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there's more to life than fashion.Category: surveyshitttt.
Monday, 12 October 2009
09:17:16 AM (GMT)
What's your mood like at the moment?: i guess sick, if that's even a mood.  

Did you wake up before 10am today?: i got woken up at around 6:40am. |:  

Is it raining?: i wish.
Who was the last person you hugged?: katie? or maybe justin.
Where were you last night at 11pm?: bed.
Do you pick up pennies for good luck?: haha, sure.  

Do you know the lyrics of the last song you listened to by heart?: mhm. woah the
wheel in the sky keeps on turning. ♥  

Who was the artist and what was the title of that song?: wheel in the sky - journey.
Who was your last call from?: tyler.
Who was your last call to?: voicemail.
Who was your last missed call?: tyler.
Have you ever donated blood?: no?
Do you know your bloodtype?: haha, nope.
What was your most unsual Halloween costume growing up?: blues clues. totally.
Where did you go on your last vacation?: florida.
Where is your next vacation going to be to?: idek.
What does your mom do for a living?: she works. duh.
What color is your car?: silver.
Were you born in the 1990's?: 1997. <3
Are you over 18?: noo.
Have you kissed anyone in the past 24 hours?: nope.
When was the last time someone cooked for you?: yesterday.
What is the nearest holiday?: halloween. (:
Is your birthday within the next 6 months?: uh no.
How are things with you and your most recent ex?: we're back together. it was a whole
mix up.
How old will you be in 2037?: i don't know, i'm too lazy to do the math.
Are you an aunt or uncle?: neither.
Do you know anyone who goes by their middle name rather than their first?: i call
people by their middle name, if that's what you
On a scale of 1-10,how often do people mispell/mispronounce your last name?: 2.
Pick up the nearest book, turn to page 8 and type the first sentence: "Read all
directions. Make sure you understand them." haha, old science book.
What's the title of that book?: Science. [:
Was the last person you shared a bed with male or female?: female.
Do you have any embarrassing nicknames?: toots. ahahahaha. my dad calls me that.
Who was the last person to tell you 'I love you'?: tyler. d:  

Do you think they meant it?: yeah. that kids been in love with me since the fifth
fucking grade.
Does your #1 wear glasses?: on myspace? i don't know.
Is your #2 over 21?: nooo.
Have you ever seen your #3 naked?: haha, on accident, yes.
How long have you known your #4?: kindergarten.
*True or False* 

Your fingernails are painted: true, half painted.
You have your nose pierced: false.  

You have a tattoo on your foot: false.
You graduated high school within the last 3 years:  false.

You drive a car newer than a 2006: false.

You have littered in the past 24 hours: false.
You live on your own: false.
You have attended a private school:  false.

You have had an x-ray in the last year: false.
You have run into someone embarrassing while buying a 'personal' item: false.
You sleep with the door closed: true.
You have smoked a pack of cigarettes in a day: false.
You believe everyone deserves a second chance: false.
You write in cursive on a regular basis: false.
You were single 2 months ago: false.
You have been in a relationship that lasted longer than a year: false.
You have been to Europe: false.

You have been to the Grand Canyon: false.
You have been to Yellowstone National Park: false.
You have been to one of the Great Lakes: true.
You have been to the Smokey Mountains: false.
You have freckles: truee.
You have hazel eyes: false.

You have blonde hair: false.

You watch The Office: false.
You watch Gossip Girl: false.
You watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians: true.
You were born in April, August, or September: false.
You are a Saggitarius: false.
You are a vegetarian: false, was.

You have kissed someone whose name began with 'Z': false.
'N': false.
'K': false.
'D': false.

You have worked in a fast food restaurant: false.
Your best friend is of the opposite sex: false.
You live within 20 minutes of a Walmart: true. aha.
You have liked someone and never told them: true.
You are in love with your ex: true, he's not an ex anymore.
You are wearing something pink: bracelet, true.

You would go out looking like you do right now: true.
You are more productive under pressure: false.
You have had a near death experience: TRUE.

You don't really know what you want out of life yet: false.

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