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Megs and I's Book CH.2Category: (general)
Monday, 25 January 2010
07:27:47 AM (GMT)
Read chapter one here!
First attempt at public posting of writing in quite awhile...
Let's hope I don't fail too badly...

Ch.2  Settling in

Oh my goodness, I never thought two people could argue so much.
Me and Ed have been listening to Meaghan and Ryoki argue amongst themselves for two
hours now. We already wanted to throw them out of the limo, but we were only halfway
through the trip. Master probably wouldn’t be happy with us to abandon them, but
honestly, we both wanted to shut them up and have a peaceful trip. Meaghan tried to
stuff Ryoki’s head out of the window to have it brush against every tree branch and
mountain face to pass us, but Ed and I stopped her, despite almost dislocating her
arms in pulling. I swear she acts like a hell-cat sometimes. Sorry for my language; I
don’t usually like to swear. I guess I get it from Edward. He’s known to be a bit
Speaking of Ed, I get to share a house with him. Most of me is happy. Honestly,
I’ve had a slight crush on him since I met him at the Academy. I think he realized
this, and ignores it most of the time. He didn’t have any romantic interests. It
makes me sad sometimes. We’re still good friends, but not romantic close. 
Out of the four of us, I was probably the weakest of us. I was never much of a
fighter. I was more defensive. I wasn’t very powerful, unlike Meaghan. She had many
powers. All I have is force fields. I never could find a real good time to use them
either; I was discouraged to use them.  I was also the least out-spoken of all of us.
I often had to use Ed to get my point out. He was a much better speaker then me. He
was much better at pretty much everything. I mean, I made the best meals out of us. I
was probably the mother of us. Meaghan ad Ryoki could be siblings, and maybe Ed could
be an uncle. We were all one dysfunctional family. Don’t get me wrong though, we do
have lasting relationships. Meaghan is one of my best friends, along with Edward. I
also got along rather decently with Ryoki. I’m even sure that Meaghan and Ryoki
have a friendship somewhere deep down inside, unlikely as it may seem to the naked
eye. The four of us met at the Academy, and we were going to deal with this whole
ordeal we were trusted to together.

