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Forbidden- Part 2/3 of Chapter 1Category: (general)
Saturday, 3 October 2009
04:18:09 AM (GMT)
the last part ended with: ...Hey are you ok from earlier?............................. "I puked a bit, but other than that I'm fine. How about you and Emma?" said Justine. "I'm fine. And that must mean Emma is to. She's... really... strong." I said. Justine laughed. "You sound irritated. What did Jason do this time?" "Not him. Mittens. He went for Angel and Demon. Scared them half to death!" "Awww... How are they now?" Demon is fine, but I don't know about Angel." "Poor girl..." "Yeah, tell me about it..." By the time we hung up, it was 8:00. "God damn! I'm missing the news!" When I got downstairs, I turned on the T.V. to channel 5 news. Turns out there was a murder on the next street over. They found the body with no gun shots or anything, but completely drained of blood. 'That's strange' I thought. I turned off the T.V. and went to my room to get into my nightgown. It was midnight black with black-pearl lace up the throat area. then i climbed into bed. ' ' ' The next morning I woke up early. I also got to school early; I promised Justine and Emma i would meet them. Luckily, no one else was at school but us. Or so I thought... When we went inside, there were these five new (and insanely HOT!) guys. I heard one say his name was Zac. His friend was Cam. They had this sort of look like 'Get me mad, I'll tear you to shreds.' Well, after i was done staring, I saw Justine had planted her brown orbs on one of the other three boys. His two friends said their names were Matt and David. He refued to give a full name. "I don't have a full name..." he complained. "I've been known as 'Jake' my entire life. Nothing else." Mrs. Black, the secretary, sighed. Then she turned to us. "Ah, back from yesterday I see?" Emma, the only one not staring at a guy, replied, " Yes. we wanted to tell Coach we can't play for the rest of the week." One of the guys, Cam, looked and I'm thinking 'Oh my God.' Then he smiles and locked his eyes on mine. Green and blue....... Well anyway, he elbowed Zac and whispered something. Then Zac burst out laughing. I mean, when you think about it, these guys are HUGE! Not huge in height, I mean like, in muscle. Then Cam walked over to me. "Hey" he started. "I'm Cam... ehh, and you?" "Elli." I said. "Elena" Then he held outhis hand to me. 'Hand shake' i thought. But when i took it, he kind of hugged me. Justine's looking at my like 'Oh my God your SO lucky!' And i guess i blushed because then Cam laughed a bit. "So... see ya around?" he asked. "Yeah, I guess." I said. Then he and Zac left. I decided to go to my locker after that. After I got ready, I looked at my watch and saw I still hadhalf an hour. So I went outside. When I got outside, that Jake kid was leaned against the fence looking at me. When i walked by him he grabbed me by my arm. "Stay away from Cam and Zac." he said. "Why?" I asked, confused. I started to walk away. Quick as light, Jake spun me around and pinned me to the fence. "What the f--" i started to say. "Take my word for it" he growled. He stared at me with piercing brown eyes. "You will find out at some point." He whispered in my ear. I struggled against his grip, but damn, was he strong. One has to wonder if he is considering football... I was about to bite him, but Cam saw Jake. When he saw me, I heard a low growl develop in his throat as he approached us. "Let go of her" he hissed. Jake turned to face Cam. I got the hell out of there. Cam and Jake seemed to know each other quite well... I went to homeroom, math (ugh!), and I saw Cam. "Miss Foster, take a seat please." said Mr. White. I sighed. Cam took the empty seat next to me. "Hey again" "Hi" "You O.K.?" "Yeah, I guess." Mr. White, always having a side for jokes, said, "Well, Cam, you seem to have taken quite a liking to Elena. I guess i blushed because in seconds the class was laughing. Maybe at me, I don't know. Then everything around me faded... Remember... Don't Stay Near Them... aaaaaannnnnnndddddddd part 3/3 of chapter 1 will be out soon!
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