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Thursday, 24 December 2009
11:16:16 PM (GMT)
katzro0l: (7:33:44 PM) hey
spoilsister101: (7:34:14 PM) yes!! my internet is back on 
katzro0l: (7:34:19 PM) good
katzro0l: (7:34:20 PM) ahahah
spoilsister101: (7:34:22 PM) i was like
spoilsister101: (7:34:28 PM) all depressed and stuff
katzro0l: (7:34:28 PM) so like
spoilsister101: (7:34:31 PM) cause i was bored
katzro0l: (7:34:34 PM) when will you break up with ilych
spoilsister101: (7:34:43 PM) and my family isnt spending x-mas until tomorrow
katzro0l: (7:34:48 PM) you cant be serious about this kidde
spoilsister101: (7:34:59 PM) but i like the kid 
katzro0l: (7:35:05 PM) as in
katzro0l: (7:35:08 PM) i wanna fuck him
katzro0l: (7:35:20 PM) but dude
katzro0l: (7:35:22 PM) is it pity
katzro0l: (7:35:24 PM) or love
spoilsister101: (7:35:31 PM) like love
spoilsister101: (7:36:09 PM) omg, i got $70, cookies, and a tamile(sp) bitch xD
katzro0l: (7:36:19 PM) wait
katzro0l: (7:36:21 PM) define
katzro0l: (7:36:22 PM) love
spoilsister101: (7:36:27 PM) just for taking care of kids and filing papers

katzro0l: (7:36:51 PM) define love
spoilsister101: (7:37:13 PM) without love there wont be any hope, care, or kindness
in the world
spoilsister101: (7:37:36 PM) i stole that form my quote in 6th grade xD
spoilsister101: (7:37:40 PM) i won that shit
katzro0l: (7:37:40 PM) i mean like
katzro0l: (7:37:52 PM) define what you feel for ilycch
katzro0l: (7:37:55 PM) i think it's infatuation
spoilsister101: (7:38:39 PM) no, i really like him
katzro0l: (7:38:48 PM) not love
katzro0l: (7:38:51 PM) really like him
katzro0l: (7:38:56 PM) .___.
spoilsister101: (7:38:58 PM) yeah
spoilsister101: (7:39:12 PM) love is too strong of a word for our relationship
katzro0l: (7:39:26 PM) then why are you dating him?
katzro0l: (7:39:34 PM) if you date someone, you have to love them.
katzro0l: (7:39:37 PM) .__.
katzro0l: (7:39:45 PM) not that getting closer bullshit
spoilsister101: (7:39:54 PM) krys, do you date a dude for three months and say "i
love you"?
katzro0l: (7:40:14 PM) no, i think you have to have some sort of basis of love before
you date them
katzro0l: (7:40:16 PM) seriously
spoilsister101: (7:40:46 PM) no, there's people that meet and go on a few dates then
become bf/gf
spoilsister101: (7:41:15 PM) uh yeah, ilyich and i were really great friends over the
katzro0l: (7:41:17 PM) this isn't about people. this is about love.
spoilsister101: (7:41:36 PM) and then it became bf/gf
spoilsister101: (7:41:50 PM) krystal love is funny
katzro0l: (7:41:59 PM) dude, love is serious.
katzro0l: (7:42:07 PM) he's just going to take fucking advantage of you.
spoilsister101: (7:42:12 PM) no, what im saying is love is strange
katzro0l: (7:42:14 PM) does your mom even approve?
katzro0l: (7:42:25 PM) if she doesnt, what's the point of dating him?
katzro0l: (7:42:37 PM) isnt the point of dating trying to find a husband?
katzro0l: (7:43:05 PM) i think you should only date someone if you're content with
marrying the person later on in life. it may happen, it may not.
spoilsister101: (7:43:15 PM) .....wth
spoilsister101: (7:43:20 PM) so you want me to marry him?
katzro0l: (7:43:25 PM) no.
katzro0l: (7:43:32 PM) that would be horrible.
spoilsister101: (7:43:38 PM) lets use an example
katzro0l: (7:43:47 PM) i mean, you have to make sure you understand love before
dating someone.
katzro0l: (7:43:56 PM) none of us understand love.
spoilsister101: (7:44:03 PM) yeah
katzro0l: (7:44:10 PM) why are you dating him, then?
spoilsister101: (7:44:18 PM) cause i like him!
katzro0l: (7:44:27 PM) you don't understand what love is, though.
katzro0l: (7:44:41 PM) none of us do.
spoilsister101: (7:44:45 PM) well no one understands what love is
spoilsister101: (7:44:54 PM) as in no one in the whole damn world
katzro0l: (7:44:57 PM) i'll be honest, my mom knows about this relationship, and she
thinks you're a slut now.
spoilsister101: (7:44:59 PM) its unexplainable
spoilsister101: (7:45:09 PM) you told me
katzro0l: (7:45:09 PM) she always goes on about how she thinks you're just like
katrina and them
spoilsister101: (7:45:19 PM) well do you think i am?
