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City of Confusion - Chapter 3 - In the Belly of the BeastCategory: City of Confusion
Wednesday, 8 July 2009
03:00:45 PM (GMT)
The group of girls marched down the street. They were eye catchers for sure. They
were all beautiful and obviously a bit eccentric. One was tall, thin and blonde. She
looked bored and annoyed, shooting daggers with her eyes at anyone who dared get in
their way or stare too long. One was short and small, with light pink hair. She
walked with a sort of bouncing dancer's step. Her features were distinctly Asian. Her
purse jingled along with her every move. Another had long purple hair. She wore neon
bright colors and almost skipped along. Her eyes darted around her absorbing every
detail of her surroundings. One strolled along looking sweet and innocent. Her blonde
hair and music note necklace bounced as she walked. The last wore a black jumpsuit
looking dress and had her brown hair in curled pigtails. She had large chunky combat
boots on her tiny feet and bright pink streaks in her hair. Dark sunglasses shielded
her sensitive grey eyes.

The girls walked on, obviously knowing their destination. Their obvious closeness and
self-confidence acted as a force field, pushing away the crowd like moses in the red
sea. They all stopped dead in front of a large stone gothic, a church it appeared.
Rachel knew that if she let her eyes go out of focus, that the dark imposing stone
building would fade into a desiccated cathedral with broken windows and police tape.
She let her vision fade in and out transforming the cathedral. In and out and in and
out, glamour, no glamour, glamour, no glamour, towering gothic, crime scene, in and
out and in and out.

Very entertaining, she thought to herself with a nod.

The girls all looked at each other.

"Ready gals?" Katilix asked.

"Oh yeah," Rose laughed, the evil smile coming back.

Evanna and Annabelle looked at each other and nodded.

"Show time girls," Annabelle sighed, squaring her shoulders and swallowing her

Don't worry, she thought to herself, this will run right on plan. I trust
these girls with my life. But it wasn't her girls she was worried about, it was
the plan. There was so much that could go wrong, so little room for error.

Evanna stepped up to the large doors, and they swung open. A petite girl with bright
red hair stepped out. Her red-rimmed eyes widened at the sight of the girls. She
sniffed and finally nodded at the girls, held the door ajar, and stepped aside so
they could file in. Evanna placed her hand on the door and nodded a thanks to the
girl who quickly ran down the steps and pulled out something small and shiny. She had
soon disappeared down the street, hand to her ear.mThe girls all stepped inside. The
cathedral was dark inside, lit only by scattered candles. There were shadows
everywhere, maybe too many shadows, Rachel thought with a shiver.

The girls made their way down the aisles to the old run-down elevator. Katilix
glanced at their group.

"I don't think we're gonna all fit, guys," she step-touched.

"Hmm, good point. Annabelle, Rose, and I will go up first," Evanna said, one hand on
her hip, the other on her chin,"Rach, you and Kat will come up next."

"Sounds good," Annabelle agreed. She stepped into the old thing, Evanna and Rose
followed her. The elevator slowly closed and slowly rose. Annabelle was uneasy,
Evanna in deep thought, and Rose drumming on the wall. The elevator came to a stop
and Rose stepped out first. Evanna followed and they both stopped in the hallway
outside the elevator, waiting for their friend. Annabelle cautiously stepped out. The
elevator went down. A few tense moments later it rose back up and two girls stepped
out to join the girls standing in the hallway.

"Okay, we're all here. We're in. Now, we just-"Annabelle turned to walk down the
hallway and walked right into a wall, a large, soft, muscular, nice-smelling wall.
She looked up. The wall was shaped like a boy, a very, very, handsome boy, maybe a
year older than she. He had golden hair that obviously had missed a haircut or two
and curled into his eyes. He had beautiful, gold eyes. His skin was pale white. He
wore a tight fitting v-neck black tee-shirt that emphasized his muscles. Faint scars
laced up his arms and neck.

"Um, hello," he said, snapping her out of her extremely embarrassing daydream. She
rubbed her hand across her mouth to make sure she wasn't drooling. She could hear
Katilix and Rachel snickering behind her. She was furious. Embarrassment and anger
made a hot red blush color her face. She composed herself as quickly as possible.

"Hello, um,"

"Jace Wayland," he smiled, "and you are?"

"Annabelle Leigh," she smiled back.

"Like the poem?" He asked, obviously amused.

"Exactly." He was flirting with her, she knew, and she was flirting back.

"AHEM..." someone in behind her said, very subtly. Not.

"Oh, yeah. These are my friends," she began to introduce them, but they naturally
took over themselves.

"Evanna Light," Evanna waved.

"Rachel Clymer," Rachel nodded.

"Katilix Camui," Kat announced, jazz hands and all.

"Rose Baker," Rose waved, looking uninterested.

"Nice to meet you all," he nodded to them, "and very nice to meet you Miss Leigh."

Annabelle laughed.

"Mhm, well, do you have any rooms available?" Evanna asked, mind actually on the

"Oh, yes, of course. This way," he said, and lead them to their rooms.


