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do you beleive in the afterlife????Category: (general)
Saturday, 25 July 2009
10:30:35 PM (GMT)
Through my investigations through the internet and the television, i have
come to my conclusion on the paranormal.
I do 100% beleive that they do exsist.
There is just too much evidence to say that they dont. Through the evp's
and the thermal cameras and the sightings on screen of orbs and strange
figures and shadows, you just have to beleive that they exsist.
If you listen closly to any of the evp's, you may be able to hear a real live ghost
or spirit
When i have reasearched the internet and seen on Ghost Hunnters, you are able to
hear them
I have once heard a little girl sing. Clearly. And a younge infant cry.
I have also heard a laugh of a woman, suddenly fadng away.
Thermal cameras also give em enough evidence to beleive that they 
usually ghosts and spirts give off hot spots. And the may appear in figures
made of white and red.
you may also see them walk threw the veiw of the thermal camera.
Its also amazing what you can catch on video and pictures.
You may be able to see a disoriented face or orbs.
Orbs are usually a ball of energy given off by  a spirit or a ghost.
If you can catch an orb on a video you will usually see it floating around.
When i see a face of a ghost or a spirit, it is usually in a photo graph.
I opce saw a television program on a haunted inn, where a witch had sacraficed 
many many younge children. she was a very mean andcruelful
woman. there was a photograph showed on the show of her face looking 
out of her bedroom window.
So, i feel really bad for the poor woman children and men who died and are  roaming
this earth.
and all these people bothering them.
yes some of them or maybe all of them do get lonely, but
some would just like to be left alone and not bothered.
and some may be put there for a reason.
no one really knows why they are here. and why they cant leave.

leave your oppinion in the comment box plz. 

‹SkidRow~♥› says:   26 July 2009   586965  
i belive u i used to watch ghost hunters but now
i have no tv at the moment
catloverextreme says:   26 July 2009   958657  
u guys should watch most haunted X3
its so cool i love it
‹Funn_size› says:   26 July 2009   957198  
i think i watched that show when they were investigating the haunted
sorry you dont have a tv. it must really suck!
emmapupster says:   27 July 2009   242539  
I think that the after life exists and most people go to it but
others ho do not think that it is their time to leave earth become a
areka123 says:   27 July 2009   754287  
yes the after life is real.. a ghost lives in my house.. seriously..
i leave it alone but sometimes its in pictures and it looks like
someone i adore and trust! she left when i was four and now shes
lurking my home. she adores me and i adore her! when im alone and sad
or just need to let my emotions find me my room gets colder. gives me
goose bumps rly, but i alow it and wish she was still with me. my
brother beleives me but he tells his friends and then shes not ther!
my parents dont beleive us. they never have! its actualy quit sad.
‹Funn_size› says:   28 July 2009   677558  
shes probably your friend and trusts you
‹Hypochondriac› says:   17 October 2011   482579  
i ♥ watching Celebrity Ghost Stories and My Ghost Story, some of
the stories are practicly impossible to forget!
‹make my speakers go BOOM BOOM› says :   18 October 2011   880328  
I have seen all the ghost showes there are on tv and i have had my
own experiences. So yes i do believe in the afterlife. (=


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