I watched the scenery pass by outside the window as I waited desperately for the car
to stop at our destination. Sometimes, Ed helped me to stop an argument that was
getting out of hand between Megs and Ryo, but most of it was just staring out the
window. I listened to the music playing on the small stereo. An orchestral version of
Scarborough Fair started playing, and I found myself sub-consciously humming the song
to myself. I was a relatively deep person. I enjoyed little pleasures, like a good
love song, or maybe a beautiful view. Sometimes, being deep disconnects you from the
rest of the world. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not. This time,
it was a good thing. I got so into the song, the trip became more pleasant, for I
wasn’t paying attention to the constant bickering, until about at the third hour,
Ed shook me out of my daze and helped me separate the two of them again. I became
pretty sure that Meaghan was an insane midget. That’s my only logical explanation.
I don’t think it’s just her fault though; both of them pick arguments. Once we
got them to calm down again, I found that I was falling asleep in my chair. I
didn’t get a very good sleep last night. Meaghan kept tossing and turning for
whatever reason, and Ed came to our house to wake me up early to get ready. I know he
meant no harm in doing so, but it was just as the sun was rising. I needed a nap. The
last hour of the trip gave me that nap, thankfully.
“Saaaam...Sam, we’re here.” I could hear Ed say softly as he shook my arm to
wake me up. I could feel my face go a bit red and sleepily got out of the limo with
him. Meaghan and Ryoki were already on the verge of an argument. I tried to look past
them at our new houses. There were two houses about 10 meters away from the road.
Both looked identical in size and shaped, just mirrored. They were elevated about 3
feet off the ground, had white walls with tan trim and light grey shingles on the
roof. They were small, but it was more than enough room for two.
I stared at the houses, slightly bewildered. Finally, a house I could have free reign
in. Ed and I, eager to give our ears a chance to recuperate rushed to grab our
suitcases out of the trunk of the car and see the inside of our houses. Megs and Ryo
must’ve noticed we were getting annoyed, so they went and grabbed their stuff too
and rushed after us to the houses. There was a bit of debate on who would get which
house. I, personally, didn’t care, but apparently, there were some preferences. I
ended the fight by going up and opening the door to house one. Ed gave Megs and Ryo a
shrug before following me in. Meaghan didn’t look pleased, but she and Ryo went
into house two. When I got into the house, I noticed there were three rooms. The
biggest one was three rooms in one. There was a kitchen, a dining room, and living
room. The other two rooms were the bedroom and the bathroom. I must admit, the first
few nights sleeping in the same room with Ed will probably be awkward...
After unpacking our clothes and such into different closets, Ed’s stomach started
growling. You know how yawns are contagious? Well, with me and Ed, hunger is
contagious, for I found my stomach growling with the same intensity his was. After
realizing this, I went over to the kitchen to find fully-stocked cupboards. A flood
of recipes came to my head as I struggled on deciding on what I’d make for the two
of us. Ed wasn’t too picky, he’d eat just about anything. I thought about it for
about half a minute before deciding to make some oyakodon, which was basically
chicken and eggs over rice, maybe along with some tea. As I pulled the ingredients
out, I could already hear arguing in the other house amongst Megs and Ryo. I was
honestly getting tired of hearing them argue; I had half a mind to slit their throats
and end it right there. But, no, we’d need all the help we could get, and I’d get
them to behave, one way or another.
Oyakodon takes a relatively short time to make, and I find it a good comfort food,
which is definitely what I needed after hearing Megs and Ryo bicker amongst
themselves. You don’t understand how bad it is unless you listen to them
yourselves. You know how a picture is worth 1000 words? Well, an experience is worth
1000 pictures. That’d take a lot of words to describe how bad it is on the ears. I
might go prematurely deaf listening to them. 
After the oyakodon was done, Ed came rather quickly when I called him from the
bedroom. I think he was probably the luckiest to be paired with me, at least
concerning the house. I’m a neat freak, and I also do, by far, the best meals. Ed
probably couldn’t handle packaged ramen for too long, which is probably Meaghan’s
preference over cooking. He ate down the oyakodon ravenously, just as I did. Is it
cocky to say I enjoy my cooking? I just hope Ryoki likes packaged noodles, because
he’ll be having a lot of it for the next while. I’ve tried to convince Meaghan to
let me teach her how to cook basic meals, but she often refused, and the few times
she tried, she ruined the most basic of things. She’s not too handy in the kitchen,
I honestly felt sorry for them. I wonder if Ryoki can cook. I doubt it, but if he
can, maybe they wouldn’t be so bad off.
I could hear the tea kettle whistle in the kitchen. I was done my oyakodon anyhow, so
I went up, got two tea cups, and poured the hot water into them. I then got looked
through the different teas that were there, trying to decide. There were many I
hadn’t tried. Most of them were of high quality. Gyokuro, Sencha, Bancha... They
were common in Japan, but I hadn’t tried them before. I decided to skip these and
chose Houjicha, which is brown and made from roasted tea leaves. I put the leaves in
the cups and told Ed he can grab a cup in a few minutes. I was going over to house
two to make sure that Meghan and Ryoki were behaving. I hopped out the door, and over
to house two’s door, where I opened the door slowly to take a peek in. Meaghan and
Ryoki had the same idea we did, but they were bickering over what to have. Of course,
that’s natural of them. They soon noticed me and pretty much pressured me into
making them lunch too. I just decided to make the same thing that we in house one
got, and got right on it as Meaghan and Ryoki sat at the table, eager to be fed. I
told them that I wouldn’t keep making meals for them, and that they’d have to
cook for themselves. They looked at me in a very weird way; I wasn’t really sure
how to describe it.
After I finished making a second batch of oyakodon, I rushed back to house one as
they cried thank-you‘s to me. Jeez, if life the next while was going to consist of
all this, I might cry, honestly. I just hope that Meaghan and Ryoki can get along

Chapter 3 here!
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