katzro0l: (7:45:38 PM) yes.
spoilsister101: (7:45:45 PM) thats pretty harsh
katzro0l: (7:45:54 PM) immature, not knowing what you're doing.
katzro0l: (7:46:00 PM) being desperate and slutty.
katzro0l: (7:46:14 PM) seriously, remember what i told you?
katzro0l: (7:46:25 PM) what emilie heard at whatever school he goes to?
katzro0l: (7:46:44 PM) he's just using you as a trophy, as in "omg, i got a high
school girlfriend."
katzro0l: (7:47:01 PM) and yes, it's harsh, but it's true.
spoilsister101: (7:47:23 PM) no its not
katzro0l: (7:47:31 PM) no, it is true.
katzro0l: (7:47:38 PM) we don't want to hear the truth, sometimes.
katzro0l: (7:47:41 PM) it hurts.
spoilsister101: (7:47:44 PM) emilie thinks its cute we're together
spoilsister101: (7:48:00 PM) she and i talk after school "so, how's you and ilyich"
spoilsister101: (7:48:10 PM) and all that
katzro0l: (7:48:38 PM) yeah, but he's probably telling all his fucking stupid 8th
grade friends he's dating a high school girl.
katzro0l: (7:48:51 PM) next year, some girls from that school will probably go to
katzro0l: (7:48:56 PM) they'll remember you.
spoilsister101: (7:48:58 PM) no
katzro0l: (7:49:06 PM) ?
spoilsister101: (7:49:09 PM) those girls wanna go to holy family
spoilsister101: (7:49:50 PM) and i met one of them
spoilsister101: (7:49:52 PM) shes cool xD
katzro0l: (7:50:13 PM) ONE of them.
katzro0l: (7:50:17 PM) not all of them
katzro0l: (7:50:23 PM) every class has their bitches.
spoilsister101: (7:50:30 PM) well he didnt meet all of you either
katzro0l: (7:51:06 PM) what is that supposed to mean?
katzro0l: (7:51:11 PM) he knows we hate him.
spoilsister101: (7:51:24 PM) yeah, thats true
spoilsister101: (7:51:31 PM) but he's not letting that bother him
katzro0l: (7:51:35 PM) jazz told me, when she first met ilych, she thought he was
like 9 or something.
katzro0l: (7:51:48 PM) she thought he was like ilychs little bro.
spoilsister101: (7:52:00 PM) ,,,,he does have a little bro.
katzro0l: (7:52:16 PM) NO. she thought ilych was the little bro of your boyfriend.
katzro0l: (7:52:22 PM) he's that puny
katzro0l: (7:52:30 PM) little 5 incher there i see
spoilsister101: (7:52:54 PM) jazz thinks its cute were together also
spoilsister101: (7:53:08 PM) everytime she's bored or we're on the phone "so, how's
you and ilyich?!?"
spoilsister101: (7:53:20 PM) and jazz and i talk a lot
spoilsister101: (7:53:27 PM) on the phone, in the care, when we hang out
spoilsister101: (7:54:13 PM) and she tells me all the flirty things i should do with
spoilsister101: (7:54:27 PM) and im like "...jazz you've been researching again,
werent you??"
katzro0l: (7:54:29 PM) yeah, but us, kathy, divya, and i, the ones who have known you
longest, are telling you the truth.
spoilsister101: (7:54:53 PM) .....the truth is your opinion
spoilsister101: (7:54:56 PM) i know the truth
katzro0l: (7:55:07 PM) you have a fucked up view of the truth, then.
spoilsister101: (7:55:14 PM) and krystal, if ilyich did anything bad, his own family
would kick his ass
spoilsister101: (7:55:39 PM) seriously
spoilsister101: (7:55:43 PM) they would
spoilsister101: (7:55:53 PM) especially his little sisters
katzro0l: (7:55:55 PM) what if they don't?
katzro0l: (7:55:58 PM) seriously/
spoilsister101: (7:56:28 PM) krys
spoilsister101: (7:56:39 PM) ive met his mother way before i met him
spoilsister101: (7:56:46 PM) she'll do it
katzro0l: (7:57:01 PM) what about your family?
spoilsister101: (7:57:18 PM) he knows not to mess w/ me
katzro0l: (7:57:34 PM) i remember your mom telling me that having boyfriends are
stupid, and that you should just get a bunch of guy friends.
spoilsister101: (7:57:36 PM) he knows my uncle would be the shit out of him
katzro0l: (7:57:42 PM) what the fuck happened to all your morals?
spoilsister101: (7:57:59 PM) well you told me that i should be a little bad
spoilsister101: (7:58:05 PM) i was such a saint last year
spoilsister101: (7:58:20 PM) you hated how goody goody i was
katzro0l: (7:58:46 PM) yeah, but i meant being rebellious in a different way.
katzro0l: (7:58:50 PM) this is being immature.
katzro0l: (7:58:55 PM) this ilych bullshit.
spoilsister101: (7:59:35 PM) .....how can you spell his name right when you cant
spell aidan correctly??
