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lauren is fucking retarted!Category: (general)
Sunday, 4 October 2009
04:19:00 PM (GMT)
okay so most of yall prolly know the song party in the usa by miley cyrus? i dont
care if you like the song. dont comment bout the song cuz i will beat you down
verbally seeing as idk where you live. but ill make ppl on here hate you. so
anyways.... imma post the song. hang on.....
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okay. i think it posted.... if not, look it up on youtube
okay so i had this volleyball tournament yeaterday and between games the team would
hang in the locker room and talk bout stupid shit and listen to music on shelbys ipod
and we came to this songg...
so you know how she says and a jay-z song was on, and a jay-z song was on, and a
jay-z song was on?
well lauren on my team only listens to country music and she goes "whos jay-z?" 
and everyone stops and the music turns off and it got real quiet and shelby and me
both go " are you serious?!"
and so we explained to lauren who jay- z was by saying hes married to beyonce and
then i go "you do know who beyonce is right?" thank  god she did.
so when the song came to where miley goes and a britney song was on... etc.
lauren goes, "whos britney?"
and we all start freaking out and shes like im just kidding! and i was like oh thank
god. i thought i was gonna have to kill you! (:
lol i love the volleyball girls! (:

FEARLESSS says:   4 October 2009   445655  
when you said she was like WHOS BRITNEY
i was like i think i just died
peacebitchhh says:   4 October 2009   193823  
hahahahaha! youd love lauren! shes fucking hysterical!
FEARLESSS says:   4 October 2009   732748  
is she like jessie?
i love jessie :D
we so cheat on all those social studies sheets.
we get so mad because we never get a hundred.
we always get a stupid fucking ninety eight D:
peacebitchhh says :   4 October 2009   734233  
ahahahaha! her and jess are real good friends!
lauren is so southern!


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