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Sunday, 11 April 2010
12:06:19 AM (GMT)
1.) What’s your favorite thing to do on a summer night?
nothing. mosquitos bother me.

2.) Do you like it when snowflakes land on your eyelashes?
not really.

3.) At your funeral, would you like people to be dressed in all black, or be
spontaneous & expressive?
who says i'm gonna die? :{

4.) When you hear the ice cream truck, what’s the first thing you think of?
ice cream haha

5.) Do you like thunderstorms?
if i'm with people, yeess.

6.) If not, what’s your perfect type of weather?
rain when the sun is out

7.) When you wake up in the morning, do you think of anyone?
haha yeah

8.) If you could change the color of light, what would you change it to?
i'm not sure if i'd want to change that

7.) What’s your favorite instrument?

8.) & you wake up just to close the curtains. Name that song, & you get a cookie.
sounds really familiar.

9.) Do you get butter on your movie popcorn?
not really, since there's already usually butter on it.

10.) What song effects you every time you hear it?
uuuhh, i'm not sure if any song really affects me,
but i've got a sweet spot for What I Got by Sublime. (;

11.) When I say “summer,” what image is painted in your mind?
Port and Sherkston

12.) We all have a romantic image that we compare things to. What’s yours?
Summer Finn and Tom Hansen when they were happy, i guess.

13.) Do you think that an image of NYC on a rainy night is romanticized?
ehh sure

14.) What’s your favorite style of music?

15.) Who is “Gir” to you?
a cartoon character, i think

16.) What about Pan-Zi?
not sure what that is.

17.) What’s your favorite number?

18.) What reminds you of your childhood?
stuffed animals

19.) If you said Disney movies, what ones? If not, what are your favorite Disney
i guess The Little Mermaid. that's the only one i've really seen

20.) Eleanor Rigby.
died in a church and was buried along with her name, nobody came

21.) Do you want to get married someday?
not one bit.

22.) How many kids?
no thanks.

23.) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
can't really say yet

24.) What’s your favorite smell?
this sweater

25.) In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you kill someone out of mercy?

26.) Do you think printers are evil?
my printer is evil. 

27.) Spongebob?

28.) Nice work you did, you’re gonna go far kid.
thank you, sir

29.) If you could escape anywhere, where would you go?
not sure

30.) Do you like dinosaurs?
they're a bit overrated with the scene crowd, aren't they

31.) What do you want for your birffday?
i dont knooww

32.) If you could capture any sound in a bottle & keep it there forever, what would
you pluck from the air?
mark's singing voiiiceee 

33.) If you could lock anything away, what would you put in a safe? (metaphorically &
shit these questions are complex. 
uuhh i guess i would lock away a bunch of records

34.) Do you believe coffee shops/cafes have become places of mystical origins, thanks
to the stereotype of a poet/writer frittering away their days at a corner coffee
i don't really go to those often, so..

Stop, hammertime.

[] gone skinny dipping.
[x] roasted marshmallows.
[x] gone to a bonfire.
[x] fallen in love.
[x] made a snowman.
[] chased after the ice cream man in your bathing suit.
[x] lied in bed because you don’t want to get up.
[x] lied to yourself.
[x] denied your feelings.
[x] broken something.
[] gone to a major city.
[] broadway/opera.
[x] had an impossible dream.
[x] stared out the window for ages, just thinking.
[] cried because of a song.
[x] breathed in the smell of your significant other & locked it in your heart.

[x] had a best friend.
[] gotten in a fight with someone you thought you’d never lose.
[] fallen in love with a close friend.
[] been betrayed.
[] love your best friend.
[x] large group of friends.
[] one or two really close friends.
[x] omnomom.

asl? ;;
[] 444/san deigo/nobody knows.
[] 55/pluto/i am aslan
[] 32/hogwarts/hagrid ?
[] 102/forks wa/gay vampire
[] -1/the uterus/idk
[x] all of the above.

What’s your favorite lyric? Put it as the title. 

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