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1 Free Request ...if you're smart |DCategory: FUN
Sunday, 6 December 2009
05:17:26 PM (GMT)
lol I doubt anyone would even bother but it won't hurt me to give it a shot |D
Why am I doing this?  I dunno, I'm just so bored doing homework all day D|

Solve this problem and get a prize C: (?)
Prize:  I'll draw  you 1 free request d:

Problem:  If Adam can build a house in 3 days and his helper John can build a
house in 5 days, how many days will it take for them to build 3 houses if they work

Hint:  MATH is inevitable |D
Another HINT:  This is a combined work rate problem C:  
Last edited: 7 December 2009

CaptnQ says:   6 December 2009   743962  
Fff, do you solve this using that work-effort equation? 


xDD Just wonderin'. I'd try to solve it and request 80S,

Btw, I... drew the guidelines for your art trade. >8T I'm just trying
to figure out how I want to do the lineart.
catmagic101a says:   6 December 2009   413546  
Well, I don't really understand this that much but this is what I can
come up with.
Adam, can build 3houses in 9days.
John, can build 3houses in 15days.
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   6 December 2009   769245  
Nine days because it says "a house" so whomever got first I guess
only counts? :'D
I'm not very good at these...
Neriko says:   6 December 2009   322894  
lol I think you are thinking too hard >.>;;
As for that painting problem, 2 hours |D
Can't wait >u< ~! *is excited*

The problem asks how many days will it take if they work together to
build three houses, not work individually >.>;;  Sorry for the
confusion xP  *fixes problem*

Wrong answer darling, try again D| 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   6 December 2009   792230  
Either 2-3 days I think. >>;
Neriko says:   6 December 2009   897540  
Math is your best friend :3 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   6 December 2009   873596  
Really? It is? I always sucked at it but Mrs. White puts problems
like these up all the time.
So.. does that mean I win? xD
Neriko says:   6 December 2009   627259  
Oh, I forgot to mention. WRONG ANSWER D|
lulz  Try again ~ 
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   6 December 2009   142150  
Okaayyyy. xD Well, I think I'ma keep guessing, I'm determined for the
answer. >:l
Eight days?
Neriko says:   6 December 2009   462523  
Hint:  I worked it out and ... it's has decimals D: 
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   7 December 2009   557314  
Uh, is it 2? o_O
Neriko says:   7 December 2009   303367  
Incorrect :U
Try using math next time >.> 
‹F R E E F A L L› says:   7 December 2009   567362  
Er... this is a completely weird answer, and I DID use math buht is
it... 6 days? x] 6 Days because the average of two men to build 1
house is 4 days. And then 4 days x 3 houses = 12 days for 1 man. For 2
men, it will take 6!

I think. ._.
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   7 December 2009   597797  
I think it'll take 6.
But for a different reason from Rainy. ._.

I was thinking that they would start off by building a house each.
In 3 days Adam would be finished one, so he'd start on the other.
2 days after that John would have finished the house he was building.
So far it's 5 days.
For the last day, Adam would continue building the house while John
watched, eating a biscuit and drinking tea. C:
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   7 December 2009   922697  
I meant to say
'I think I'll say 6.'
My fingers seem to have a mind of their own. ;_;
RainbowFlamingo says:   7 December 2009   892017  
3 days and 2 thirds of a day?
Neriko says:   7 December 2009   973030  
I'm so proud of you for displaying logic ; u ;
But sadly that is not the correct answer >.< ;;
lol If no one gets this, I think I might give it to you xD

lol I liek the humor |D  But alas, humor + logic =wrong answer xP
They're working together! -hint hint-

Incorrect, feel free to try again C:

HINT :  This is a combined work rate problem =u=;; 
Allegra says:   7 December 2009   528778  
Ah. OKay. okkk...
adam can build 5 houses in 15 days.
john can build 3 houses in 15 days.
combined, they can make 8 houses in 30 days.
which is 4 houses in 15 days. which is...
3 houses in 11 1/4 days. xD is that right?
Neriko says:   7 December 2009   137497  
Incorrect xP
Try again. 
Allegra says:   7 December 2009   875356  
DANGITTT! //doesnt get it
was i close? is this a trick question?
Neriko says:   7 December 2009   787834  

Nope, you are not very close.
And this is a math question C:
('cause I'm AZN like that) 
Allegra says:   7 December 2009   805308  
5.625 days?
Neriko says:   7 December 2009   709943  
In days and hours if you please ~

And please explain the process so I know you didn't cheat |D 
Allegra says:   7 December 2009   392850  
5 days andd... 15 hours
1/3(adam)x(# of days) added with 1/5(john)x(# of days) = days.
which is
5/15x added with 3/15
which is 8/15x=3
you multiply 15/8 on both sides to get only x.
x=3 times 15/8 which is 45/8. which is 5 5/8. which is 5 15/24.
Sachiko_Yuujin says:   7 December 2009   785291  
2 and 1/2 days?
Neriko says:   7 December 2009   872941  
Ho ho ho, we have a winnar 8D

Wrong darling ~ 
iMickey says:   7 December 2009   592149  
*cracks knuckles and puts on glasses*
kay lets see..
so on day one adam works 1/3 of a house and john works 1/5 of a house.
So 5/15 and 3/15 , it'll ttake them about 2 days to get least one
house done. 
If they work on the same house, then they get 7/15 .
o ^ o
iMickey says:   8 December 2009   305910  
no wait.. DAM IT O< 

is it 5 and 5/8 days ? 

o - o *headache* 
stoopid rain can't think correctly.
iMickey says:   8 December 2009   671858  
nvm woops i ddn't see allegra's answer mb 
‹F R E E F A L L› says :   8 December 2009   604140  
Ohh mai 8 w 8 That's the first time anyone said I was logicalll <33
Darn it xD I worked it out liek, an hour ago and I'ma tew late xD.
Nevertheless, I pheal really smart nao 8D


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