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Saturday, 17 April 2010
08:52:02 PM (GMT)
You are our mother
Who cares for us and loves us
We miss you dearly

You are my best friend
To whom I can tell it all
But now you are gone

How could you leave us?
We know that you always cared
So why leave us now?

Today you have left
Have you grown tired of us?
You found a new clan?

We're forver here
You can reach out for our help
Today you return?

We will still have hope
And we will still remember
Even if you leave

You have changed our lives
We greatly love you so much
We hope for return

You are the chosen
We stand beside you mother 
If you may  return

When - if - you return
We will rejoice greatfully
We will always love

Oroborus21 says:   17 April 2010   581471  
im rather impressed that these are actual haikus
GreenStar says:   17 April 2010   409670  
What do you mean?@Oroborus21 
Oroborus21 says:   17 April 2010   133454  
they actually follow the 5 - 7 - 5 syllable form of haiku
GreenStar says:   17 April 2010   430355  
Oh, right. If they don't, they're not haikus. Do you think they're
good? I thought they were'nt very good so I made another thing for
GreenStar says:   17 April 2010   567197  
^^ = @Oroborus21 
Oroborus21 says:   17 April 2010   225727  
i never understood who this mommypsy person was though. she seemed
like a fake to me. like her pics didnt seem real, then she had that
whole im running away thing going on and what not, which apparently
didnt happen, and she i think claimed to be psychic or whatever which
is ridiculous....

so i guess i dont understand why anyone would get upset over such a
GreenStar says:   17 April 2010   115750  
She wasn't fake.
Don't ever dare say one more thing like that again!
Oroborus21 says:   17 April 2010   104955  
well as Haikus i just think its good that they follow the form cause a
lot of peopel think they are doing a haiku but it doesnt follow the
syllablic requirements....

as poems or haiku some are better than others but for me the haiku
form is about tradition and traditionally the poems should be about
nature or our relationship to nature or how nature informs us of i prefer haikus that are more zen like and ethereal and
not so concrete 
Oroborus21 says:   17 April 2010   843152  
i never saw a salute pic from her did you? did you ever see her on

these are simple yes or no questions, if you no one can answer YES to
them then there is doubt 
Oroborus21 says:   17 April 2010   762356  
and anyone that claims they are psychic is fake, im sorry but there
is no such thing. there are intuitive people yes. but there is no such
thing as a genuine psychic
StringQuartets says:   17 April 2010   873817  
 These are quite lovely. And I'm sure she'd like them. 
And fake or not, she was a friend, no? And that's all that really
matters.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
GreenStar says:   17 April 2010   626043  
Yeah, but I think these are easy poems so I chose them
I spoke to her and she had pic with friends, nobodycan fake that well.
She had pics of even the friend by herself.
Well, she was genuinely intuitive. We learn about real magick, and how
the ancient art is worked. 
GreenStar says:   17 April 2010   790248  
Thank you. And I'm sure she would like them. They are my parting gift. 
Satallite_Heart says:   17 April 2010   956849  
Would you like proof mr. Eddie kins? 

Devon, I love them, I love you, dont ever think I dont! *Hugs* Thank
you love. 
GreenStar says:   17 April 2010   738452  
It makes me so happy to hear you say that! i'm so glad, I almost
daoubted that you loved me. I was such a bad daughter, I'm sorry! 
Satallite_Heart says:   17 April 2010   637967  
Nah, I was a bad mother! 
Dont apologize, its true. 
GreenStar says:   17 April 2010   206418  
You were the best mother, you ARE the best mother. 
Satallite_Heart says :   17 April 2010   219527  


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