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EVITA!!Category: Obsession
Wednesday, 18 March 2009
11:22:48 PM (GMT)
I know I said I was gonna be gone for the week, but, y'know.
Grammy has a computer. xD

Anyway, that's not what this is about.
It's about that gorgeous musical EVITA.
Now, I knew about Evita from Theatre Arts in 6th grade.
Mr. D was showing us clips from different broadways such as Sweeney Todd, Bye Bye
Birdie, etc.
He came to a clip of Evita that really captured me.
He had an Evita poster on his walls, with Antonio Banderas and Madonna, so I already
heard of it before.
But I finally got hear something from it:

[[It's this exact clip, too. xD]]
Each different beat and rhythm throughout got my attention.
Everytime she yelled the words I wanted to join in the union and go YEAH!

Of course, from a small clip like this, you would think Evita is a good person,
wanting the best for the people.
Ché, the guy who got beat up, knew otherwise.

We got here in Florida and, my gosh, I was jealous of my sister!
Babci came to her and said, "Duke got two opened seats in the very front row and I
know you wanted to see Evita."
I didn't show it, but I was like "I WANNA SEE IT TOO JERK!"
I would never say that aloud...
But later in the day, Duke got TWO MORE TICKETS at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre.
So Mother and I went.
It was quite a small theatre, just right for hearing everything.
My sister insisted she didn't want the front seats. [[She hates them.]]
So Babci and I went in the very front in the middle, my sister in the D row, and my
mom up in L.
If you looked over the railing you could see the band in the pit!
And the stage wasn't high up, so we didn't have to strain our necks at all.
The actors even wore earpieces+mouthpieces so they didn't have to yell like other
theatres do.
You could actually hear them.
It was great.
It was only about 20 actors, so it was fun to find them come back as different
characters. :D
I still have my program and ticket. [[It's actually my mom, saying I sat in seat
L111, but I'll forever know in my heart that I sat in seat A106. :D]]

Well, I might as well, in my Evita obsession.
I'm going to write Evita: Jimmi's View.

It starts out with a cinema in Buenos Aires with the beautiful Eva Peron. Everyone is
glued to the screen, only for it to get cut short with the message "Eva Peron entered
immortality at 8:25 hours this evening....". They forget all about the movie and are
heartbroken about the news. It enters a song. :D "Requiem for Evita", very operatic
while they sing around a casket with Eva's body in it.
Ché, the hottest and politest little revolutionary and narrator ever, comes into the
crowd and is very cynical about the whole thing, "Oh, What a Circus". At first, you'd
think he was the bad guy and not like him very much. [[I loved him right away
though... xD]]
Ché goes into a flashback and introduces us to a 15-year-old Eva, where she first
starts her hussy-ness. Her love affairs begins with the tango singer, Agustin
Magaldi, whom she blackmails into bringing her to Buenos Aires with him. The whole
time through both songs "Eva and Magaldi" and "Eva, Beware of the City", Ché is
telling Magaldi to get out now and don't bring her with him. But by the end, Ché
just smiles and hands Magaldi Eva's suitcase. OH-HOHO. That little rascal.
Eva enters Buenos Aires singing and dancing, rising to the top as a star, with the
song "Buenos Aires". According to Ché, he says she has slept her way to the top.
Which he proves right in the next song "Goodnight and Thank You", where Eva is saying
good-bye to all her previous lovers, no matter how recent, right down to Magaldi.
The next scene is 5 rocking chairs. Five generals walk in, each standing in front of
their own chair. They all sit down, cross their legs, and sigh... in unison. Then
they start to sing "The Art of the Possible", which at the end of the lyrics and just
music plays, they all stand up [[in unison]], and start walking around the chairs.
Colonel Juan Peron pays off some guys to remove a chair. It has become a game of
Musical Chairs. :D Peron is sure to beat the rest of the politcal parties. It ends
with Peron sitting down, crossing his leg, and sighing. It ends. :DD
Next scene/song: "Charity Concert" by Magaldi. He is reunited with Eva, but she isn't
too thrilled. Peron is the host of the party and makes a politcal statement with
words of encouragment. He catches Eva before she leaves, and that's the start of that
couple. She starts to sing "I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You", where Eva claims she'd
be able to help him out. All throughout the song, two tango dancers are heatedly...
tango-ing, and you can't help but watch them instead of keeping your eyes on Eva. 
They go back to his house, and before they enter, Peron insists he goes in first. But
Eva declines and enters, leaving Peron on the steps. Eva find a mistress waiting in a
nightgown. She sing how the mistress should just leave and go back to school, "Hello
and Goodbye". 
The mistress doesn't know what to do, so she takes the advice silencely. Once she's
on the outside, she starts her own song, "Another Suitcase in the Hall". She's
usually a strong girl, but when faced with a problem, she can't get the words out.
Ché kinda pats her on the back and helps her off stage. HE CAN BE SO SWEET. :DD
Eva moves up the social ladder even more, but to the disdain of the upper-class, as
Ché shows us. In the song, "Peron's Latest Flame", the social snobs and army men
sing about what a hussy and idiot she is. Ché also makes fun of the way the snobs
and army walk. [[It was pretty funny. xD]]
We find Eva and Peron in bed for "A New Argentina". :D OH YEAH. Peron sings about
what a pain it all is, with the army trying to stop his campaigns and everything. But
Eva dismisses it, singing "It doesn't matter what those morons say..." very
beautifully. :D She insists he keep trying while he keeps telling her the goods of
civilian life. He could be sipping cocktails right now. >:O Then Ché comes in and
sings, followed by the union. Ché always sounds like he's for Peron at first, but if
you listen closely, he ridicules him after a while. He is beaten up by Peron's men
for this. D: MY POOR BABY!!