spoilsister101: (7:59:50 PM) and you've known aidan for two years
katzro0l: (8:00:43 PM) stop changing the fucking subject.
katzro0l: (8:00:46 PM) seriously.
spoilsister101: (8:00:52 PM) im sorry
katzro0l: (8:00:53 PM) lately you've been pissing me off.
spoilsister101: (8:01:00 PM) well krys, you should know im immaure
spoilsister101: (8:01:02 PM) immature
spoilsister101: (8:01:10 PM) you;ve known me for many years
katzro0l: (8:01:17 PM) but what you're doing is like, 4th grade level.
spoilsister101: (8:01:17 PM) you should know by now
katzro0l: (8:01:19 PM) seriously.
spoilsister101: (8:01:36 PM) krys in 4th grade i thought boys were stupid
katzro0l: (8:02:36 PM) no, i meant 4th graders nowadays.
katzro0l: (8:02:52 PM) seriously jasmine, i thought you told us you'd say no.
spoilsister101: (8:03:14 PM) that was a lie so you would get off my back
katzro0l: (8:05:03 PM) i'm just
katzro0l: (8:05:05 PM) disgusted
katzro0l: (8:05:07 PM) right now
spoilsister101: (8:05:18 PM) krystal
spoilsister101: (8:05:35 PM) honestly, you shouldnt let this a whole big deal
spoilsister101: (8:05:43 PM) its gonna screw up our friendship
spoilsister101: (8:05:49 PM) and no i am not breaking up w. him
katzro0l: (8:05:51 PM) you'd lie to us, just for this little kid?
spoilsister101: (8:06:11 PM) krystal id do that to anyone
spoilsister101: (8:06:16 PM) id make up a lie to save your butt
spoilsister101: (8:06:32 PM) honestly, id sacrafice my life for all you guys
katzro0l: (8:06:47 PM) you honestly think i'd believe that?
spoilsister101: (8:07:11 PM) ...no, cause i know you krys
spoilsister101: (8:07:14 PM) but i would
spoilsister101: (8:07:20 PM) you dont believe it but i would
spoilsister101: (8:07:40 PM) i would do almost anything for you guys
katzro0l: (8:08:20 PM) no, i think you'd sacrifice your life for that kid.
katzro0l: (8:08:27 PM) you disgust me, honestly.
spoilsister101: (8:08:45 PM) krys, i put up w/ ur whole life, i brought your books to
you when you were sick, i tried my best to protect you against balloons
katzro0l: (8:08:55 PM) i never want to talk to you, you dirty, fucking liar.
katzro0l: (8:09:02 PM) you're scum.
spoilsister101: (8:09:05 PM) ....krys dont do this
katzro0l: (8:09:10 PM) i hope you know that i hate you.
spoilsister101: (8:09:28 PM) ok, ur letting a guy come between us?
katzro0l: (8:09:29 PM) all these years i thought you were my friend, and you lie to
us just for some kid you've known for 3 months?
spoilsister101: (8:09:33 PM) now thats just dumb
katzro0l: (8:09:36 PM) you're at fault.
katzro0l: (8:09:49 PM) i dont care about the kid, just the fact that you LIED to us.
spoilsister101: (8:09:53 PM) no, you're at fault for having a stupid reason come to
us like this
spoilsister101: (8:09:58 PM) krys
spoilsister101: (8:10:01 PM) you lied to us too
katzro0l: (8:10:11 PM) you've known us for over half your life.
katzro0l: (8:10:20 PM) you lie to us because of this KID.
katzro0l: (8:10:21 PM) THIS KID
katzro0l: (8:10:25 PM) YOU'VE KNOWN FOR
katzro0l: (8:10:27 PM) 3 MONTHS
katzro0l: (8:10:32 PM) IT'S NOT LOVE
spoilsister101: (8:10:34 PM) 6 months!!
katzro0l: (8:10:36 PM) IT'S BULLSHIT
katzro0l: (8:10:38 PM) STILL
katzro0l: (8:10:42 PM) not even a fucking year
spoilsister101: (8:10:55 PM) ...well krys i know you are mad
katzro0l: (8:11:02 PM) you're scum.
katzro0l: (8:11:07 PM) dirty, rotten, scum.
spoilsister101: (8:11:07 PM) but i wont stop being friends with you
katzro0l: (8:11:25 PM) i'm content with not talking to you, i mean you lied to all of
spoilsister101: (8:12:11 PM) ....well, i know you should let some steam off
spoilsister101: (8:12:19 PM) and i know you "hate" me
katzro0l: (8:12:21 PM) i dont care about the kid, just the fact that you lied to us
because of him.
spoilsister101: (8:12:38 PM) but if you want to go back being friends then feel free
katzro0l: (8:12:42 PM) it disgusts me.
katzro0l: (8:12:45 PM) this is just
katzro0l: (8:12:46 PM) ugh
spoilsister101: (8:12:50 PM) .....i knoe
spoilsister101: (8:12:58 PM) ....well Merry Christmas
spoilsister101 signed off at 8:13 PM.
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