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Saturday, 1 August 2009
01:06:57 AM (GMT)
Now. Before the chapter starts, I need to warn you that it is a long chapter. About
3,000 words are on it. But, it's also Ereya's good-bye to Galia and hello to her new
friends, Bloom and Irene. Also, as I have already told you, Moje's character is
Irene. Moje just made an oekaki that said she had 400 kidnaps. I planted that on the
story and put it as 400 pieces. Bloom's "qoute", I got from Lora herself.
I needed to merge Ereya's plan to going to the capital to meeting Irene and Bloom.
So, it is a very very long chapter. 

Here comes the chapter.


Ereya Chloris, a seventeen year old girl from Galia, a small town dreams of exploring
the realm she lives on, Teruma. But, because of her curiosity, she ends up getting
her wish the wrong way. Now, she's off to explore the whole of Lire. And to the
vanquished golden city of Iona.


That morning after I spoke with Faye, I couldn't believe that I actually talked to a
real princess. More specifically, a princess from the fallen Iona. I swore to myself
that no matter how curious I might be, I would never take a step towards that dreaded
kingdom. Now, I am to save Lire by saving Iona.

I was sleeping in my bed when I noticed that I just could not sit still. I must find
a way to the capital, one way or the other. I must learn to become an enchanter no
matter what it takes. I wouldn't break any laws, I am sure of that. If only there's a
way I could sneak into that school and learn elemental magic.

Destiny on the other bed raised an eyebrow and bothered not to ask about my
fidgeting. But, when I accidentally said out loud, "How am I gonna sneak in..?" She
jumped up and raised her eyebrow higher.

I looked up at her and bit my lip, "Hi. Nice morning."

"I thought you were over that school thing?" Destiny told me, her face sideways, arms
on her hips and eyebrow raised.

I breathed and though I didn't plan to, I told her about Faye and the quest. Destiny
was shocked a made a promise to an enchanted mirror. She began walking to and fro,
her arms swaying and she was saying, "Ereya, I know you're not as sharp as I am but
how could you?"

"This is my wish, Destiny. I can finally do as I want."

"You want to sneak inside a school?"

"I have to. That is the only way I'll learn to become an enchanter, remember?"

"Let me speak to this Faye."

Just right then, Mother came out of the door and said, "Destiny, are you ready to go?
Have you got your suitcases packed? Oh sweetie..I'm gonna miss you."

Destiny looked at me. I glanced at her. Then to my mother. "Mother, I need your

Mother turned to me and told me, "That mirror is suppose to be Destiny's going-away
gift. I can't give it to you."

"Well. Do you have a going-away gift for me? Because I passed." I had no idea why I
was stupid enough to say that, but I did not take back my words. I knew this was the
only chance I had. I only have a few hours. Only a few, and I had to make a plan

"What?!" Both of my parents voices came out of their mouths, shocked and suspicious.

"Yes. I was afraid you'd be this way, both of your daughters going away. But, I
needed to tell you." I said to them, raising my head and trying to make an apologetic
face. After all, I was feeling a lot of emotions. I was excited, but sad. I was
nervous, but happy.

My parents heads turned to Destiny and she shrugged, taking out her suitcases.

"Well, do you have everything ready?" They asked me worriedly.

I looked at Destiny and she nodded to convince me that she playing along with my
plan. "No. But, you know how I am. I procrastinate a lot." Giving them a look that
said "Remember?", I took out my bags and began piling my clothes in.

"Ereya, we don't understand. We- We are confused and shocked and amazed." All of
their words came piling in and I was feeling guilty by then. But, it was the chance
of a lifetime. I had to take it. When this is all over, I'll visit them and maybe,
we'll travel all together.

"Believe me. So was I." Destiny's voice came out of nowhere. I turned to her and she
was holding out all of her bags to my father. I nodded to them and began putting all
of my things inside one bag and the other. I sighed and watched as my parents turn
smiling with pride. Now..My plan.

When all of my essential things (my clothing, remembrance from home, a lot of other
things) were put in bags, I saw Talia waving at me the living room. Destiny was
beside her, and I knew that my sister had told Talia everything. She smiled an open
smile and gestured me to come towards her.

I walked to them and Talia said, "Don't worry, if anything happens, any sign that
your parents might come to know that you weren't accepted, I'll hold them off."

I was relieved. And I was glad. There was no one as kind and loyal of a best friend
as Talia is. Now, all I needed was a plan to get in without catching attention. I saw
an ink-eraser, one that my Calligraphy teacher gave me for being her top student. I
grinned and held it up with a pen.

