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Asami Sato: chapter 1: the rose girlCategory: stories
Thursday, 11 June 2009
09:10:44 PM (GMT)
the new girl; Asami Sato doesn't have any friends she doesn't talk much either she
has many medical problems every day at lunch she has to go to the nurse for 5
different types of medicine and no one knows what they're for, she has long silver
shiny hair, pink eyes, and she is always seen when she's pretty much alone examining
a rose and holding it up so sh can see it she never smiles she somehow looks sad she
is about 4'11" in her height maybe an inch or 2 shorter she is the smallest girl at
our school and she seems to instantly vanish after school when we all walk out of the
class room some people try to follow her and she just seems to vanish right when she
gets out of the class room she is a very fast runner she is good at anything we do in
gym-class most of the girls envy her and a lot of the guys like her anyone who talks
to her ends up getting looked at blankly and then ignored we know she listens to us
she just doesn't want to talk she has been seen talking on her cell phone in the
bathroom so we know she's not Deaf she talks about very strange things on the phone
too she tries to only talk on it when she thinks no one is around some people think
that she's some sort of vampire or phantom she has whispered a few things to some
people seemingly or she could just be acting like she's talking no one has claimed
that she actually has talked to them,

"no.... why?.... yes i will capture them..... so Kei has awakened?..... ok good bye"
i said the first day on the phone my sister has awakened from a deep sleep from being
crated i work at a lab my family owns we experiment on making human beings from rose
petals like how i was made but i was made from an early bud petals so i lived the
life of a normal person but my whole life i had known since i was the first one to be
created the others are never told so far all we have is, me (made from purple rose
petal), Emi (made from white rose petal), Kiku (made from yellow rose petal), and Kei
(made from pink rose petal) i am 16 years old Emi is 7 years old Kiku is 14 years old
and Kei is not even a year old yet soon we are making twins from orange rose petals
we are only made from early bud petals so we can live a whole life i am creating the
twins so i will be their mother they will be made from the same roses petals they
should awaken in a month or 2 i wish i had friends but i am not aloud to talk to
people at school because i might give something away no one in my family has ever
given normal human birth for i am not exactly human because i started out from a rose
petal my hair is really a purplish silver color and my eyes are really Orchid colored
you can barely tell that my hair has purple in it the others don't have silver in
their hair because with me they had a slight mess up that made my hair appear with a
silver like color  people call me the rose girl because i look at roses i know when
they look i just don't want to many people to look at the same time maybe when i seem
to be alone before school starts i don't really vanish into thin air after school
either i seem to leave the class room with everyone else but i don't even leave
people can somehow magically see me leaving with everyone else but i don't i wait in
the class room for everyone to leave the room then i jump out the window after the
teacher is gone just because it's quicker and my class room is only on the first
floor anyway my parents pick me up out front well my creators anyway known as my
parents but i call them by their names instead of mom or dad "hey Rei, how is Kei
doing so far?" i asked my 'mom' who picked me up that day "she's doing nicely we're
getting her medication made with some of her blood right now in the labs just like
you she will have to get blood drawn every time we run out which normally is around a
month or 2" said Rei, i truly love her and Satoshi they're good parents but i hope
the two twin girls will call me mom i was raised to call my parents by their first
names for some reason Kei is my little sister the other 2 are my sisters children
because she made them even though we are not to be told while we are under the age of
20 (besides me) we are told on our 20th birthday then we can start making children
out of petals the only reason why we started doing this is because the rest of Rei's
and Satoshi's family was all dead and Rei couldn't give birth for some reason so they
decided to do this so their families wouldn't be completely gone when they die
anyways when i got home first thing i did was go to the lab in our hidden basement
(there is no door well there is but in one place on out floor that has a string that
is a different color that our carpet that pulls up a door then you go down on a built
in ladder) to see Kei i'm lucky i never have homework like everyone else outside my
family because my parents told my teachers every year that i have other things i have
to do everyday and i have no time for homework but i have to work harder when i'm at
school than everyone else so i can pass if i get anything below a B- then i'll fail
unlike everyone else, "she's beautiful" i said when i saw Kei 

-end of Chapter 1
Last edited: 13 June 2009

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