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My new storyCategory: (general)
Thursday, 15 April 2010
11:41:14 PM (GMT)
Idea: It's about a young girl recovering from a suicide attempt who is forced back
to school were she must face her demons
 To Eleanor Jones, an outsider in her small town of Marietta, Maine (Not an actual
city) life is almost pointless. Her parents are to busy to notice how special she is,
Her step father is abusive, Her sister, Samantha, is concened with wedding plans even
though her fiancée is constantly flirting with Eleanor, Her brother is to wrapped up
in his girlfriend to notice anything's wrong, Even her two little sisters, Nikki and
Jesse are to cool to spek to her in public. The only thing worth living for is her
best friends who are equally dysfunctional: Sonder Kyle an extremely beautiful girl
with extreme addiction issues, Gideon Thompson a sweet boy with anger issues and
Sebastian Austens a athletic muscular boy struggling with sexuaity. She almost gives
up until she meets Mason James a popular jock. Mason and Eleanor hit it off
immediately and after a fiery camping trip there freindship takes a passionate turn.
For 4 months there romance lives in secret because mason is scared to break up with
his ultra popular current girlfriend  Cassie Morgan who's goal is to destroy anyone
who messes with her perfect life. One mistake and Cassie finds out. Mason is given
the choice be with Eleanor, the one he truly loves, or Cassie the key to his futre.
He choose Cassie leaving Eleanor crying in the bathroom with the razor blade she's
been using t cut with since she was 11. Sonder was the one who found her best friend
lying on the floor wrist slit half dead. Now summers over and Eleanor must return to
hell high

I'm only gonna post the story if 3 people reply saying they want to read it if not im
gonna delete it. I've picked people to play each of the characters i'll put the page
up with the story
Last edited: 16 April 2010

‹!~SmurfBitesHurt!~› says:   16 April 2010   106593  
Oh please please please please please finish the story!  i want to
read it!
xXMyNameIsElenorRigbyXx says:   16 April 2010   213741  
Well thats one person maybe i'll do it anyway.....okay since u
comented im gonna put up the character page
‹DoNotClickOnThisName› says:   16 April 2010   864850  
ill so read it. sounds awesome.
xXMyNameIsElenorRigbyXx says:   16 April 2010   371639  
Yeah getting close tell ur friends I jst posted the Character Page
xXMyNameIsElenorRigbyXx says:   16 April 2010   134368  
Come one one more person and i start the writing
EverLife says:   16 April 2010   400057  
You should so do it
xXMyNameIsElenorRigbyXx says :   16 April 2010   837173  
Thats it okay chapter one will be posted whenever I can get it done


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