lord of
the Flies.'

   Okay... I wrote this eight months ago, and when I looked back on it, I honestly
found it hilarious.  For one, I do not remember who I was referring to as "an
Hollister-wearing, air-headed rich kid," (I've been thinking about this for ten
minutes now - I came back to add this in later - and I think I may know but I'm not
sure) the panicky girl does not have panic issues but merely does drugs.  Despite
this, however, she is really nice.  The girl who I sat with in drama the first day is
pretty nice but we're not very much alike.  You could call as friends, but we're more
like polite aquaintances, and that's how I like it.
   High school has now sunken in, and I have to admit I love it.  I hated my drama
teacher but I liked my music and French teachers a lot, and I absolutely LOVED my
English teacher and if I don't get him next year I'm gonna cry.  Romeo and
Juliet (thanks to him, I now know that should be underlined and not put in
quotation marks) was absolutely amazing, but I don't think I would have liked it as
much if I didn't have such a good teacher.  I've also read A Midsummer Night's
Dream on my own time (Lesperance would be so proud!:P) and it was really good but
not as good as Romeo and Juliet.  Lord of the Flies was also very good,
as was Speak.
   That nerdy kid from English?  I still hate him and he hates me, but it's all good.
 I'm pretty sure I now have a new best friend- last year I didn't know who my best
friends were at school (I have friends from dance who are like my sisters we're so
close), but now I've pretty much narrowed it down to four.  I have a ton of new
friends, too, and I love them all.  The whole dynamic of friendships really changes
from high school to grade school, doesn't it?
   This semester I have religion, which is a huge farce and is making me hate my
religion more and more, as well as geography, enriched math and enriched science.  I
really like those last three, especially math and science, because the LOVES OF MY
LIFE are all in that class, too.  The teacher is great, but not quite as great as Mr.
Lesperance.  He and I are pretty tight.  :P

   Also, I just have to share this little tidbit from English.  Have you guys ever
seen the Romeo and Juliet movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes?  It
helps if you have... If so, you know the first time you see Romeo, and he's wearing
that navy sports jacket and his hair is all messy and in his face, and he sort of
looks up at the camera and it's really hot in an angsty sorta way?  Well, we were
watching the movie and of course my friend Caitlyne couldn't pass up a comment. 
Well, none of us could, but Caitlyne was definitely the loudest.  Here's the
conversation, although it was probably a had-to-be-there moment.

   CAITLYNE:  Oh, hot dayum!
   SIR:  Caitlyne, really?
   CAITLYNE:  Yeah, really!
   *sudden, loud conversation amongst the girls*
   SIR:  Girls, can we just have a LITTLE MATURITY, PLEASE?
   FEMALE STUDENT TEACHER:  *whispers something that sounds a lot like, "C'mon, you
didn't really think you could show this movie without this happening, did you?" *

   So basically I love high school.
   Any thoughts from fellow freshmen?

   *Note on the above:  This was an ironic (gosh I keep making him proud, don't I,
Sarah?) slap in the face for my English teacher because he was insistant upon showing
the Zeferelli version from the 60's or something but, knowing just how stupid the '96
version was and how disappointed we would be in it, he surprisingly showed that one
out of pure spite.  Well, I bet he regrets that decision!*
Last edited: 17 May 2010

summerrain says:   8 May 2010   460713  
"An annoying, Hollister-wearing, air-headed rich kid,"
tiggerlemon101 says:   8 May 2010   499675  
I don't even remember... might have been Alysha V, but I'm not sure.
If you don't know who I mean by that message me.
My first thought was Dom but I never really met her so... hmm, good
question, eh?

P.S. I'm watchin' Titanic!!! 
summerrain says:   11 May 2010   393558  
!!! yay! (for the titanic) xD
Kirti says:   16 May 2010   412164  
I love speak! I read it on my own time though.

My English teacher explained recently that it's very unlikely that all
"Shakespear" plays were written by the same person. The average
english speaker has a maximum vocabulary of around 3,000 words, but
all the works alledged to have been written by Shakespear have nearly
ten times that combined.
tiggerlemon101 says:   17 May 2010   192521  
I've heard that before- it makes a lot of sense to me, but it's kind
of something that I more don't want to believe than really don't
believe... it's sort of like accepting that the Easter Bunny doesn't
exist, in a way... very depressing. 
Kirti says:   18 May 2010   344228  
Ah, the Easter Bunny. I had these great theories that kept me
beleiving in Santa Clause almost into my teens, but I stopped
beleiving in the Easter Bunny when I was four. (My mom said she say a
jack rabbit wearing a bow, but jack rabbits live in dessert climates.
I remember feeling insulted that she didn't do her research xD)

A lot of his plays are just translations of classic dramas from other
places, and he did have students learning from him. Maybe he
designated the translating to his students, but he still wrote all the
originals himself? 
tiggerlemon101 says :   19 May 2010   607728  
Yeah, I remember that- in the back of our Romeo and Juliet books it
had the massively long poem about them that was written like 200 years


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