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Monday, 6 April 2009
08:40:29 AM (GMT)
Their names were Siren. Siren, The gods of evil. They killed
millions of people, Without a reason. These Siren Took over an innocent girl,
And made her their Queen. Now Kuu, The Queen's Sister, Found her. And her life will
never be the same again. 

Kuu woke up. It was all a dream. Or was it? She looked to her left.. The clock
blinked 4:00. 
Her mother called her.
"Breakfast is ready!" 

And then she forgot. Kuu was supposed to graduate high school today. "Oh no!" She
yelled, And she jumped out of her bed. "Today's the day! I forgot!"

She quickly ran downstairs into the kitchen. "Mom! Mom!"

Suu, Her mother, Blinked. "Kuu, What is wrong?" 

"Graduation is today, Mother! Did you forget, too?! I have to pack, I have to get

"Hold on," Suu chuckled. "You're not going anywhere. You don't have to pack. Besides,
You didn't even touch your breakfast yet. I made eggs!" 

Kuu looked down and saw French Toast, But no eggs..

Kuu's mother was so.. Out there. She never really got any sunlight, So that was
probably why she was.. Dumb? 

Kuu quickly ate her breakfast and ran upstairs. Suu laughed a bit as she hurried to
get ready. 

Kuu looked in her closet. She didn't see her Graduation Clothes. "Hakane! Did you
take my clothes again?! I told you i have to get there quickly!"

Hakane was Kuu's little sister. She was only 15. She had very long black hair. Her
mother told her to cut it, But she never did. She wanted to have long hair, Like most
of the girls she sees on the way to the mall. 

"Sorry, Kuu-chan! I wanted to wash it for you.. Sandy got after it!" 

Kuu's dog, Sandy, twitched her ears and covered her eyes. 

"I could have washed it myself, Hakane. I don't need you doing everything for
me.. My legs aren't broken." 

"Sorry.." Hakane handed her the outfit and walked out the door. Maybe she wasn't a
good sister after all. 

Hakane. She was what the Siren Gods have been looking for. 

Suddenly, The house began to shake. "What the.." Kuu looked out the window..
Thousands of black spirits were circling around the house. "What is this?!" Freaked
out, Kuu ran to her sister's room. "Hakane?! Hakane, Where are you?!" But her sister
wasn't there.

The Siren Gods found her. 

"HAKANE!?"  Kuu noticed the blood tracking out of her room, Down the stairs. She
stared at it in shock. Did those things.. Kill her only sister?..  

The Queen will soon awaken.
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‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   6 April 2009   922449  



CrumpetChan says :   6 April 2009   888472  
Thankyou, I'll put more up and make it longer. ^^


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