Destiny and Talia looked at each other and they both breathed deeply. Their faces
seemed to be saying, "Good luck." I looked down and began running towards the
carriages where they will be taking the accepted students.

When I looked back, Destiny and Talia were on my tail, carrying my bags. I stopped
and so did they. Destiny had a pained look on her face and said, gasping for her
breath, "Ereya, you owe me. Seriously. You owe me big time."

I replied, "Yeah, yeah." Then viewed Mrs. Tinners and an a younger man talking. Mrs.
Tinners was holding a piece of paper, it's golden edges glowing from the sun's strong
glare. The man must be the escort, because he had a uniform I recognized from the
History lessons I had to endure the past few years.

I turned around and saw both my sister and my best friend murmuring suggestions to
each other. Clearly and plainly, I looked straight towards them and said, "We need a
diversion. A loud one."

They stopped talking and began to think deeply. I, on the other hand was panicking
slightly. I looked at a tiny clock inside Destiny's opened cloudy blue bag. I had
thirty minutes to pull this off. If I didn't, everything would be ruined.

Then, Talia looked up as if startled and excited at the same time. She smiled at me
and exclaimed, "Your smoke bombs!" She opened her floppy tan bag and took out some
gray heavy circular smoke bombs that she had confiscated from me a few days ago.

"Brilliant." I complemented her, taking one out of her somewhat shaky hands. Then, I
put it back. "Talia, go to the farthest side of the school. Make sure that the smoke
can be seen. Mrs. Tinners and the escort will think that there's a fire. After you
smash it in the ground, run as fast as you can, and come back here. Make sure we get
to say goodbye. Alright?"

I eyed her carefully. Her face seemed to be confident and straight with
determination. But, her mouth was shaking and her eyes glimmered with droplets of
tears. I smiled confidently at her and then, hugged her tightly.

"You can do this. You're Talia." I whispered to her before I let go. She nodded
firmly and ran towards the school. For the first time, I noticed how fast she ran and
how much I'm gonna miss her and all those times she stood up for me when everybody
else didn't.

I wanted to give myself some hopeful words. That Talia will be all right. And my
family will be all right. But I couldn't. Then suddenly, Faye's face appeared on the
mirror that Destiny almost made it fall. I caught it in time and Faye told me, "She
will be fine. She looks like a strong girl. Maybe it's you who's been pushing her to
be this confident. Or maybe, the both of you have been building yourselves up, even
though you couldn't see it."

Talia was quiet, and she would never hurt anyone. Not even a single bug, no matter
how ugly or annoying it is. She doesn't base on looks or race. And for once, I
noticed that she was always there when I needed her. I knew then, that no matter how
far apart we were, our bond will be a chain that would never break, no matter how

Destiny pulled me into a hug and we looked towards the horizon. A gray and vivid
smoke was coming out of the buildings. I nodded and smiled as I saw my best friend's
figure come out, running towards us. She had done it. I was so thankful and I was so
happy that tears were slipping down my chins as Talia gave me a huge bear hug.

We let go and I saw then that Mrs. Tinners and the escort was gone. They were running
towards the school, while everybody was screaming. I only had say, fifteen minutes.
This was my chance. I saw the dropped paper and began using the ink eraser carefully,
making sure no lines, no names were being erased. But, of course, I had to erase one

Then, neon lights appeared next to the name.

Sabrina Larum. A-ha.

I began erasing her name, quickly and carefully, making sure not to thread my fingers
on anything except for the edges. Destiny and Talia was looking around, making sure I
wasn't seen. Done.

Looking at Mrs. Tinners handwriting and studying it, I grinned. Easy. I began
swirling the pen in my hand, curling letters that Mrs. Tinners curled, swirling lines
that Mrs. Tinners swirled. I held the paper up, and my name, Ereya Chloris was
written as if it was Mrs. Tinners who wrote it.

I turned to my sister and my best friend. They wore shocked looks at where Sabrina's
name was suppose to be in. Destiny was still gaping but Talia wore a proud look and
she grinned back at me.

I dropped the paper back where I found it and after a few minutes, Mrs. Tinners and
the man came running back. Crossing my fingers, Mrs. Tinners gave the paper to the
man at ease and began talking again. About a couple of minutes afterwards, Mrs.
Tinners was walking back towards the school and them man was holding the paper

"Well. This is it." I told Talia, "Thanks for everything. Really. When this is all
over, I promise I'll come back and we'll travel together." She nodded, wiping away
her tears that were swiftly sliding down her face.

