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Tuesday, 9 March 2010
12:02:14 PM (GMT)

Damn sexy ass blonde.
     I grinned and let out a feral growl, mostly for the effect of my friends. We
laughed and slapped hands but I kept my eyes on Alis. Fierce. That isn't exactly
common in this preppy private school. It might provide a new challenge, but for now,
I'll just play up the charm, keep up the heat, and live with the pretense she will
collasp at my gorgeous feet. Punk girl or cheerleader, they all have boobs, all have
     They. All. Fall.
     And I am the kind (heh) knight that helps him with that little bumb in the road.
Nothing makes them happier than fitting in, and nothing makes them fit in more than
boyfriends, no one is a better boyfriend than The Boy, and that popular boy in this
case, would be none other than me. And nothing makes me happier than to break their
     I marched across the chemistry classroom (could there be a better class?) to
snatch the seat right in front of where all-in-black-no-fashion-sense was twirling
her hair and looking angry. I smiled, gosh darn beautiful as I am and leaned over
onto her desk, which usually propted a blush. She didn't disappoint--she frowned.
Which must mean something, right?
     "What the hell do you want?" she snapped.
     "I was wondering if you'd be up for a little conversation. You know, if you get
done hating the world anytime soon." I said it in a joking voice, but I was serious.
Uh, hello? Stop glowering. You have me to look at! Doesn't that just brighten your
Gothic little day?
     "Nope, still hating. Not the world, though, just this school. Oh, and no,
looking at you does not brighten my day, and no, I am not Gothic. I'm awesome,
hater," she informed me, speaking fluently and pointedly. O...kay? So now she can
read minds? Freaky little punk chick. I wonder what she's like underneath all that
     I flashed her a grin. "But you don't hate me, right?"
     "Yep." She smirked mischieviously. And then she winked.
     I knew it.
     "So, any plans after school?" I whispered as the teacher, Mr. Yugo, stumbled in
slowly. He was an old geezer, barely able to stand, or move, or breathe. He wasn't
married, and that wasn't a surprise to me. I mean, come on! Look at the guy! He can
barely walk through the door with a cane, much less make sweet love worth making to
some wrinkly piece of old ass. He'd probably die from it if it got too good. So I
continued to face Alis.
     "Actually, I might be free. But there's a possiblity that I may have plans with
Mac. It's just like that crazy boy to plan something involving me and give me no
notice of it whatsoever," she confided.
     Mac? Who the hell is Mac? "Who is Mac?" I asked her.
     The door burst open just as Alis was on the verge of answering me. Gasping, Mr.
Yugo turned to face our intruder. Row by row, each and every student followed suit to
see what was going on with all the damn dramatics. Grudging, I was the last to face
the entrance, wanting instead to check out Punk Girl's boobs while she was unaware.
Upon looking, I saw a normal-looking teenage boy, around seventeen, with black jeans,
black t-shirt, blonde hair, a nice tan, and hyper-seeming electric blue eyes.
Normal-looking is the operative word. He may have looked normal, but what followed
was anything but. "Who are you, young man?" Mr. Yugo struggled to question.
     The boy smiled at him, in a mischievous sort of way. He took one, two steps in
the door then guestured grandly at himself. "I, good sir, am Mac--as in Mac
and cheese but you don't need the cheese 'cause you got me, baby. And I
am here to see the most beautiful piece of ass ever to grace the streets of N'Awlins.
Alis, you sexy thing!" Then the boy--Mac--preceeded to throw himself into Alis's lap,
crossing his legs, flipping his hair, and throwing his arms around her neck. "Did you
miss me, hun?"
     Alis just grinned. "Hi, Mac."
     "Hey yourself. What class is this?"
     "Perfect! Let's put you and me together and make love."
     "You sex addict."
     "You know it."

~*To be contnued at l8r*~
Last edited: 26 March 2010

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   9 March 2010   592899  
Lmao. He sounds nice!!

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