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Stupid People Who cheat infuriate me!!!Category: My Craptastic Life
Sunday, 19 April 2009
02:18:23 PM (GMT)
Hello people of the internet!!!  I am an american tween (just for 1 more month
though)  I live in a small town in wisconsin,  with both my parents and a younger
brother.  My three older brothers have moved out already, and i barely see them any
more.  Anyway, this is my venting place and if you dont like something about it, dont
read it.  simple as that.  Anyway, my life kinda sux right now because of a lot of
things.  The first and most annoying to me is that since I have the highest grade
point average (4.0) in my class, people always expect me to do all the work for them
if i'm in the same class.  And there's this one girl, lets call her Natalie,no
offense to people who have that name, who always cheats off of me.  She bugs the crap
out of me and sits next to me in my science class,I am in 7th grade, despite my age,
and I was partnered with her for a project on dissolving chalk.  So, as expected, I
did all the work while she was talking about stuff like the Simpson's and American
idol with other groups (dumb i know)  And later, she is remarking about how she is
doing most of the work.  (all she did was time how fast the chalk dissolved in warm
water, and crushed some chalk for me)  And, it might just be me, but that snapped me
and I left her to do her own thing.  I finished the entire worksheet, and that nights
homework in that class period.  She didn't notice I had left until near the end of
class when i was already finished, and she asked me the answers for all of the 
questions.  I didn't tell her because 1 It was the easiest worksheet in science I had
ever taken that entire year, and I could have done it without the experiment.  and 2
I mean, would you??  She insulted me later, saying to everyone how she could have
done everything if I hadn't been her partner.  How rude can you get??  Any way, that
day in study hall, I saw her getting the answers from some of her friends, but I also
saw that the teacher gave her detention because he saw her.  Call it Karma if you
want.  But then, the next day she asked if she could "check"  answers with me.  I
looked and she forgot to do the front half.  She saw me and said that she wouldn't
look at those answers, and of course I wouldn't let her.  Upon realizing that there
was no way I would tell her, she turned to her friend behind her and asked if she
could have the answers to the front half.  I mean, really??  Are you that stupid,
because the questions were what is your hypothesis for what's going to happen, and
what safety precautions we should use, which it gave you the answers for on the
worksheet.  You can decide if I did the right thing or not, or if "Natalie" was a
complete butt or not.  I really dont care, but please dont swear, my little brother
likes to watch things over my back and he's only 7 years old.
Last edited: 19 April 2009

‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   19 April 2009   286434  
wow...... she sounds like a B17CH.  xD
kittysfurpeas says :   19 April 2009   748142  
yah, shes not the nicest person i've met (thank god)


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