I was tearing up too but I knew Talia would be all right. I knew so. Because she was
Talia. She nodded and we hugged once more. After we said good bye, she walked back
towards her home. I waved to her, knowing it will be a long time when I can wave to
her again. She waved back and I felt something inside my pocket.

Talia's golden anklet. I turned to her and though I couldn't see, I felt it. She was
smiling to me. I put the anklet around my ankle and I felt as if Talia was going with
me. She would be alongside me every second. I knew it.

I breathed again and looked at Destiny who was wearing a cautious, yet proud look. I
smiled at her and she nodded. I will be fine. My best friend and my sister will be
there. Destiny slipped Faye's mirror into my hand and then I felt that feeling again.
My parents presence was there too. The mirror was meant to be for Destiny, but it was
mine now. They would be there, strenghtening me with I needed it the most. I was

When I arrived at the carriage, the escort gave me a look and I said, "Ereya Chloris.
Seventeen. Female." He scanned the paper and nodded, opening the door.

I entered the carriage, and a few people were in there, giving me surprised looks and
I shrugged but I smiled. Destiny came in later and muttered to me, "Sabrina's out
there, arguing that she was accepted. Of course, we all know she wasn't." My sister
winked at me and I gave her an open smile.

A few minutes later, I passed my house and Talia's too. She waved to me and I waved
back. I touched the anklet and I saw her touch the place where her heart is. We will
always be best friends. And she'll be there with me through each journey, and I will
be there next to her everytime she feels lonely.

And then I saw my parents talking with Mrs. Tinners. I gasped and gave a worried
look. When we passed through Galia's gates, I saw my parents talking to Talia along
with Mrs. Tinners.

I hoped that Talia would make it somehow, and I prayed while crossing me fingers. It
was a long ride to the capital and soon I got bored but, fortunately I made it.

When we arrived, everybody made "woah" noises. I rolled my eyes, but I was a
impressed. Everything seemed to fancy and clean. When we got to the gates, some women
were handing slips of paper. When I neared them, they gave me a slip of paper that
said, "Ereya Chrloris. Room 157."

Jeez. They can't even spell my last name right. Some fancy school. I nudged Destiny
and she showed me her paper. "Destiny Chloris, Room 159."

I trudged next to her and saw that the school was fancy. The walls and floors were
squeaky clean, and the columns were made of shiny marble. The wooden doors were
polished to shine brilliantly, because the golden doorknobs were practically glowing.
I opened the room that said "Room 157." Inside, it didn't look so formal. If I had to
explain it, it looked like a rainbow popped inside the room.

The left side was as clean as anything can get, but the right side was different. It
looked so colorful. Paintings of every kind. And they weren't amateur-made. They
looked professional and well-done. And sitting on a chair, with a canvas spread in
front of her, painting a rainbow, was my roommate.

She turned to me and smiled, her hazel-brown eyes studying me, "Bloom Chary. Nice to
meet you." I looked at her and smile, while putting my things on my bed, "Ereya
Chloris. Nice to meet you too." I looked around her side of the room and added, "This
room didn't turn out as normal as I thought it would be."

"Oh, no. I am completely normal. It's everyone else that's weird." Bloom answered me,
her brown-blonde hair swaying as she looked from her original rainbow painting to one
that was drawn on a piece of paper. Bloom looked at me and picked up the drawing of
the rainbow, "This one isn't mine. This one is made by Irene Clark, in Room 159.

I nodded and opened the door, only to see my own sister with a girl about the same
age as Bloom. She smiled and said, "Hi. You must be Destiny's sister." I nodded
cautiously and turned towards Bloom who smiled and waved to the girl, "Hey, Irene.
This is my new roommate, Ereya."

Irene took out her hand and I shook it, still cautious. Destiny rolled her eyes and
said, "So, that must be Bloom, right?" Bloom nodded to my sister.

Destiny turned to me and said, "Irene's a professional artist. She's sold over 400
pieces." I raised my eyebrows and my mouth fell open.

"How old are you again?" I asked Irene, studying her. "Nineteen." She answered me,

"Wow. You guys are like, super geniuses."

"Thank you." Both Irene and Bloom replied in unison.

I knew then that my life would change drastically. I've said good-bye to my past, and
have found two new friends. Both who's talents made me see that life wasn't just
about you, it's who surrounds you. And the things that you should be grateful for, no
matter how little.

‹Puppeh.› says:   1 August 2009   113136  
I love it how you use Jim's quote.
I almost teared up when she was leaving Talia.
Irene has mad artistic skills. :3
I love your story! Awesome job so far!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   2 August 2009   787299  


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