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Monday, 30 November 2009
09:07:23 AM (GMT)
Do you know anyone named Alex?
No. ._.

When was the last time you had a tooth pulled?
I get sudated when I get teeth pulled.
It was last year sometime. o_o

What's your opinion on cheerleaders?
I dun know any.

Who is your least favorite teacher, or who WAS back in the day?
Mrs McGregor = Geography = Hates Me = Fail.

When was the last time you had pasta?
Last night. :D

What color is your shirt, in your default picture on: 
...Whuut? o_O

Who's house did you last sleep over at?

What is the most disgusting piercing you can think of?

Who last complimented you on what?
My gran on my hair. :]

When was the last time you cried tears of joy?
I can't remember. o_e

Do you own any chapter books?
What's Chapter Books?
Like, books with Chapters in it? ._.
If so, yes.

When was the last time you made your bed?
I don't.

Do you find emo boys/girls attractive?
They can be...

How do you type your sad smileys?

Who can always make you happy?
A lot of people... :/

Who is someone that you're slipping slowly away from?
I dun know, actually. o_o

What was the last thing you typed, other than surveys?
Er, I wrote a comment on Tamerr's diary. :D

When was the last time you took off your shoes?
I haven't put any on today. ._.

Do you have "decorative hand-towels" that cannot be used in your house?
No. No I don't.

What was the last soda you drank?
7 UP.
Pwn the 7 up.

Do you like going to the dentist?
I don't. o_o

What was the last thing you regretted NOT saying?
I have too many to think of, really.

What was the last thing you colored?
An oekaki I done on Sam's kupika account. :]

Do you ever randomly make sound effects?
Yeah. In school. >:]

Do you know anyone with scoliosis?
With what?

Have you ever had any type of surgery?
I've had 42 operations. :P
Eyes. = more than 30
Teeth. = 3
Knee. = 1

Should kids be allowed to get tattoos/piercings without parental consent?
I dun know.
I would say no...
But, I dun know.

Who annoyed you the most today?
Nothing, really. :/

What's the last personal question you were asked?
Er, how does your tummy feel?

Or, in a survey, 'Have any of your guy mates made you jealous?'

Do personal questions make you feel uncomfortable?
Depends on the question.

Do you pick at your nails when they're painted?

What was the last thing you decided not to do, that you were supposed to?
I dun know.

Would you ever marry someone for money?
Probably not.

Do you like scented things, like candles, incense, etc.?
No. They make me sneeze.

Do you hate when people smoke in front of you?
Yes. I choke.

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