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Alice's Worst NightmareCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 5 August 2009
05:50:02 PM (GMT)
Nightmare                    by: emorin/RinZelda_WheresMYHero/Melony      

Alice sat there and tried to sleep but simply counldn't.She hated thunderstorms
especially when she can't see a darn thing.She could see shadows all around her.Then
as she tryed to doze off she heard a thud.She quickly jumped out of bed towards the
closet.Slowly she opened the door.Creakkkkk went the door.All of a sudden she saw
what looked like a bear."AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"screamed Alice.She ran out of the room
crying and screaming.She ran downstairs."Mother Mother"She screamed."What is it Alice
and what are you doing still up?"replied her mother.      "Oh mother it was horrible
theres a monster in my closet!!!!"Alice screamed."Alice go to bed!!!"Her mother
screamed. "Oh but-" "Alice ill check for you ok?"her mother replied.She nodded her
head.Alice followed close behind her mother.Her mother walked into her room Alice
stayed out.Her mother finally came out."It was a pile of clothes and books!!!"her
mother yelled.
"Now Go to sleep!"      "Yes mother"Alice said sourly.She climbed into bed and dozed
She woke up the next morning and went downstairs.She found a note on the table it
I went to the store be back in a hour or two 
"Great"she thought.She headed upstairs then heard a big thud coming from the Front
door.She heard a window smash.She ran to an upstairs window to see what happened.She
saw the arm of someone.She heard someone yell "Find the girl!!!!" It was a man's
She heard someone coming towards the steps."Go upstairs and look for her!!!!"yelled
the same voice.She ran into her room and into the closet.She heard someone coming up
the steps.She hid behind the clothes."You look in there ill look in here"said a new
"Only if i had a ladder or something to stand on then could get into the
attic"thought Alice.
She heard furniture moving quickly she climbed on top of the clothes and opened the
door to the attic.
She climbed in and closed the door.She kept it open a crack.She saw someone but
couldn't tell who it was.She waited a few minutes but was starting to fall asleep.
Alice was up there for at least 30 minutes she finally came down.She heard someone
coming into her room she hid behind the clothes but not quick enough......
"Alice what are you doing you had me worried and you broke the kitchen
window!!!!!!!!"yelled her mother.
"Stop yelling at me!!!"Alice yelled back "Don't you speak to me li-" Alice cut her
off "Someone broke in and I was hiding!!!!!!!"screamed Alice.
"Alice your the biggest ungrateful brat i've ever met!!!I'm your mother!!!"yelled
Alice's mother.
"Well not any more!!!!!!!"Alice screamed back.
All of a sudden Alice woke up in the attic.
"It was a dream???"Alice thought.
Alice climbed down from the attic.She started to walk downstairs she got to the
bottom.All of a sudden she saw it
She quickly ran upstairs.She ran straight to her closet.She sat down in it and began
to cry.She hid behind the clothes.
She heard them yelling and running up the stairs. "Find her!!!"
  She sat there and cried in the dark closet wanting to be free but knew that was
She heard a sound and covered her mouth in horror when it came in it
The Queen of Heart's Card Man
She screamed and cried yelled...but could not be heard
They picked her up and carried her to the kitchen.They put her in a sack.
"Help!!!!"screamed Alice.She sat there and screaming and crying.
Finally it was about 20 minutes later.She was put down.
Then they opened the bag.
She was grabed by the hair.She had to walk with them or it would hurt.
They picked her up the one pulling her hair she kicked and screamed.
She was crying and screaming when she entered the castle.
"Shut Up"said the Queen as Alice was tooken to the court room
"Kill her!'laughed the Queen
The Card wrapped around her ceasing her oxygen
"Help!" Alice managed to screem but once again could not be heard....
Last edited: 27 August 2009

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