River Lights (Book 1 in The Legend of the Four Queens)~Prologue: The
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River Lights (Book 1 in The Legend of the Four Queens)~Prologue: The
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Wednesday, 23 September 2009
08:03:11 PM (GMT)
Prologue: The Legend Countless millennia before today’s lands and sights, there were four young queens. The queens were sisters and lived together in an ancient castle where today lies Alexandria, Egypt. They were very close, and very, very beautiful. Their names were Haliet, Toami, Soara, and Firel. Each of the four queens controlled an element of nature. The eldest, Haliet, controlled water. Toami controlled earth, and her twin, Soara controlled wind. Firel, the youngest of the four, controlled fire, and had a playful, yet fierce spirit to match it. On the day after Firel turned fifteen, all of the sisters split up and went into different countries. Each sought adventure and something more. They wanted something to make them feel complete. Haliet went to the great waterfalls of Sethes--now all died up in what is today Athens, Greece. There she found a cave of water dragons. Among them was one particular dragon, high and mighty, that seemed to be made out of crystal raindrops. Haliet approached the dragon and impressed it with her fighting skills, for she was a great warrior. The dragon took her as his master--or mistress--and together they returned to Alexandria. Toami went to the great mountains of the Himalayas--then much vaster and greater than today. There she, too, found a cave of dragons, but these were of earth. Among them was a brilliant green dragon made of emerald. Toami impressed the dragon with her knowledge, for she was very intelligent and led him away to the castle as his mistress. Soara flew high into the air, where she encountered a group of wind dragons. Among them was one that had scales like diamonds, and it threw rainbows across the sky where it flew. She impressed the dragon with her free spirit--for she was a very playful girl--and flew to the castle on its back. Firel went to what is now Mount St. Helens, but what then was but a great magma pit, where fire danced and played. She joined its happy rhythm easily. She had heard of her sisters’ acquiring dragons, and she had been urged to obtain one, too. However, Firel was a happy, dancing child and cared not to follow their pleas. It was not long before a group of dragons approached her. Among them was a great dragon of basalt-like scales. It looked cruel and horrid, but Firel looked into his splendid blue eyes and saw the kindness there as he warned her, in a deep, rumbling voice of stone, not to dance too close to the lava, or else fall in. She laughed and danced on, regardless, fearing not the dragon‘s words. She enchanted the dragon--for she was a lovely girl, both inside and out--while also causing him to worry for her safety. She became his mistress so as he could watch her, and together they went back to the castle. Not many people are aware, but dragons can turn into men and women after they gain a master or mistress--which is always the opposite gender, due to traditions ancient even then. However, the sisters prized their dragons so much, they told them never to exercise this ability. All four dragons agreed quickly--for who wanted to be human? After a time, Haliet--who was the coldest of them all and never truly liked the youngest queen--grew indifferent to her sisters and cared for nothing save her dragon and herself. She began to hate Firel, who tended to become wild and careless when playing, and plotted her death. Firel’s dragon soon realized this and quickly made plans to protect the girl he had grown to love--as all dragons strangely tend to love the one that controls them. He went to a secluded cave and tore off one talon and one huge scale. Using his fire powers, he fashioned them together into a sword. He gifted the sword, magically light and lethal, to Firel. Dragon swords are enchanted things. They are the most deathly of weapons, even in the hands of a beginner. They are also very impressionable. As soon as Firel gripped it in her hands, only someone with a wild fierceness could take hold of the sword ever again, or be horribly burned to their death. The water dragon saw this, and went to his mistress. She had him fashion a sword similarly, and she took hold. As soon as she did so, only one with a warlike heart could grab it again, or else be imminently frozen o their death. The twins’ dragons saw this and likewise fashioned swords for their mistresses. Toami’s sword could only be held by someone knowledgeable and wise in their heart, and Soara’s sword could only be held by one with a free-spirited heart. Then they crossed the blades and bond them another way--for once they did, the swords could only be used if the wielders fought together. Meanwhile, Haliet had approached Firel, and they had begun to fight. The twins, appalled, had run in between to stop them. Firel, with her fierce, wild nature, had been unable to stop before slicing Toami’s neck. Haliet simply had no care as she cut down Soara. Firel saw this, and, as she stood in horror, Haliet struck the young girl in the heart. With her last breath, Firel avenged herself and Soara by in turn cutting into the eldest sister’s heart. As the queens died, their dragons fell from a great height to the ground. As the dragons fell, they turned into four beautiful men, each the age of their mistress. When they hit the ground, all memory flooded out of them. The only thing they recalled was face of the human queen they had served. Each dragon went and took the sword they had created and hid it away. It is said that one day, four more girls will find the swords, and the dragons will waken. If the girl who takes the sword does not look as did the mistress they remembered, they would slay her. However, if she was a precise counterpart of that former queen, then the dragons would in turn seek to make the girls their new mistresses, as well as the mistress of those enchanted swords. Raven sighed, closing the book on the end of that legend. ‘The Legend of the Four Queens’ was her favorite in the collection. She smiled to herself. She did not know if all that was really true--doubted to a great degree, in fact--but some parts, she knew, where true. As she thought this, she reached over to stroke the Crystal Tear--the sword that had supposedly belonged to Haliet. Warlike, indeed, she thought, and she laughed.

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