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The truth about Cybering or Cyber SexCategory: The Cold Truth
Thursday, 7 January 2010
05:49:46 PM (GMT)
Okay most of you think of cybering as gross and immature. But honestly if you dont
understand the concept of it and just think of what you hear about it then your the
immature one. 

Cybering ill say right now i do not do.
Cybering is the concept of a graphic sex novel. Two people playing out parts. Its
rated 18+ and for adults mainly. If your under 18 then maybe thats why you concider
it gross. Or because of the way your friends or soemone who told you about it chose
to describe it. 
Its role playing. You know like RMPG ?? Its the same just more sexual. Its not the
same but nearly the same with real sex. 
If your aroudn the age of 14 to 16 or even older if you concider this cybering..:

Girl: Mmmm yes suck my tits, lick my pussy *moans* now let me suck on your huge
Boy: *sucks tits* oh yes * licks pussy* mm.... *pulls out cock* yes suck it take it

THEN your seriously wrong. Its nothing that seems that immature, i cant exactly say
that its right to do but i cant say its wrong. If you dont like it dont say its
gross, just because people masterbate and do what they say. Thats what mainly
roleplay is. 

And have you ever concidered that couples who are together do it? 
Liek if their spouse or partner is away and they cant be togetehr and all they have
to communicate during the time is the computer and they are in a healthy sex related
relationship have you ever concidered that they would do that? i mean its not gross.

And because people masterbate during the cybering ISNT gross either i mean if you
have a immature mind then it is to you. 
Masterbation is completely healthy for a teenager or occasionally for an adult. Its
ntohign gross. 

SO again im not saying it IS right and im not saying it IS wrong. 

But its not gross. I can tall you its not like you can be infected with
computer-STD's or and computer-HIV or computer-AIDS. 
Mainly because ther is no such thing as that. If cybering isnt made for you or it
seems stupid then DONT DO IT. But if its another way to get plessure from your parter
or spouse go right ahead and do it. Its your life and if you want to do it then go
ahead if its not made for you then dont.

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