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Tuesday, 2 June 2009
10:58:32 PM (GMT)
Chapter One

I look outside my window to see everyone partying. My mom invited half of the
Hollywood people here to party at our new house. I hate it here. We moved into an
all-white neighborhood. Everyone's mean. Racist. Not fair. 
 Plus, on top of that, a few weeks ago we found out (we being me and my mom) that the
father I've been living with for the last twelve years while Mamma was in Cali
acting, isn't my father. The man who abused me, tried to kill me, and put me thorugh
pain, wasn't my father. My atual dad, after a DNA test, is a half-Italiano half-black
man who lives in Italy with my older brother, Robert Jr., and my younger sister,
Aurora. That was the dad who had thought I was no even there because it was all an
one-night stand that they had supposedly used 'protection' for. Not only was I a
mistake, I ruined my mother's career. See, she was a model. She searched for ten
years to get a job. she finally chose acting. Then, came for me four years later. And
moved me here.
 Brylee Meyers, my best friend and fave actress, comes into my room with her
boyfriend, Slade Rodney my fave actor and crush for the longest. "Hey, guh," Brylee
says, plopping down on my bed in a yellow and blue polka-dot bikini top and a pair of
blue jean shorts. She has really lost weight since she started working.
 Slade grins and hugs me. He's weaing nothing but swim trunks. "Hi, hun," he says,
kissing ymy cheek.
 "God, you're so gay, Slade," I say teasingly. He smiles and strikes a pose. I shake
my head and hug brylee. "Hi, my love!" I sing.
 She laughs. "Hi, my darling-sweetheart!"
 Slade jumps between us, kissing Brylee. "The love of my life!" he shouts.
 We pout.
 "Sorry. Were you two having a moment?"
 We laugh. It's hard to resist his teasing, charming ways. As those two share another
kiss, I look away in jealousy. I need to find me a man. I run into my bathroom and
slip on my bathing suit. A two piece bikini that's pure white. Mamma didn't want to
buy it for me. But, then she didn't care.
 I run out and tackle Slade. "Huggy bear!" I cry, hugging him.
 Brylee laughs. "Ya'll are both idiots," she says.
 "But we're your idiots!" Salde and me cry together.
 "Unfortunately," she says with a smile. "Come on, my pet spider-monkey!"
 Spider monkey is me. Don't ask. Slade lifts us both up, slinging us effortlessly
onto his shoulders. I smile. "You're so part vampire," I say.
 "Sure I am," he says.
 He drops us at the end of the stairs. We both run outside to the party. I freeze.
Allt he neighbors that hate us, that write degrading things on our fence, are
partying with us? Getting autographs? Laughing? Drinking our stuff? I hope Mamma
poisions it.
 "Mother!" I screech. "What the heck is this?"
 The music goes off and she wals over to me calmly. "I decided to let them come!"
 "They're using you, idiot! Mamma, do you realize tomorrow these people will talk
behind your back and plot new ways to get you out of this town--their town? They will
use you fro today to get what they want and that's it!"
 She smiles sweetly. "TK, the only way to fight your enimies is with niceness."
 "I'm tired of this Mamma! If these people don't leave, I am!"
 "Well, you better go then," she says, challenging me.
 "I will. Tomorrow, I'm flying out to Italy to visit my dad! And, before I go, I'm
putting bullets through every house. Even this one!" I threaten.
 I'm not normally bratty. I'm really a playful, fun, entergetic, happy person. I'm
like a puppy!
 Minus the fur and paws and tails, of course.
 She grabs me by my collar. "You're going. Go call your dad. You won't stay here
tonight, you brat," she growls in my face.
 "You drunk cabron!" I scream, using the Spanish word for bastard.

"Ciao," I whisper hoarsely, trying not to be seen with the cameras. "They've got us
covered," I whisper to Brylee and Slade, who came with me.
  Brylee puffs her chest out. "I got Slade."
  A boy comes through the crowd. He doesn't look Italian. He has russet skin with
spiky black hair and wide, angry brown eyes. He grabs my hand and speaks to me in
hoarse Italian. "Siete Karina, destra?" You are Karina, right?
  I nod my head. "Sì. Chi sono voi?" Yes. Who are you?
  "Parlate Italiano?" You speak Italian?
  "Sì. Ora, rispondami. Chi sono voi?" Yes. Now answer me. Who are you?
  "Oh, spiacente. Sono il vostro interno del papà, voi potrei dire. Sono Romeo," he
says, shaking my hand. Oh, sorry. I am your dad's intern, you could say. I am
  "Romeo? Do you speak English?"
  "Little. Uh, come around?"
  "Come on?" Slade supplies.
  Romeo nods. Romeo. What a name. He pulls us towards a limo. Slade gasps. "Day-yum!
This better than mine!" he exclaims.
  Brylee grabs my shoulder. "Poor Spider-monkey."
  I nod. Romeo pushes us into the car. "I vostri bagagli sono già al palazzo." Your
luggage is at the mansion already.
  I translate. The car takes off. The two couples whisper to each other and kiss and
tease. I try to ignroe them and the wave of jealousy that tries to engulf me. We pull
up the house minutes later.
 "My God," Brylee says in shock. "My loving God."

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