The rooms were good sized, held two beds, and were nicely lit. The girls had all
unpacked and gathered in Katilix and Evanna's room. They sat on the beds and on the
floor in a circle, eyes constantly darting from their friends' faces to the closed
door. Annabelle was the worst, she could barely take her eyes off it.

"HEY! Earth to Annie!" Rachel said, loudly, waving a hand in Annabelle's line of

"Annie are you okay? You okay? You okay, Annie?" Katilix sang. Rose promptly smacked
her on the back of the head, shutting her up.

"Yeah. It's just, I don't know. We're in the belly of the beast. And it feels like
there's someone right outside the door, waiting or us to say something incriminating,
or...Kat! No-" Katilix had popped up and tip-toed over to the door. She even included
a James Bond roll and a Charlie's Angels pose. She slowly grabbed the door knob,
turned it even more slowly, and flung it open. The hallway was empty. Just to be
sure, Katilix stuck her head out, and looked both ways down the hallway. Nothing.

"I think your vigilance is slipping into the paranoia range, Ann," Rachel sighed.

"Yeah, it's always paranoia until you're right!" Annabelle muttered to herself.
Evanna laughed,

"I still think she's a little shaken up rom our little run-in earlier."


"OoOoOoh!" Rachel, Katilix and Rose chorused.

"SHUT UP!" Annabelle yelled, throwing a pillow at her friends, which Rose caught and
chucked back, with twice the force, of course.

"Either way," Evanna started, quieting them, "I think we need to stick to the

"Yepperz," Kat agreed.

"Mm," Rachel nodded.

"Yeah," Rose said.

"I agree completely," Annabelle nodded.

"Well you couldn't tell by the look on your face earlier. You were practically

"Was not!"

"Hmm. Well we can't be so easily distracted, the mission is far too fragile for

"I was not distracted," Annabelle started, "merely caught off guard."

"Mm...right...well, just don't let it happen again."

"Who are you? My kingergarten teacher? My mom? I think not," Annabelle snapped.

"Am I interrupting something?" the boy they had met earlier, Jace, was standing in
the doorway. Annabelle jumped about three feet in suprise and then gave her friends a
look saying, "I told you someone could sneek up on us!"

"Oh, no nothing," Rachel smiled. She sounded like a terrible liar.

"Well, it's dinnertime, and Isabelle, Alec and I were going to head down to Taki's
and grab a bite to eat, and I was wondering if you all wanted to join us."

Annabelle looked over to Evanna, and then, remembering she was mad at her, quickly
turned away. She turned instead to Katilix,  who gave a tiny nod, enough that you
would notice it if you were looking, but undetectable otherwise.

"Sounds great," Annabelle said with a smile. Evanna shot her a death look. "Do you
think you could give us a few minutes though?"

"Sure," he turned and walked down the hallway. Rachel got up and shut the door.

"Well, this is going to be interesting," she decided aloud.

"Yes, very, very interesting," Evanna said, turning to face Annabelle on each word.

"Yes, but the way I see it," Kat explained, "is that we wanted to get inside the
Institute, we've done that, but why stop there? I figure, we should get as close as
we can, the better to take them out, my dear."

"True, but the closer we get, the better the chance of getting emotionally
involved," she turned to Annabelle "and I'm afraid that we're already getting too
close," still looking at Annabelle, "and you know what happens when we get too
close." Still, yep, looking at Annabelle.

"Hey! That's hardly fair! That was only my third mission! I've gotten much better
since then!" Annabelle said quickly, defending herself.

"We're professionals. We know what can happen. We'll be fine." Rachel said.

Famous last, words, right? Annabelle, and probably everyone else, thought to

"Want me to bring some extra back up?" Rose offered. The girls all flinched.

"Um, no. I don't think we need to blow up the diner, dear." Kat replied.

Famous last words, right? We have a talent for those...
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Katilix says:   9 July 2009   732937  
To quote Sweeney Todd:

"I bow to a skill far defter than my own."

Or something like that.

I was literally halfway through when I fell off my chair laughing.

Cracking up when I saw that my name had a bit of a...flair (ALAGACKT)

And dying, DYING, of laughter when I James-Bond-rolled and
Charlies-Angels and Smooth-Criminal'd.


I think I'm crazy for this story.
gothprincess says:   10 July 2009   995878  
haha i knew youd love it...haha looked the name up special for you
Rose_Baker says:   13 July 2009   968641  
I love it so much.

gothprincess says:   14 July 2009   789496  
Rose_Baker says:   14 July 2009   768636  
but....  but....... but....... it'll be fun
Rose_Baker says:   14 July 2009   289146  
sorry corection  it'll se SO fun
Rose_Baker says:   14 July 2009   354696  
sorry another corection it'll be so, so, so much fun
gothprincess says:   15 July 2009   376978  

yes, but to have a story, we need people, live ones...
Ixceka says:   20 July 2009   812474  
OH...MY....GOOOOSH! I absolutely love it! You know us too well! 
My sister woke me up this morning by banging on my door until I got
up, so I was in a pretty bad mood....then I read your story. It made
me smile inside and now my day is all better!!!! ^_^
gothprincess says :   20 July 2009   418363  
yay! im glad you like it!


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