Peron won the presidentry! Go figure. The scene starts out with him addressing the
poor people on a balcony, "On The Balcony of the Casa Rosada". After he's done, Evita
[[Eva]] comes on stage in a BEAUTIFUL white sparkley dress. She addresses her people,
saying she is just as poor as them with a little make-up on [[YEAH... RIGHT.]], in
the song "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". The public loves her.
Ché sings in "High Flying Adored" where Evita and Peron dance at the Inagural Ball.
I totally forget what he sings about. I was lost in his eyes I guess... xD [[Even
with Wiki, I can't remember... LOL]]
Evita continues with a glamorous look to impress the people of Argentina in the song
"Rainbow High". She's dressing up in this song, trying not to show that her stomache
is REALLY starting to hurt.
She goes on a "Rainbow Tour" [[That is the name of the song. xD]] through Europe, the
only place where she's not invited is England. Evita, outraged, announces that if
"England doesn't need Argentina, then Argentina doesn't England." Everyone else in
Europe is taking notice of her, though. Ché would like to point out that she isn't
just quite doing her job.
In "The Actress Hasn't Learned the Lines (You'd Like to Hear)" Ché finally asks her
to stop paying attention to herself and actually help out the ones in need as she
promised. She responds by opening Eva Peron Foundation to do her charity work for
her. "And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)" has all the lower-class people
recieving money from an unknown source. Our good revolutionariest, Ché, knows of
course: Switzerland.
Evita starts to show longings for becoming Vice-President, but the generals aren't up
for it. Peron would like to say in "She is a Diamond" that she may is amazing, but
her health isn't what it used to be.
"Santa Evita". That's the next song, and is exactly what it's about. A kids choir
sings to "Mother Evita", "Saint Evita", praying she has good health and blesses them.
Ché shakes his head and kinda sighs/sings about "getting them when their young".
Eva and Ché end up having really good chemistry. In "Waltz for Eva and Ché", they
intensely debate, Ché accusing her of being self-serving [[which she is]], and Eva
just replies that there is "no glory in trying to solve the world's problems as he
advocates" [[WIKIPEDIA's words. I wasn't paying attention much. I was too busy
watching Ché again. xD I also started to see the amazing chemistry between the two.
I was like "EVA+CHE4EVER!" :DD]] At the end she almost kisses him, but Ché starts to
walk off stage. Before he exits, he turns around about to say another word to Evita,
but instead finds her clutching her stomache. She was in PAIN.
The generals and social snobs come out again, I believe singing a song. I forgot
which one. A screen was pulled down to cover people moving the set around, so I was
busy watching that. [[The song wasn't important anyway. xD]]
Evita is still set on being Vice Prez despite her lack of health. She argues with
Peron in their bedroom, "Dice are Rolling". 
Ché is sitting in the background watching the scene. I watched him the whole time.
xD I swear, he was kinda watching me too, and he subtley nodded to me!!! I jerked my
head in a nod. I get excited just thinking about it!!
Anyways, back to "Dice are Rolling", Peron finally sets his foot down and points out
to Eva that she is dying. She doesn't take the news nicely. She insists she can do it
until the pains got to much and she could barely walk.
She is helped to a microphone where she can make "Eva's Final Broadcast", denouncing
her vice presidency and pledges her love for the people.
In "Montage", flashbacks from Margaldi to New Argentina to Rainbow High came back as
she reflected her acheivements before she dies of stomache cancer. She asks for
forgiveness in "Lament", wondering why she chose fame over a long life. She dies, and
doctor preserve her body.
Ché notes at the end that a monument was to be made for Evita.
"Only the pedestal was completed, and Evita's body disappeared for seventeen
Those were the only words actually SPOKEN [[not sung]] throughout the whole musical.

You see, we're not sure if Ché is actually there or not.
Is he a conscience for everyone, just a narrator, or is he really there and behind
the scene of everything.
That's what I wanna know.
Either way, I LOVE HIM.<333
Last edited: 18 March 2009

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