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Saturday, 14 November 2009
10:45:03 PM (GMT)
Don't you just LOVE  MLIA????
I do!
These are sum of my faves! But I own nothing

~Today, our teacher had five elderly WWII veterans come and talk to us today. When
asked why she made the life changing decision to join the Navy instead of the Army,
the only lady out of the group answered, "Well, to be quite frank with you, I chose
the Navy because I thought I looked better in blue then green.." I'm devastated that
this epic generation is dying away. MLIA. 

~Today, my friend and I changed our contact info in our other friend's phone. I don't
know which was funnier: the look on my friend's face when Jesus texted him calling
him an asshole, or the look on his face when God texted him after that to apologize
for his son's rude comments. MLIA

~Today, our class was trying to pick a theme for prom. One kid said "Harry Potter!"
Our class president asked how we would pull it off, and the kid said, "We wouldn't
have to do anything. We would just let people into the room and say "You can't see
the decorations because you're muggles!" I think we have a prom theme. MLIA

~Today, while texting a friend, I learned that my phone auto-corrects my spelling.
When I type 'okayyyyy?' my phone changes it to 'platypus?' I believe that is a
perfectly acceptable substitute. MLIA

~Today I was sitting in class doodling when I was called down to the office because
of a family emergency. My mother came and picked me up and drove me home. Turns out
the "family emergency" was my father and mother trying to turn on the PS3. I got to
stay home the rest of the day.

~Today, my roommate and I accidentally discovered that our phones can read our texts
out loud, and have been texting each other from the same couch for an hour just to
hear them out loud. We regret nothing. MLIA. 

~The other day, we had a dance at school the administration told all the students to
get off the dance floor. We were all a little confused until they rolled out massive
sheets of bubble wrap onto the dance floor and played the song bounce. Best dance
ever? I think so. MLIA

~Last week I read an MLIA about a student whose teacher kicked over a rolling white
board in their introduction to his unit on Greece, ever so gracefully screaming "This
is SPARTA!" as he did it. I mentioned to my students that I wished I could do that
because I don't have a whiteboard--only a mounted chalkboard. This morning, one of my
students walked through my door with a rolling whiteboard that he'd stolen from
another teacher's classroom with a big smile on his face. I love my students. MLIA.

~Today, I tried #10 of ways to get kicked out of walmart; Hide between clothing and
then jump out and yell "PICK ME!" I did this once, and the hot guy that was standing
there picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and asked the nearest sales woman how
much I was. We have a date tomorrow, thank you walmart. MLIA

~Today, my family came across a wishing fountain. I wished for an iTouch which my
brother thought was conceited. Wanting to look good in front of my parents, he wished
for world peace. The coin he threw bounced off the fountain and hit him on the head.
You can't fool the wishing fountain, brother. MLIA

~Today, the sinks flooded in the girls bathroom, somebody wrote in lipstick "the
chamber of secrets has been opened", I love my school. MLIA

~Today, my boyfriend IMed me and asked what I was up to. I told him I was watching
Pocahontas. A few seconds later, he logged off and I felt a bit hurt about it. Until
he showed up at my door fifteen minutes later out of breath, holding a giant bowl of
popcorn, and carrying two Snuggies. I think I'm in love. MLIA

~Today, I walked into my apartment and saw someone sitting on my couch, dressed as
Megatron. I screamed for my boyfriend, who then came running out of the kitchen
dressed as Optimus Prime, and threw Megatron to the ground. My boyfriend then came up
to me and told me that he would fight decepticons for me any day. He then got down on
one knee and proposed to me. I accepted. I don't know how I'm going to explain this
proposal to my parents. MLIA.

~Today, I walked into the principle's office, trying to act as serious as possible. I
slammed my hand down on the desk and said with a straight face, "I think we need a
pajama day." The principle thought it was a great idea and said, "That's a great
idea! But only if we have a nap time and story time." I agreed quickly and the
principle said that it would be soon. I'm in highschool. I've never felt more
sucessful in my life. MLIA.

~Today my mom told my 5 year old sister that she couldn't have a boyfriend until she
was 16. After explaining that her and her boyfriend were in love and soon to be
married, my mom continued to say no. Then she got really serious and said, "Mom,
sometimes you have to jump into the pool without your floaties on." My sister is so
inspirational. MLIA

~Today in my English class I got a bad case of the hiccups. The girl siting next to
me asked if I needed any peanut butter because it's supposed to help. I laughed and
said "yes". Next thing there was a jar of Jiff peanut butter and a spoon sitting on
my desk that she had pulled out of her backpack. New best friend? I think so. MLIA

~Today, I was working out at the gym. We have those machines with TVs on them, so you
can watch a show while you run on the treadmill. The person in front of me was
watching Dora the Explorer. I didn't want to change my channel to it because I didn't
want to embarass myself, but I was secretly watching her screen and not my own. I
turned to see 4 other people doing the same thing. We're in college. MLIA

~Today we were talking about Serial Killers in Government, the head cheerleader
proceeded to say, "That's so stupid, why would anyone want to kill a box of cereal?"
She did not understand why everyone was laughing so hard. I will never doubt school
stereotypes again. MLIA

~Today, I went with a friend to the grocery store, thinking it would be funny I
jumped in the cart. While on the cheese aisle a guy comes up and says "I just want to
say I'm really jealous of you, my girlfriend won't let me ride in our cart". Three
turns later we see them coming down the aisle he's in the cart with a huge grin
yelling "she let me in!". We high-fived as we passed, we're seniors in college. MLIA


MLIA makes me happy

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SamiGirl sings :   15 November 2009   294613  


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