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Tuesday, 20 April 2010
12:47:02 AM (GMT)
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: It's pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
Stranger: Please enter your username.
You: lkooe.
Stranger: *** Your username contains some invalid characters: .
Stranger: Try again.
You: catmagic101a
Stranger: *** You are now known as catmagic101a
Stranger: You're almost set! Please answer the following question:
Stranger: If a person is called Brian, what is their name?
You: Brian
Stranger: *** You have joined the chat
Stranger: *** Topic: Welshcum to Oakies, the oak flavored cereal. Start your day off
with some morning wood! 
Stranger: *** Currently in the the chat: catmagic101a, MonteJJ, reiv, Oakies_Bot,
Susaur, Bill, Internets, Bth8
Stranger: -ChanServ- [PM]: [#Oakies] WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!
Stranger: <bth> speaking of which
Stranger: <montejj> Lookit, we found you a friend!
Stranger: <bth> where is that segment of wall
Stranger: <bth> <> >_>
You: holy shit!O.O
Stranger: * MonteJJ stuffs catmagic101a into the Su bag as well
Stranger: <catmagic> -> holy poo poo!O.O
Stranger: * Susaur wraps her tail around her legs
Stranger: <susaur> I don't like sharing.
Stranger: * Bth8 hides a wall-shaped object in his shirt
You: What's going on?O.O
Stranger: * Susaur glares at cat
Stranger: <montejj> You just moved into a new home with a new friend :D
You: omg...
Stranger: <susaur> My bag. My bag. My bag.
Stranger: <montejj> Suuuu, share.
Stranger: <susaur> I was here first.
Stranger: <bth> i wanna be in the bag ;-;
Stranger: <montejj> Or no Su snacks.
Stranger: <susaur> I even marked it.
Stranger: <montejj> Eeew :<
You: conformist bitches
You: You're all a bunch of nazi conformist cheerleaders!
Stranger: <susaur> ... I wunt Su snx
Stranger: <bth> i wanna be in the bag ;-;
You: Have fun in your little rat race!:/
Stranger: * Bth8 gets a Su snack
Stranger: <susaur> Put Bt in teh bag
Stranger: <susaur> :3
You: All going to be living pay check to pay check for corporate gain!
Stranger: <bth> :D
Stranger: <montejj> Uh-oh, looks like catmagic101a has a case of the ol' brain damage
Stranger: <susaur> *-* huuu
Stranger: * MonteJJ switches catmagic for Bt
Stranger: <bth> :D
Stranger: * Susaur marks Bt
You: I don't have brain damage!
Stranger: * Bth8 gives Su the treat
Stranger: <susaur> n___n
Stranger: <montejj> SU
Stranger: <bth> !!!!!!!!
Stranger: <montejj> You peed on Bee D:
Stranger: <susaur> My Bt
You: Fucking brittany spears wannabe!
Stranger: <catmagic> -> gently caressing brittany spears wannabe!
Stranger: <susaur> >:c
You: wtf..
Stranger: <bth> !store_quote MonteJJ> You peed on Bee D:
Stranger: <oakies> Quote successfully stored
Stranger: <susaur> Ho ho hoo
You: Going to put this on encyclopedia dramatica!
You: It will make me millions!
Stranger: <susaur> Bite me
Stranger: * Bth8 nibbles Su
You: My name is lkooe that's my username on youtube make me famous!
You: :D
Stranger: <susaur> STFU
Stranger: <montejj> Yes ty
Stranger: <susaur> GTFO
Stranger: *** You were kicked by MonteJJ
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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