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Wednesday, 3 June 2009
10:35:54 AM (GMT)
My house is gorgeous. Beautiful. Nothing compared to this one. To explain would take
words I don't have. Let's say, overlook the mansion and place castle. Cheateau.
 I look around for Romeo. "Romeo? Romeo? Where are thou, Romeo?" I call.
 "Over here, Juliet!" he calls, carrying my bags I brought on the plane easily. I
have, like, four hundred books in there--incase me and 
Dad don't hit it off right away and I need something read, or do. I assume Brylee and
Slade want some 'couple' time. And, in the other bag is my lap-top, I-pod,
cell-phone, Ds I, and about nine hundred CDs. I am so prepared.
 "That's sweet," Brylee says. "Why don't you ever do that, Salde?"
 "My name's not Romeo. It would sound stupid. Anyway, TK, your middle name's
 I groan. "Both of them ended up dead, remember?"
 Romeo smiles to himself and shakes his head. He seems a little nervous, but an
all-around good guy.
 I look at him. "Look, if I'm lying in a pool of blood, don't kill yourself until you
see them lower me in the ground. I'm too pretty to die young. You die, that's it. I'm
not dying for you."
 He smiles again. "Uh, come on. Yeah. Your rooms."
 He leads us into the house, chattering in Italian. "Mr. and Mrs. Costello are at a
meeting in India. They shouls be arriving in an hour. The children are here, though.
Rory is in her room. Robbie is in your room, Juliet."
 I smile. "TK. Call me TK."
 "Trissa-Kara is too long a first name. Plus, TK makes me sound tough." I flex my
boxer muscles.
 "Do you work out?"
 "I box. Martial arts. Wrestle. Assassinate."
 I'm not exactly all muscled over, but I am pretty muscled. 
 He opens a door. "Boy's room."
 Slade goes in. "TK, Brylee, my loves! Please! Don't leave me!"
 Brylee punches him. "You goon."
 Even Romeo smiles. "Girl's room," he says to another door.
 Brylee goes in. She shrieks. I try to look in, but Romeo grabs my hand. "Other girl
 His hands are warm. He smells like peppermints. He's so soft and fluffy. I turn my
attention away from him to see my room. Wow. About three times the size of my room in
Florida, where Mom moved us. Wow. Seriously. The walls were painted white with
nothing but orange, hot pink, and purple all over the place. My fave colors.
 I squeal in delight. "Awesome. Beyond awesome," I mutter. 
 Romeo puts my stuff on th floor. "Relax and be ready for dinner at nine."
 I look at my watch. Seven thirty. I explore my room, finding a shower. I strip down
to nothing and step in. Ah, the water is life Heaen. I'm reluctant to get out, but I
can't stay in forever. I dry off, putting on sleepware/stuff that would look casual.
A pair of black jersey shorts and a black tee-shirt. My socks are black ankle socks,
course. Love my socks.
 Somebody knocks on my room. I'm expecting Slade, Brylee, or Romeo. Maybe even Dad or
my step-mom, Gabriella. "Come in," I call, closing my book.
  A little girl, about two ro three, comes into the room with curly bouncing
pigtails. "Hi. I'm Rory. Papa said I was getting a new sisters. Are you my sister?"
 I nod. "Yeah. I'm TK."
 "Are you going to take my Papa away?" she asks, sitting on my bed.
 I shake my head. "No. I won't take him away. I'll be happy if he even likes me."
 "Why won't he like you?"
 "He didn't know I existed untila  few months ago. I think he only took me because my
mom threatened him he was going to have to pay cild support. My mom doesn't love me
 No, she loves those racst white cabrons.
 Rory hugs me. "I'll love you," she says. "I always wanted a sister."
 I hug her back. "I'll love you, too."
 She opens my book. "You like to read?"
 I nod. 
 "Can you read me a story?"
 I nod and she settles on my lap. I start reading about Cinderella, changing the name
to Rory. After I finish the story, she smiles at me. "I got to get ready for dinner,
but I'll coem tuck you in, okay?"
 I nod and smile. She leaves out the room, blowing me a kiss, which I return.
 Another knock. "Come in," I call.
 My brother walks in. Can they meet me after dinner? Oduring it? Please?
 "What are you doing?"
 "Reading. Talking to you. Breathing. Taking up space in the world."
 He nods. "Oh."
 "What do you want?"
 "Oh. I'm supposed to make an effort to meet you, Dad says. I'm Robbie."
 "TK. Don't worry, the effort's not on you only. I have to meet four people in one
night and try to make myself seem invisble."
 "Why invisible?"
 "Because, this is your family. I can't take the place as anohter child."
 He hugs my shoulder. "Don't worry about that. We're all decent people, I say. Dad'll
like you. You're charming. Time for dinner."
 I get up and see Brylee and Slade waiting for me. Me and brylee, the crazy ones,
slide down the railing. Slade walks like a normal person, talking with Robbie. A man
waits for us at the end of the stairs. Me and Brylee exchange a look. Too late now.
We jump off at the end. 
 "Wheeee!" we cry, locking our ankles together. Something we do after sliding down
stairs. Only because we're idiots.
 The man, tall and graceful muscular and deadly-looking, shakes his head at us
without a smile. 
 "Sorry," we say at the same time. We give him our best puppy-dog look. "Truly sorry.
Genuine sorry. Sincerely sorry. Soooorrrrrrryyyyyy!" we wail.
 He grabs us by the shirt and pushes us into the kitchen and into a seat. "Shut up."
 We laugh to two goons.  Rory runs into the room. "Daddy!" she squeals, hugging him.
"You're back!"
 Oh. My dad. Brylee gives me a friendly squeeze on my hand. I return it. I'm scared.
Slade pauses to whisper something in my ear. "Don't fret it, TK. Stay cool. Get ice,
 I smack him in between the eyes. He mumbles before taking his seat by Brylee.
Gabriella smiles at me warmly, looking every bit of twenty-nine. Rome comes to sit by
 Maids I guess serve us dinner. It's really quiet. After dinner, Gabriella announces,
"We'll have desert outside on the porch to get to know each other, okay?" She smiles,
but not the fake kind that people smile when things are uncomfortable. she looks like
she really wants to make this work.
 "Uh, Dad," Robbie says, looking nervous. "I have to tell you something. I"m
 Dad looks like he might blow up. His face turns really red, his jaw clenches, and
his fist clench. Brylee, who hates anger for some odd reason, ducks into Slade's
shoulder. I stare, tranfixed upon the scene because I never can make myself look away
when something might hurt me or put me in danger. Romeo covers my eyes. i push his
hands away, my face fixing itself into utter horror. Slade gets up, tugging Brylee
away. Romeo pulls me away also. My feet won't move. Dad looks about ready to strangle
 Romeo easily lifts me into his hands. I duck my head into his shoulder and cover my
eyes. He lets me down on the porch. I breathe in the night air with a sigh.

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